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well well well, here we are again. those 2 days of freedom seem to go quicker and quicker every time, huh wagie? but dont be disheartened! your hard work sustains my state of permanent /comfy/. ill always be thinking of you wagie, when shekelstein asks you to stay back due to not hitting revenue targets. i thank you for your service everyday wagie, just thought id let you know

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jokes on you I AM shekelstein

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>not working on your own schedule
>I don't work but I participate in very fun and engaging activities
>he doesn't have any income coming in because he got LINKd
>not paying your average NEET 12hr and making 750k annual off of him in revenue
I feel sorry for NEETS

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okay neet faggot tell me how much YOU make a year? yeah that's right: zero. at best, you make what I make 1 month in the entire year by "trading crypto" or some shit like that. I'm honestly sick of people who live with mommy telling me that I'm a "cuck" because I make an honest living. maybe if you went outside once in awhile you'd have a girlfriend, you little virgin faggot. seriously fuck you buddy, my tax payer dollars and probably funding your depression meds, so you should show me a little more respect

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I have a job but you're coping like a faggot
My goal is to stop being a fucking wage slave
Nothing noble about an "honest" living
I'd rather collect passive income

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you must also be tired of being a faggot

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Jokes on you I still work weekends

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or how about you just find a job that is relevant to your interests?
If you like watching Chinese cartoons and shilling crypto you can just start your own blog, monetize it, share information with other writers and profit
You chose the job you worked at, therefore you chose to be a cuck
Its not the new who is to blame for working you so hard, it's you agreeing to work and collect a check from the new
Either take the risk and become some overnight master crypto trading NEET or shut up and get back to work

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I love these threads. As a wagecuck it gives me joy to see that someone is profiting off my misery, even if he's morally bankrupt and lies to himself that he's happy. Also seeing all the assblasted wagies is fun too.

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You can be genuinely happy if you are a neet. I know I'm more unhappy by being at uni and dealing with people.

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oh my lord, what do we have here? it seems like its a common case of the ragie wagie. now now, schlomoberg doesnt want his wagies all upset now, that hinders productivity. its best that you take solace in the fact that you're allowing someone to stay comfy, eternally comfy. your service is much appreciated, my fellow wagie. dont you forget that now!

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I actually find these threads comforting. I’m a wagon, so not sure why, maybe it’s my irregular schedule?

It used to sting a little, but now I look forward to this thread

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>tfw these threads are actually getting to me

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Comfy NEET is the new paradigm.

Wagies don't realise that you only live once, and that all those hours wasted at work are never coming back.

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Rather spend my hours doing something fulfilling than sitting around watching anime and playing video games all day. A few years back I broken my arm and got put on unemployment for 6 months, despite the fact I could have gone back to work after the first 2 months if I wanted to. Yeah it was nice, low stress, could do anything I wanted. But I realized after around the 4th month of sitting on my ass doing nothing that life was no longer satisfying. Beer was less refreshing because I didn't feel like I had actually earned the opportunity to have one, and I started to miss the feeling of kicking off my shoes and taking that first big sip of an ice cold beer after a long day of making money. Plus, the weekly benefit checks were much lower than what I was making at my job, so I felt like I was just wasting time and couldn't wait to get back to work. To make a long story short, yeah, I'd rather be a wagie than a fucking leech like you. Plus, $50 says you and most of these NEETs have never had sex with a girl, especially not a decent-looking one.

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now now wagie, we are starting to hit levels of cope that shouldnt be possible. there is no need to be upset, or to project either oh wagie. goldman doesnt want his workers to come down with a sudden case of cancer due to ragie wagie stress now does he? oh no we cant have that!

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Most people gotta work for a living. That's just how it is. You wanna gloat about how you don't have to, be my guest.

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chink loving pajeet

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>tfw self employed
>3 competent staff who can manage everything if I need a break
Feels good man

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Albrecht macht frei

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based neetposter

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How do neets manage not to kill themselves ? I used to be neet for 4 months waiting for a security clearance for a job and it was the worst, I was bored out of my mind with a totally fucked schedule.

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>slave morality summed up
Why do wagecucks hate freedom so much? It’s like they need to be bossed around to feel that their life has a meaning.

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>slave morality

Life is a bridge_

Overman must leap that bridge_

****s like you bastardize Nietzsche

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Same here. Was unemployed for 3 months. First 2 weeks are fine but after that it gets boring as fuck. No wonder meets get up at 1 pm there is fuck all to do all day. Plus neetbux isn't exactly fuck you money so you can't even splurge or go out.

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So I was walking in the park with a fellow NEET. We had an utmost interesting discussion (if you were NEET you would understand, us NEETs like to read a lot because we have time for it).

