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Father for I have sinned
I bought 1000 link

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im the one that makes all of the "who here getting JUSTed" threads. at least twice a day

bought PAL because the leader of the project is a qt

ive held both req and link since ico and refuse to sell since ive been holding both for so long

i fud in every bcash shill thread, mostly because they are insufferable as fuck

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I am a pajeet shilling 0xBTC PnD sir

>> No.9809206

im a nocoiner, not because i dont want to invest, but too poor atm for buying anything...

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I've been trying to hype chain link for the last 3 days so I can cash out

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I FUD AMB in every thread yet hold almost 100k of them

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I'm all in on BAT

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You are but an anon, my son.
You have sinned indeed anon
There is no hope left for you anon. Return to the light, and buy some blue chips,
begin mining my son. Monero will be worth more soon.
It is written.

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You cannot ascend alone anon, help your fellow /biz/raelite.
Cannot make the journey alone, anon. >>9809264
It is written, but be humble.

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ive been in bitcoin since early 2017 and havnt made any money

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Soon nobody will need to cash out, anon.

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I fell for the SEC fud and sold all my Eth.

>> No.9809362

I bought ELEC at 2000sats, god help me.

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Know the devil within you, and beware the one hiding among the shepherds of the land.
You will make it.

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I sold WTC at $13 right before the run up to $40 for LEND at 0.38 which then tanked to 0.04 and lost me thousands

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We all fall down. You will make it anon.

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Father I did not fall for biz shills, instead did my own research and lost money. If I would have followed biz shills I'd be better off.

It is all smoke and mirrors and 0 % rational.

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I shill coins I don't even own

>> No.9809537

Because it's fun making you lose money

>> No.9809756

Im the one that spamed the 40 0xbtc threads and i dont even have 1

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I KYCed on Binance because I was a noob and didn’t realize I didn’t have to

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I almost sold half my LINK due to the recent FUD

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i make more money shilling my coinflipper.com affiliate link than i do trading crypto

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I bought in and out of the same coin like 3 times at a 20% loss lmfao RIP

Just gonna hold my bags.

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I bought 4 litecoin yesterday.

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Thats not a sin

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its a mortal sin

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I own a coin which could have ripple level gains and I FUD it constantly. I don't even know why

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I genuinly believe in Link but got no funds to buy some. That is my coinfession.

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i sold 90% of my stake in crypto, live on a 20 acre ranch with an indoor swimming pool and fuck a different hooker almost every night.

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get involved in airdrops, trade for btc, buy link, do something anon, get some.

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