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Goodbyt, /biz/. You were my true friends.

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im dead inside but i know im not alone
goodnight fren

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you are gonna miss the golden bull fren

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the real bull run was making you as fren

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>being friends with a bunch of pajeets

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you have to endure like every single one of us right now. We are ALL losing money, but it will come back the next few hours, the next few days, the next fews weeks, you only got to HODL FRENS

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Don't do it, it will be like burning your kerns and the plebs will profit. Live to meme another day.

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I'm not a pajeet, I'm a pale Latino.

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Goodnight fren! Hav lots of nice dreams.

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Stop making friends in a cesspool porn theatre.

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Can i haz your stuff?

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Goodbye fren, you're closer to me than my family

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here i will help you friendo

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Don't do it fren. Get help.

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what coin killed you fren?

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Don't do it.

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Bumping for FUD.

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Goodbye frend, I believe you'll be happier on the other side.
Will probably join soon

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>pale Latino
The pajeet refuge

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I never liked you faggot

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anon i hope you didn't do it

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>wasting all your money on a ponzi scheme
>repeatedly warned people against throwing everything into crypto
>work on a getting a good job/employment history
>make wise time tested investments (e.g. not throw everything into crypto)


>throw all you had into crypto
>refuse to work because dont like being told what to do
>parents cant stand you since you're lazy and refuse to work
>no one in society respects you because you're a leech who doesnt want to work
>get conned into a ponzi/imaginary dream with promises of vast riches by others despite repeated warnings

good riddance you gen z worthless sack of shit

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Don't chicken out. You can make it.

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Will be back when the dollar collapses.

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I want to burdain myself frens

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