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I have never invested and just re opened by coinbase account after finding out about this thing called wire transfer. No clue if it will work
Anyway, what do I put my money into? I want to make 300$ this weekend to buy a Switch or some presents for my dad

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Show's over buddy, you can't just make money like that anymore in this market. Get a job.

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I dont want too
People here gloat about making lots of money so how do I do it

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Come back in a month after this thing is done tanking. Make a solid INVESTMENT in ethereum and hold it for more than a year, no gambling on shitcoins. You’re welcome.

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You're not making anything in a weekend. The markets on a downturn.

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I dont have a year
People said BTC is going to go up really high tomorrow, so I made an account
How much money should I put in

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what good is blockchain if you can just wire money

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Take a loan and mortage buy BTX be rich within month

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What you can afford to lose. No more

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Ehhh me heard buttcoin is a scam
Dont buy

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Shut up.

Sage dumb shit like this everyone.

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People also said verge coin was going to be at $1 a coin right now. People say shit all the time.

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Delete the trip and kys

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This is retarded.

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bitcoin, hold it till 2018-07-13
thank me later

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Thank you, I bought a few hundred worth

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>this thing called wire transfer
Go all in on Dogecoin. Youre gonna be rich bro for real

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You should borrow or steal every nickle you can from everyone you know and put it all on dogecoin or bitbean. Bitcoin cash is also a good choice. Gotta do it right now tho cuz that shit is going to sexplode tonight my nigger.

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don't listen to any of these people op

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>he doesn't know how to short