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So apparently his last two videos (Binance and ambrosus) were paid promotion videos?
The ambrosus one even has the telegram link and everything
I feel dumb

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Pretty obvious desu. Used faggot biz memes for viral marketing and got rich in the process

life will always be a scam

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Unironically, yes. CZ even retweeted his video for more coverage.

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Explains the huge drop in quality

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If cz held your funds hostage while demanding to make a meme video of him in progressively more explicit emails you'd also eventually give in.

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Fund Are Safe was also retweeted by ChengPeng

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Apparently OP is a fag. They're not paid promotions and the youtube channel isn't even monetized. But you can tell what bags I hold with them and my donation links. I did submit Fundos Are Seifu into the #binancestories competition though lel

Next episode coming this weekend

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make one for monero

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ur a fag, that said, wanna fuck?

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I like your content. However I wish to ask you if you ever make video about link, could you make it unlisted?
I would hate if reddit would take our memes and shit on them as they always do.

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Don’t listen to this kid. LINK needs to break free from the incel “smart money” phase soon.

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Maybe for a "wojak tries to launder his profits and gets busted" episode?

It ain't gonna suck itself

Some cunt will rip it and post it on plebbit anyway. That's just the cycle of good memes. Enjoy them and move on. How about a Bedtime Story?

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verge+xmr+fluffypony watch + verge hack wojak could've bought verge and become a vergin then fluffyponza comes

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the binance one was good, but ambrosus is such an obvious shitcoin that that video wasn't even funny, just cringeworthy

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this desu

you're still alright bizonacci
shilling only works on the uninitiated which deserve no mercy

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Are you gonna make a vid about that one link story?

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ambrosus is a sleeping giant
but don't take my word for it you'll see in july.

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It's all good. But I'd never waste my time and rep on an obvious shitcoin. Don't take biz shitposting at face value, dyor on that.

Down the line yes. I'll use donation money to fund future videos too. Gonna teach myself adobe aftereffects, get voice actors etc. Text to speech voices are lulzy though

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you still in ambrosus bizo?

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Of course. Discrose the partnerships

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not sure what you're saying, ambrosus is clearly a shitcoin, but the delivery in the video was too serious to make it look like you were "in on the joke".

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name one, cunt.

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>ambrosus is clearly a shitcoin
not sure if deluded or fudder trying to accumulate

in either case, I'd steer clear of even engaging with you if I was Bizonacci, which I am.

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your channel is tight, discovered it while high and the experience was transcendental

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Cheers fren

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Great vids m8.

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How the fuck havent you covered our stinky bretheren yet? Are you part of the psyop?

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You didn't see the shadow link vid? And you call yourself a linky? For shame.

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The last vid had some subtle Fund Request shilling

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he made 2 or 3 link videos already, and the shadowfork one is even right there on his channel
it's depressing to think most of /biz/ at any moment is newfags who joined 3 months ago

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Have faith

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Thanks man keep up the great work

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you and murdoch murdoch are the best things to come out of 4chink since donald trump

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Bizzo make grug cave painting
Anon gives idea
Bizzo try put in video

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His master plan is to shill and meme about other stuff and build up a big following before dropping the link meme bomb right in synchronicity with big link news to ensure that it reaches critical mass and the singularity happens and link goes supernova.

To do it before now would have been wasted.

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Love your work but it's time ... to reveal the LINK.
I know you have a Shadowfork video but we need something truly world class.

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make a video about kobayashi market selling 10000 btc in a way that "does not affect the market"

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something with either spamming discord links for pump n dumps with indians or chinks doing eth giveaways. were there chink grugs?

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>youtube underground superstars shilling their meme channel
What the fuck is happening to this board
>my channel isn't monetized
>not selling rare pepe coffee mugs with ETH coupons
>no /biz/ related merchandise
>not selling your services on fiverr and outclassing pajeet and rahj with your meme expertise
Absolutely disheartening

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He's dropping those breadcrumbs, love you Bizonacci. Your videos are pure enjoyment, keep ondoing the great work.

