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304 ChainLink memes I've been accumulating since September.

What's your LINK MEME stack look like?

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post your top 5 memes

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I don't even know why this link meme about?

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i've got 1.2k memes, total 865 MB size

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>a few /pol/tards believe they can recreate Dawkins' theory of memes being a cultural transmitter by force feeding /biz/ thousands of god awful images about a venture capital project based on nothing but a concept

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But how big is your fud folder.

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With those fork memes ive got like 400

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this plus ive got at least 100 other ones on my phone

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I have over 800 shadowforks and countless more traditional link memes. The PNG of this was too big so heres a jpeg

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>4 of the memes in the OP are mine

feels good man

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Sigil Link is a new addition to the meme canon. Birthed in multiple dubs in an active thread which has grown to baby egregore status.

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Kek given his prophecy. Never doubt his power.

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Repeating digits of 5757. Hmm.

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This meme has power.

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Upload them in mega

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It's weird. in the beginning I was fudding Link to accumulate more. which I did ultimately when it was around 7 cent. I amassed 350K Link. I definately think I have enough to make it. the problem though is that I can't stop fudding my own investment where I am literally all-in with my life savings. I designed some of the most hated and posted memes regarding Chainlink. again... I am all-in with my live savings and I have no intention whatsoeva to shill this project. instead I went to insane lengths to meme fud whenever I can. sometimes I sit a whole day in front of the screen and I FUD FUD FUD FUD. I don't something is wrong with me. but since I have invested in Chainlink I feel verydifferent. my behavior makes absolutely no sense... yet I am 100% sure I have to FUD my own investment.

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Eventually my plan, but keeping them rare for now kek

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I can see one that I made

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are you fucking kidding me? no wonder sergey doesnt answer you fucking homesless faggots god damn how disgracesfuly and you think this is gonnna be the nex tETH BTIC KEKEKEKEKEK

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Here's some OC from my friend

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Do you have this rare jew coin

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I didn't thank you! You have the shirtcube?

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easily one of my favorites

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I wonder how many I have that you don't, 304 is a lot

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this one always gets me good

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Rare link image coming through

Bet you didn't have this one

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Norman meme though anon.

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0 i was actually making money, unlike you

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I'm going to check your stack for pic related.

gtfo, jeet

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Implying somebody can't work a full-time job, do blockchain study / research on the side, and play with photo editing software as a hobby? I'm sorry your life is so void of meaning anon

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I forgot to add: CHAIN TO CHAIN

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such rares

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I didn't have it anon, thanks

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Hi... can you help me? I was doing the same thing... i was saving them all...

And then i accidentally deleted them... i made two posts on here asking for people to post their memes that got moderate attention... but nowhere near as many as I HAD

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Don't forget: Always post Uncle-Hank-faced Sergey with the text "CHAIN TO CHAIN".

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I made this one.

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I'd probably kill my self If I was this deep in a bag holders cult
it's like you dumb faggots never learned the first rule of investment, don't get emotionally attached.

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You're right, but lighten up, this is just a meme-thread.

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