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They are literally drawing this meme pic to the bitcoin chart. Its almost identical.
We are now on the red part and 5k will be the absolute bottom.

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No, BTC is crashing much more slowly. People are still buying discount prices from the idiots that bought for $18k.

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>if i keep averaging down ill be fine

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I went full-fiat months ago, I'm safe. All I'm saying is that it's not a 100% speculative bubble, and we're still due for a few more periods of diminishing volatility followed by a protracted stabilization before the next big bubble.

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What happens when depression is really just the realization that it was all a scam and its true?

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Position yourself well for the next round of it.

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the "second cycle" and "prosperity" are made up, even the diagram is a hack job and has the trough labeled as "through." BTC is nearing equilibrium where it should be priced at unless faggots want to inflate it again.

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>Marking anger/depression and the previous optimism point, instead of below the disbelief point

How convenient. It's almost like you cant fathom BTC crashing below 1.5k.

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>Position yourself well for the next round of it.

It is all a scam though. This is just fake internet money and everyone is starting to realize it.

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Fiat is a scam, it's just a paper made from trees!!!

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even though we have access to every informration and strategy they are using people still think its a "meme" chart.
Really goes to show how fucking retarded poor people are.

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I hate this chart. It maps how stupid we really are

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Halfway between Complacency and Anxiety.

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Bitcoin had good use with Silk Road. It was the perfect anti government economic system before they took it over. It's rigged and manipulated. Too many shit coins to go around. >>9863447
Fiat is a scam and one that is hard to take down. Bitcoin was milked and will need to refuel.

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Rest of the year will be a bear market for sure.

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>yellow lines

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>we are now in the red part


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