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Is it possible to move to LA or Miami from the middle of nowhere with no college degree?

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Why the fuck would you ever move to Miami? It's a disgusting shithole filled with terrible people.

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But, no, it's not possible to live in a different place if you're not college educated. Sorry.

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Why the fuck would you ever move to LA? It's a disgusting shithole filled with terrible people.

But really, the answer is yes you can, but why would you want to? You'd be moving into an immigrant dense community who are better at being poor than you.

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I highly doubt the entire population of these cities is either college educated or living with parents

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Oh my god, are you that same faggot that's made eight other threads about moving to a city? What do you think is going to change by posting this again?

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>terrible people
niggers and spics

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It's a moot point, he holds no college degree. How can you move without an education? You can't. Duh.

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LA here. Yes I see plenty of people like this living beneath overpasses and in bus shelters.

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No but seriously though

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Seriously. If you're not an attractive woman pursuing sex work you'll be a vagrant within a couple months. We can't feed our own.

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Who the fuck are you cracker?

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So even working 40 hours a week you can't afford to live in a slum with roommates far away from every thing cool?

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What makes you think that? I moved to Dallas with $2K and a GED. Still here after 3 years. Just finished tech school for HVAC and got my first apartment alone (been with roommates since I moved here). Worked out just fine.

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Hey shithead, you never answer any of our questions, so why should we answer yours?

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Sure hundreds of thousands of people do it illegally every year.

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What is it with all these running away to the big city threads lately?

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I think being far from everything cool is part of the reason OP wants to move in the first place

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>even working 40 hours a week you can't afford to live in a slum
Hollywood here.
You can find passable places. The bitch is getting a good job here. Actors take a lot of the readily accessible shit.

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They're all by the same dude. He has been posting these threads weekly in /an/ for almost a year. I guess he moved here because he was getting called out on it every time.

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If you want to work as a street cleaner and live in a squad house, yes sure,

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Yeah I don't think I'd get a "good" job it'd be just a job

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About 7 months ago I was standing on the street corner peddling water bottles and soda like I had been doing since losing my job 3 years earlier (I have problems with authority). I usually ride the bus to more "upscale" neighborhoods because I can jack up the price.

One day a man in a black Mercedes pulled up to the stoplight where I was hustling, I approached his car and waved at him holding a sign I had Vistaprint make for me during a $4.99 promotion. As the light turned green and was about to drive off, he rolled down his window, flipped me off and yelled "GO BE POOR SOMEWHERE ELSE!". He meant it as an insult, but that advice changed my life forever! Why am I being poor in my hometown when I could be poor ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD???

I logged onto my laptop and started searching through travel hacking blogs. I opened a bunch of airline rewards credit cards (for the bonus) and shut them down 3-4 months later. I had amassed enough bonus points to fly to the holy land of Cambodia.

I pay only $40 a month for rent here and get free wifi at my coworking space I pay $25 a month for. Food is also cheap here, although I mainly just eat rice.

This is the supreme lifestyle, I'm living like a world traveling king on a pesants dollar. You'd have to be a fool not to do it.

Go be poor somewhere else, MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. And leave us alone already.

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Yea I'm not gonna get advice here

Just gonna go to a black neighborhood and hope they let me sell crack

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Sounds like a plan my dude. Best of luck in your travels.

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Yeah. A lot of small town beauties (10/10s in the middle of nowhere, 7s in big cities) come to LA thinking that their looks will get them into Hollywood, so you might find some girls desperate for money who would be willing to give guys like you blowjobs for $20 once their life doesn't pan out as they expected.

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Idk man.

Sometimes I just want to withdraw my last few thousand and start traveling.. Just take myself wherever i can go and just try to figure shit out.

Too bad im too much of a pussy and don't really have all that many skills.

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Its amazing tovme how 7s in the city think they're ugly and get ignored

I just want to live there

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It applies to you too. Your decent 7 self back home is probably an average-at-best 5 in such a city.

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Still having a large variety of girls with low confidence vs 3 girls who think they were hot and only want deer hunters

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Junkies do it everyday for cheap dope.

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>squad house

Go on

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>So even working 40 hours a week
You're not going to get a fulltime gig for the asking in LA with no in-demand degree. You might be able to double up on minimum or near-minimum wage part-time gigs, but expect each to want you to be available for extra hours and days, right when you're expected at your other job. You'll also be living homeless until you get a few paychecks to put money down on being someone's roommate. Don't even consider this til next summer, El NiƱo is coming.
Street cleaner jobs are hard to come by, they're unionized municipal jobs that pay above a living wage. The waiting list is a mile long and the nepotism is real. It is not something the underclass settles for, it's something the working class aspires to.

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What about just a full time factory job

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