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Can we take the time to talk about how surreal this all actually is

If you told me when i was a child that i would grow up to be a chronic masturbating NEET who puts all his hopes and dreams on virtual internet money i would have cried my eyes out. Yet here i am

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This is what happens when you don't think about your future.

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yea we are fuck

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I dropped out of school to do this shit. Now I have more than enough to go back and graduate debt free but I can’t focus on anything but crypto. Am I going to make it? Or will the grapes of my dreams wither like raisins in the sun?

I’ve been hitting the gym a lot as suicide insurance desu. If I don’t get rich I’m just going to fuck nigga’s wives to get back at this sick society.

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>If you told me when i was a child that i would grow up to be a chronic masturbating NEET
This dawned upon me a couple of years ago (minus the crypto thing), and that is where I hit rock bottom.
After that, I worked really hard to get out of this and become a wage-cucking normie. Mission accomplished, I now have wife, kids and a flat.

I am not happy, though - but better than NEETdom.

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Me? Well I liked sitting on my ass and eating chips. I did that a lot. Look in my face now. I still eat chips today

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fuck you niggers I study fulltime online uni and work fulltime when Im not doing either I'm trading or here with you fuckers looking for that one post that changes everything.
how can you just do this all day? wheres that desperate rush to make it that burns when your doing fuck all?
i dont care if its from my job or degree or my trading im going to make it or climb a clock tower with a highpowerd rifle

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didnt get to mention i hardly sleep and my social life is a childhood memory

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Work a few years giving it everything you got and find out that that gets you nowhere, then you'll be dead inside too.

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I dunno anon... psychadelics changed my thoughts a lot. I don't really care about having a house or anything. As long as i make it day to day ill be alright. Maybe my shitcoin will come through in the future...

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life is rough. yesterday I couldn't get into my house and had to sleep in the lambo.

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Drop the porn. It's hurting you more than you know.
The more you masturbate the more it turns you into a dopamine seeking delinquent and less of a motivated human being.
Look up the damage dopamine OD causes. Stuff like social anxiety and difficulty functioning on a schedule. Literally fucks your brain up.
Start working out.
Take cold showers.
Eat healthy.

If you have a decent crypto portfolio (not shit memecoins) work on something else while you wait for the bullrun.
You'll make it anon, we're all gonna make it.

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Dubs is truth. Poor ruins the mind. And I’m not talking about it making you think of females as objects because they are. I’m talking about day to day living. When I’m deep in porn I feel like fucking shit. Hate the world and don’t care about loved ones all that much. It’s crazy and some reason I keep coming back even though I have proven that no porn life is the best life. What a fucking addiction this shit is. It is no fucking meme