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ITT: We attempt to explain the void in our souls we are trying to fill with money.
You know you have one, if you say you don't you're kidding yourself and only yourself.

It feels like I'm perpetually stuck in a dark, rainy city I'm unfamiliar with, with somewhere to be (don't know where)
It feels like I don't belong anywhere despite being a social butterfly, or like everyone is only pretending to like me.
I feel like if I have a lot of money, even if people don't like me or I can't feel what I'm craving to feel, I'll be able to distract myself with money.

This is absolute misery and I'm not even rich yet.
Anons who have "made it" by their own standards, Does that go away? Or does it only get worse? I like to imagine living life on a cloud of euphoria forever, but I know that's not possible.

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>life seems pointless without someone to share it with
>don't actually like being around people
lmao good one brain

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I just wish I had a gf

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I am not trying to fill a void with money. I am trying to protect the survival of my family. Look around, the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer. Technology is acting to centralize control of the masses a lot faster than it is to improve everyone's quality off life.

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good question anon, i really dont know

i have nothing i really need to buy and nobody i need to impress, it just feels fun...

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Money is a means to power and security and therefore confidence, even to follow desires you have that you know are immoral or that you're too afraid of acting on now because you fear the consequences of failure.

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>It feels like I don't belong anywhere despite being a social butterfly, or like everyone is only pretending to like me
Just wait till you've money, it's only gonna get worse from there haha

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At the age of 15 I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. Not fat people diabetes, the kind that is unpreventable and comes from an auto immune disorder. Since that time, though it isn't a commodity - It's manufactured, insulin has gone up 10x in price. A single vial of insulin cost $40 then, today if I didn't have health insurance it would cost $255 per vial. I use 4 a month. I am self employed, and wealthy today, though I wasn't a few years ago. But if I was forced to take employer based insurance again I would be fucked. I know what it feels like to dance on the Darwinian/economic edge of a razor blade.

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These are both my posts. The second just being a greater explanation of the first. Experience has taught me that it is not enough to just make a decent living and raise your family in this world. You have two choices, become wealthy enough that you are elite or die.

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>First You get the money.
>Then you get the muthafuckin, power.
>After you get the fuckin' power >muthafuckas will respect you.

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