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I'm turning 28 in 10 days biz. In the last 3 days I've lost almost everything I saved in the past 6 years working because of crypto. Lost my job and lost the trust of my family.

$100k turned into $37k. Im fucking devasted. Seriously considering suicide.

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Sorry to hear OP.
Lesson learnt: never go balls deep.

Cheers and good luck.

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this could help you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_methods

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how is crypto to blame for your mistakes op? Grow a pair and double down you gigantic fag

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going all-in @ ATH of a highly volatile market


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mmhm mmhm wow

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Assuming not LARP, how did you lose your job?

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did you learn your lesson?

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Can you give me your last 37k? It would turn my life around.

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God bless OP. You hedged more risk than you could stomach. Look, you're 28 and have more money than me. We're about the same age. Lick your wounds and move on with a smarter strategy. You're young and have time. Don't let the monopoly money control and ruin your life.

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what the hell were you thinking? Accept Jesus Christ as your lord, go buy a KJV bible, put 5k in Chainlink and hodl forever, then find a job.
Good luck anon.

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only jesus can save you now
go to the church and buy link from the remaining 37k
only way to make it right again

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unironically this.

Go 80/20 btc/link and you will be more than fine in a year from now.

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OP are you the guy who took out a loan for 100k and came on here asking what to do, and someone told you to put up half on bitmex at 10x leverage, and then you did, and then it barted upwards and you made a shit ton of money?

You should have locked in some profits you big dumb oaf. Crazy gambler

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we have the same birthday:D im turning 30 though, fml

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You put all of your savings into the most high risk assets in world (by far) and now you're surprised that you lost a large chunk of it? Did you unironically believe there wasn't a high probability that you might lose 50%+? You didn't lose the money because of crypto, you lost your money because you made a horrible financial decision. If your savings are that important to you you should be investing in something safe.

Don't kill yourself. Learn from your mistakes. It's not that much money in the long run (even though it seems like it now).

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You lost $63,000 in only three days? You must have longed on leverage. Next time you think about trading with leverage, ask yourself if you'd be fucked if you were instantly liquidated the second your opened your position. If the answer is "yes," DON'T DO IT. You are gambling. Your family is right not to trust your decisions.

As for losing your job, I'm not sure how that's related to crypto, but that really sucks. Hope you find a new one soon.

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Listen up real quick OP. your first mistake was telling your family about crypto, how much $$$ have in your bank account, what business opportunities you see fit etc. keep that shit to yourself from now on because the difference between looking like a complete retard and a genius is simply whether your idea or investment was overwhelming successful. The time you spent researching doesn't mean shit to them because they never put in the effort and their peanut sized brain couldn't comprehend the absolute limitless use cases that smart contracts can bring to our financial world. Digital driven contractractual agreements will change the world OP I promise you that. Now your family thinks you're fucking retarded already so what I would do is take 25k and buy 100k LINK. You have nothing to lose at this point and your pride and self dignity is gone. Going deep into LINK is better than or equilivalent to offing yourself with a tremendous upside that you become a multimillionaire be "accident". In times like these people either become whales or prey and you're at that exact decision making point. I've got 100k link myself and I tell you what, I might be broke or rich but I'll never be bitch.

Also figure out how to run a node the API Economy is on pace to become a trillion dollar industry. The research consulting company Ovum says that the size of the API economy is going to be 2.2 trillion dollars during 2018. There were ~15,000 public APIs available in 2016, growing by 40 new ones per day during 2015. Education is one characteristic that will overshadow a big hit to your self-worth any day of the week. I honestly could careless if you buy link I just want you to start using your brain, stop giving a fuck about what your family thinks, and get become rich. You see when things are dark around here the only people left are the ones who actually want you to make it. Good luck.

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How, did you buy in during January or something?

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You're young, you'll earn it back. To put it into perspective, the median net worth for people aged 30-35 in the US is $7k, so you're still $30k ahead of the normies.

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Time to hang out with Sayori!

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jesus christ that's nothing op

you'll bounce back, just find a good project like peepcoin at 1 satoshi was and you're set.

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Should probably just sudoku, no way you're recovering from this.

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When I see a car aside the road totalled, I say, he should better give me to me, at least he will be slide today, you should consider donate your left coins though

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Not to be callous at someone's possibly genuine suffering, but thanks for the buy signal.

Hold on til 2021. Things will get better. I've watched this happen before, those who feel they missed out come back big the next round if they just stick it out.

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$37K is enough for you to fly to France and go hangout with Bourdain. i hear it's lovely over there, this time of year, lots of diversity.

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>6 years of savings

And I thought I spent too much money.

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ppl say hey LINk STINKY but hey hey hey look at all the ppl nd frens who r giving this guy a solid reason 2 live. i dun see any other FUD'rs in here offering their fav coin to suicideboy6969...man, lots of frens here

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LINK = Social inclusion on blockchain

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If you are that stupid at the age of 28, leave crypto and never come back.

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>cryto takes brains

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Imagine being this nihilistic... find God bruh, for real. I'm a recovering heroin addict who is 39 lost many jobs, have a dream job now with an EXCELLNT company. Lost trust of family, the journey, honesty, and time that came with getting sober has built bonds with my father I've never known. I live a content life today, don't have nearly enough money situated for "things" I want, but I have everything I need. Sometimes anon you are brought through pain, severe pain, so you can become aware of who you really are, what this life is really about and that the path you are on isn't the one for you. Then you make changes.

The crypto will rebound, you're 28 just hold through and in 2-5 years you'll see ATH's at least once brotha. Your family, be honest with them, I mean real honesty, it's terrifying but life changing, own your mistakes like a man and seek but do not expect forgiveness, bridges burn in day but take years to reconstruct.

Take it from someone who lived hell on earth and who now content, the only thing I ever wanted to be. God bless and good luck.

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Soon you will have the numbness. Just focus on a new job and you will be fine friendo.

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dude hold on in there

crypto is on such an obvious long term uptrend

it's nowhere near peak bubble. Companies still aren't adopting it despite huge cost saving and efficiency benefits.

when MSM starts shilling crypto and you start seeing articles from wall st analysts then it's time to sell

I know it's shit at age 28 (I'm 26) to take such a big step back but zoom out from the charts and just wait it out. You didn't expect it to be just a continual uptrend for months at a time? The whole point of emerging markets is that they're volatile. You can't have all the upside with none of the downside. If it was that easy everyone would be retiring a millionaire at 30 like you will. This is a test of how strong your hands are - it's not supposed to be easy

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Real talk, would it be bad to buy into bitcoin rn with 100 dollar increments as it continues to get lower?

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I'm really sorry to hear that anon. I only lost profits but it still feels like absolute shit so I can't imagine how bad you most feel. I too lost my job and my study rights.
You will gain it back, just don't ever touch crypto again

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you still have 37% of your initial. whats the big deal?

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it's just money. think about it. you still have food on your table, you have your health, you have your acquaintances, family, friends (I hope!), you're still able-bodied to make money. I know it feels like all the hard work is lost, but all work is gone eventually (or its effects decrease with time). you just try to make the best of it and salvage what you can. I mean if you compare yourself to wage slaves in china or africa, you're better off. finally where there's life, there's hope. just take it as a learning lesson, a harsh one, but one that will make you cautious about how you proceed in the future. time will heal things, just be patient.

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hahahahaha this is a terrible idea

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