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I bought 0xBTC at 5 dolalrs

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unironically buying shitcoins

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wasted $20 yesterday in https://satoshis.place/

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Bought PRL around $2.5. FUCK!

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I fud EOS on every crypto forum I participate in and I'm a crypto oldfag so almost nobody knows enough to actually refute my arguments

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I market sold all my bags today

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I went all in on BAT

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I’m an older oldfag and I’ll refute all of your EOS arguments now smart guy

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no use in arguing then. :^)

but tell me friend, how long do you think it'll take to get to 15%? and be realistic, you can't bullshit a bullshitter.

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I've been out of the market for two months and I'm going to spend $200 on altcoins with very little research

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Sometimes I listen to ASMR to pretend I have a girlfriend

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it's a shame that all it takes is asking 1 real question is all you need to shut down EOS shills

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brainlet here

what the fuck is 15%?

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mainnet isn't active (so all tokens are still locked) until 15% of the entire supply is staked for voting for who the 21 block producers will be.

it takes 3 days to unstake (locking your tokens) so a lot of people don't want to vote and they also have to use their EOS private key to sign a transaction for voting which they also don't like doing. needless to say EOS is having a lot of trouble reaching that 15%. it currently just hit 6% and mainnet launch started on june 2nd.

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I'm still holding vechain from 2017

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kek thats hilarious. 94% of EOS holders know that shit is going to dump harder than your mother after a taco bell run the second mainnet launches

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I was up 4000% from my investment in January and didn't pay off anything with that profit and HOLD'd all the way down

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i sell my coin when i see it posted here or on twitter

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i post in pink wojak threads saying all hope is lost, then i immediately hunt for a green wojak topic to post "golden bullrun confirmed"

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I'm gambling on REQ by buying in now. I hope REQ won't crash lower.

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I make amerimutt waking up threads every morning at 10:00 AM EST

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today i sold and came out with pretty much exactly what i put in december
didnt sell the top thinking i could be a multimillionaire, never happened to me before. what a trip, yes father im an idiot
it took hitting my principle to teach me any lesson

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Deep down I think Trump is doing a good job I just hate him and would never admit it.

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I did too

>BAT was a shitcoin all along

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I unironically think 0xbtc will have a $50M market cap August 1st

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I bought 1 million usd worth of bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin back in December 2017

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I held, and down 7k.

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I'm beyond scared of starting my website so I can try and end the wagecuck life style

My rent is only 650 a month, if I can at least make that and save some I'll be happy

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Bought NKN at $0.47

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Went 50% on BUS (useless bitoin unlimited ethereum token in hitbtc)

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I invested in the scam that is crypto.

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i opened a long at 9400

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im holding tron and verge

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I sold everything in March and am waiting to buy back in

I’m literally broke as shit and crypto is my only hope of ever maybe making it

I’m just hoping I invest in some shitcoin and see 1000x

People like to insult, but it isn’t easy having low IQ. People in crypto, the devs and shit... they have no idea how lucky they got being born with higher IQ... they literally were born with it. They’re like those instagram rich kids to me.. except instead of having 4 Rolexes and a jet, they have a bigger brain (and also probably 4 Rolexes and a jet too)


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I got in late and tripped my money on xlm. My banking executive step dad said he was proud of me and thinks I’m very smart :)

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lies. it went never 5 dollars

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Not alone. There was no way to predict the entire market tanking so hard so fast. I still think getting in at this level is not bad long term though.

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I’m gonna start a new grass roots movement on Tumblr and Twitter campaigning for the rights of people with low IQ, eventually ushering in social change where people with low IQ can’t be discriminated against and eventually quotas are put in place so 50% of the board has to be people with under 100 IQ. Otherwise it’s stupidacialist

Watch out

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I bought iota at 4.50
I watched it go up by a dollar every day
Fucking reddit

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Bought a pizza for 40BTC in 2010. Wanted to get back in later, but never gave a damn. I just like to come here to see pink wojacks now.

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I bought le dip at 8k

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I spent my life savings and convinced my parents to get a second mortgage to invest everything in bitcoin in December of 2017.

Then I got scared and dumped everything in February. I am investing the last bit of money I have left in Deep Brain Chain and 0xBTC hoping it will moon.

I still haven't faced my parents yet.

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I bot trade and still make fucking loads. I think nearly everyone on this forum is legitimately retarded for holding crypto. My positions are few and far between, always profitable, and last for < 1 hour. In-between positions my money is in fiat.

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