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It’s back.

This is your chance to shill your shitcoins to the world. Where the polish stinky linkys at? You know what to do.

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Need biz memes on HWNDU come on you autists we can do this.

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i can smell the stinky linkies on their way to Łódź right now

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Why did they put this shit in poland

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Because they got rekt in the USA, although same will probably happen here desu

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kek if anything the polish will be even more adamant about trolling this guy than the usa

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They do have a very pugnent smell to them don’t they?

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Give Bitfinex their locked up millions back, you fucking poolish pricks. We need a BTC pump like fucking right now.

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Holy shit everyone is WHITE in Poland.

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Just saw that

pretty rare there though

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It's almost as if you don't need niggers to have a healthy society.

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Someone go to the camera and shill link

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>political "art" about USA president dividing America
>has to move it out of America because you can't get along with the people that actually like the president

KEK, Irony

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Is this really too much to ask for? All I wanna see.

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some arkies are on their way there at the end of the month

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Luke turner said Sam Hyde in 30 mins

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This is our moment of glory and truth. We CANNOT let this opportunity slip by. We owe it to ourselves, Sergey of Nazareth and to the world to bring forth the memes and knowledge. Present the Divine Sevens and the prophecy of EOY.

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