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Hows your day going so far? NEETs are wasting their lives away gambling on meme coins while we're actually being functioning members of society

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nobody's buying it wagie

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is pic related for you, OP?

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>functional member of society
>making diabetes sandwiches
choose one

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I wagecuck in a pharmacy where 60-70 year old millionaire boomers come in and demand their pills. I'm getting 8 hours of work this week and I'm making minimum wage after studying my life away on pharmacology...
I can't wait to die.

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Spent the weekend socializing with my coworkers, woke up fresh at 5 am for my morning shift at taco bell. Made delicious breakfast burritos for other hard working Americans. I love this life.

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I worked at Taco Hell to make it through college... Kinda miss the place desu

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I'm sorry. I don't resent pharmacy workers. They do a real job that helps and it is draining to deal with the general pharmacy-going public. My pharmacist remembers my name and smiles and is one of the few people I notice actually trying, and I appreciate it. I hope your coins moon and you can get out.

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15/hr wagecuck here working 40 hours but doing easy shit like traffic control reporting in

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I'm about to head to my software engineering job. Get fucked faggots

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You’re the one buying the diabetes sandwich kek

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kek, good job making it sound comfy

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I do my best to lift people up. A person doesn't come to the pharmacy because they are healthy. Or they come because they are rich as hell and their doctor prescribed them a great cocktail of meds to blitz on while they golf at the country club...
But thank you anon, your post has brought a tear to my eye and I'll keep doing my best to help people like you <3 I wish you many moon missions in the future!

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This is genuinely scary even though it's satire.

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I have the comfiest IT job in existence
>my own office with a bathroom
>good salary
>never overtime
>only do about an hours worth of “work” a day
>have phone vendor and another company we outsource to that handles servers, networking closet and more technical stuff
>I can call the other vendors for anything I don’t know how to do

I basically just sit in my office, listen to music, shitpost and draw all day while the rest of my company thinks I’m a genius that’s extremely busy all the time. I still like to LARP as a NEET that’s made 6 figures in crypto despite being 1500 down my initial investment on my real portfolio to piss off orher wagies tho KEK.

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I have the comfiest NEET life in existence
>my own apartment with a big comfy bedroom
>make good money from trading memecoins (more than wagecucks earn)
>never overtime and can always sleep as much as I need

I basically just sit at home, listen to music, shitpost and make lots of money all day while the rest of the wagecucks thinks I’m a lazy bum that sleeps all the time. I still like to LARP as a Wagecuck homo that’s made 8 bucks an hour despite cleaning toilets for 10 hours a day.

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How do you make money with memecoins? Do you day trade? All I do is hodl and shitpost, but I'm gonna need some money soon. Any advice for a fellow NEET?

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>Easy monday
> Do some easy stuff
> Eat good lunch with friends from work
> Apartment loan getting payed soon
> Browse /biz/ because I like your memes
> Can go home anytime I want

Why complain?

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Good thank you wagie fren. I hope your day is going well.

I used to be a wagie but Im in between jobs. When I had a job, I used to dream about being unemployed because all of the NEET freedoms.

Now my existence is a living nightmare
> get up insanely late
> watch anime for hours
> masturbate
> eat a takeaway
> its 4pm
> right not its time to do something with the day
> have a shower and get changed
> masturbate
> so mentally drained from fap, I just watch more anime
> 4am, time to go to bed.

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I've been a NEET for 1 year, but my previous dead end job really depressed me. I am still more miserable now that I am a NEET, so I want some job. Sadly career building is too difficult

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Too bad all the NEETs have killed themselves, we can't laugh at them now

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its okay, actually less depressed working, more income is nice. Had to get job once the cryptodream died in flames.

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Use your connections to get a good job

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>be me
>wagekek for $200k/year in analytics consulting
>work from home about 90% of the year, which gives me a lot of free time to be /fit/ and have hobbies
>the projects I get are interesting and require some intellect to be successful
all things considered, my life is pretty fucking /comfy/ anon. Still would have been fun to make it in crypto though

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Sort yourself out, literally anon.

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Eh, my connections can only get me at a dead end job again. Perhaps I should go in and try to be more social to make more consistent connections.

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Nice larp

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pic related was my q4 bonus check a couple years back

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>literally just one bonus check
Taxes suck desu but I grossed almost 20k as bonus only. Also stash a good amount in (((401k))). Keep trying to cope loser

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Did you need to have a degree for your job?
I'm thinking of going towards a Security+ cert or something similar and trying to work my way up from a help desk job or something like that. How likely do you think I would be hired w/o a degree? I hear employers value experience and certs over a bachelors

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Wagecucking a warehouse evening shifts from 15.00 to 23.00
Its pretty comfy with a few bursts of physical difficulty which I enjoy. Getting paid 25 bucks and hour after taxes is nice too for a brainlet like me

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Lunch break has arrived! Oh yeah 1 hour of freedom

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It sucks. I ahve no job and it's holiday here.

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Thats fake because ive seen it posted like 50 times before

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>/biz/ is beginning to be complacent with wagecucking

Fucking kek, this is it, we're starting to hit the absolute rock bottom.

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LOL. That's literally mine faggot. I posted it on a /pol/ /sig/ years ago

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I had a comfy job planting veg at a farm in Queensland Aus while backpacking, it was simple but hardwork, i sure do miss it boys

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Not good, working a minimum wage job from 2:00 to 10:30. It's Customer Service, I have a feeling I'm going to blow my brains out soon. I fucking hate it so much. I understand why we have mass shooters now.

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>investment portfolio up 7% already this year
We're all gonna make it wagebros.