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You are officially support Donald Trump and the Alt-Right
>Thanks anon!

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Wrong. This is my pasta. Im a LINK hodler and memer since ICO. This is exactly what happened. The ico had 32m cap. To buy presale you had to buy in chunks larger than 300 eth. Surely there were some bizraelis here. Now. When ico went live, the available market cap for purchase jumped instantly to 30million, leaving only 2mil left for purchase during the ico outside of presalers. In order to participate in the ico, you had to purchase minimum of 100 eth. This is where most of biz came into play. There were several pools being shared around etc, but they were mainly in the ico camp, not the presales. The remaining 2 mil market cap sold out in about 5 mins counting a 3 min site failure due to traffic. So, no, biz honestly does only make up probably 5 percent or so of the link holders, not counting the few large biz whales who were in presales. The backlash and FUD started on biz immediately after the ico ended. It was insane.
What assblaster said was right, we werent meant to have this, and they want as much of it back as they can get.

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it's weird. in the beginning I was fudding Link to accumulate more. which I did ultimately when it was around 13 cent. I amassed 300K Link. I definately think I have enough to make it. the problem though is that I can't stop fudding my own investment where I am literally all-in with my life savings. I designed some of the most hated and posted memes regarding Chainlink. again... I am all-in with my live savings and I have no intention whatsoeva to shill this project. instead I went to insane lengths to meme fud whenever I can. sometimes I sit a whole day in front of the screen and I FUD FUD FUD FUD. I don't something is wrong with me. but since I have invested in Chainlink I feel verydifferent. my behavior makes absolutely no sense... yet I am 100% sure I have to FUD my own investment.

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Fuck yes I support Trump. Alt-Right is a meme coined by faggot leftists. though.

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Stay mad, goyim


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>donald trump
>alt right

Two sides of the same jewish coin.

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wrong, I voted for Hillary Clinton and was part of the meme warfare against the racist Trumpfags on /pol/. I hold LINK and I was with her.

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poltards literally down 90% of their portfolio right now u cant make this up

love to see these lowiq buffoons get fleeced like the sheep they are lmaoo