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Bizzo is here

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Ahahahaah AHAHAHA oh god I can't wait.
/biz/ doesn't deserve you.

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Lol yes mt gox needs to be addressed

We can make a pajeet tribe. I wanna do a grug miniseries. I'm not a NEET so shorter, less grand videos are quicker to make over a Fundozasaifu or Sminem vs Bog tier video.

I'm doing it for the lulz mate. I'm a crypto maximalist so I'm very happy to take btc and eth donations regardless.

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Your shit is cringy as fuck but I kinda like it.

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Top vids m8, bless you

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embrace it

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What do you hold Bizzobro?

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Make vidoe on requestnetwork sir

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thanks for the new wallpaper btw

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You need to import your vids onto bit.tube, crypto memes for crypto youtube

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love the meme's man. can you say how much you've made off em? Thought about making a longer version of the vengang song? I made it my ringtone.

I'm probably not gonna make it with my holdings

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Thank you for not being g a complete sellout
If you would have stilled your memes on Reddit and FJ you'd probably be the crypto equivalent of Anthony Fantano

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Grimes we need you! Suck the Elon, make him tweet about EOS, pump the cum!

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Make a video about the various /biz/ insiders giving hot tips, watching the /biz/let hodl, then receiving a message from the insider channel "Hopefully you all sold the top like I did :), if you followed my advice you bought in weeks ago, and sodl at 3x! I hope nobody bought in this morning and held past its peak!"

But repeat it 3x. Coca Cola Kid, Watch Bro. Hell watchbro might even pay you to mention his name lmao.

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Could you post the high quality phone buzzing audio (or where you got it from)? Maybe to vocaroo unless there's something better.

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>ever make video about link
he did one on shadowfork months ago

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I hope you do one when casper and basic sharding hits ethereum and do a battle of the blockchains thing and involve EOS, ADA, NEO, QTUM, etc.

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I also want this.

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Sorry fellas I only started bag holding link recently. Must have glossed over those ones

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>thinking cz would pay for a quasi-racist impersonation of him that will only be seen by people who already use binance

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Please please PLEASE put something in your video about all redditors being faggots whose sole mission in life is stealing from 4chan. i'm tired of those smug basedboys culture vulturing us.

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bro start a patreon and upload tutorals to it. id pay for that shit, cause your editing is so fucking amazing. also how tf do you not know how to use After effects already? i thought thats what you used for your videos. anyway bro, id love to make shit half as good as yours so please consider it.

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I'm off for now frens. I try not to trip much unless I'm releasing OC, because fuck attention whoring tripfags. Leave ideas ITT for grug memes and shoutouts and I'll read them later. See you this weekend.

I'm keeping my eye out on feasible platforms that can usurp web 2.0 platforms like youtube. Shit like that and U Network for example

You can check my wallets under the video descriptions. Someone gave me 1 ETH around the same time CZ retweeted my binance video... big if true

For you: https://mega.nz/#!bHRimZ7a!CFKk7IGVszUX0xywuOgBY9WZOvU_YdT0hF-uO_xPMu8
I use it as my ringtone
>using a vibration sound for a ringtone

See >>9771443 pic
Remember that /biz/ is in charge. we are the early adopters!

Maybe man. I only use photoshop and sony vegas. I haven't started using after effects yet but i will soon

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I think you might be retarded

AMB is a solid coin. Migros products were found being tracked on their blockchain you dumbass

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>For you: https://mega.nz/#!bHRimZ7a!CFKk7IGVszUX0xywuOgBY9WZOvU_YdT0hF-uO_xPMu8
Haha, great, I want this to play anytime I click the buy or sell button.

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That wallet you are looking @ is the bitrex cold wallet....Kobayashi is a meme


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This guy's videos are trash. Literally plebbit shit.

>Oh wow I took a meme from 4chan and made it into a video and then I put my crypto addresses underneath so people give me money for using memes that are already popular on biz anyway

Not to mention shilling shit coins like AMB.

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Best channel on jewtube.

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t. salty walty

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should do one where gruggs compete over rights to a pet rock