He said: "We NEETs are truly the Nietzschean overman, oui?"

I nodded in agreement: "Of course! We strive for excellence and create our own morals."

He continued: "So what is a wagecuck then? A wagecuck is but a mere drone. Its purpose is simply to sustain us NEETs. We shouldn't feel sorry for them. Imagine our body it contains millions of cells, which are to be replaced time and time again. The wagecuck is but a cell to serve the higher body that is the NEET."

Really makes you think huh?

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I'm a wagecuck codemonkey and even I don't believe in this slave morality bullshit.

I wagecuck because I plan on having kids in the next 3-5 years. If I was /r/childfree I would continue being a little vagabond neet sleeping in my car and writing retarded poetry like I did when I was 22-23

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>We strive for excellence

Fapping to anime and crying into your pillow because no qt virgin girlfriend?

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The only thing that got me trough this was the huge backlog I had in painting minis. Of course I barely had the money to pay for the paint, and I couldn't buy new ones but at least I had this. I also toured nearly all the hiking trails on my side of the alps.

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Just to add, being "bored" when not working is the most insane perspective. We have unbelievable art, little mini realities. For the first time ever, you can be socially retarded and still get psychedelic drugs due to deep web markets. There are infinite niche skills you could develop, or start from scratch in an education.

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Muh "Fapping to anime and crying into your pillow". This indicates a wagecuck's confusion and lack of understanding, when confronted with something he cannot understand or respond to a wagie mumbles "muh contribution to the society" or "muh fulfillment" this is usually followed by extra working hours and reduced pay by Mr. Shekelstein.

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It makes me think you are either a jew or well off already. Rather than be an actual NEET, (maybe you are and are coping idk), you make these "troll" threads to "rustle" one another.

Guess what: workers can read too. Outside of the outlier charm-boys like you, life without work is grating and shit. Work may not be "optimal", but it gives one some purpose. Before being-towards-Death. So fuck you and KYS; unlike you, dick, I have to wake up tomorrow (others are counting on me). If you made yourself up to be ae to post such degenerate things, then gfy

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Wagie obliteration almost complete. All according to keikaku.
>Work may not be "optimal", but it gives one some purpose. Before being-towards-Death.
Normies say the funniest things.

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I'm a neet this summer for the first time in so many years I've lost track. it's been two weeks and it FUCKING SUCKS

I'm already sick of games, my neck hurts from sitting at the computer, and I'm apathetic and bored already. the only shit I'm looking forward to is weekend camping trips where I hike for miles and move dead trees around for fun. I want to get a job but I can't because I'm going back to school again, and I don't want to go back to my last two part time jobs

if I were stoned all the time maybe, but that shit has gotten boring as fuck too. only thing I want to do is fuck, and since im neeting at home in a small town that's pretty tricky

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it sucks, all I can think about is how much further I have until I can impregnate a qtC/D and teach our kids them how to grow food and raise chickens and goats. and how I'm not advancing that goal one bit.

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Little refutation here: the overman acts and has the power to do so. If we still compare to Nietzsche works, you are the empty men whose Zarathustra visited but was so disappointed in.

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We will get through this wage labor situation. NOW LINE UP YOU FUCKING WEEVILS!


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So in other words you find purpose in frying the burger that a NEET just ordered.

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I'm a NEET now for 2 years and I unironically am going to kill myself this year. All the qt's are allready taken and what have I learned in the past few years ? Nothing, I only sit around and fap all day. I rather be a working chad doing construction than being a NEET that is shriveling up behind the computer.

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I love seeing wagecucks throwing themselves like desperate fish on the same with their coping mechanisms. But hey, wagies, weekend just in 6 days, youll get to test a bit, make sure not to party Too hard, your performance At work comes monday should always be your priority, mr shekelberg and the neet elite have to rely on someone. You should be proud to be granted that role. Now, enough of Reading biz your break is almost up.

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>Zarathustra spent 10 years nurturing his mind and soul in a cave on top of the mountain
>not a NEET

When will you wagecucks learn?

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Zarathustra himself admitted he wasn't the overman because he was a mere observer.

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If you’re a neet in your 20’s with less than 10k in crypto and no real work experience, you wont make it. Rip

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Real NEETs lift and read religiously while crypto NEETs have transcended to future aristocracy.
If you can't identify with either, you're just some degenerate pretending to be something you're not.

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>contribution to society
>honest living
>I would be bored
These are memes, not legit excuses.
Repeat after me:
>I am a slave. I need a master to tell me what to do because I don't know any better.

NEETing doesn't have to be watching a ime 24/7. I haven't worked for 6 months. I have done some independent online machine learning courses, bought some hifi audio equipment for luls, work on my own startup a bit, got a ferret, read books and really enjoy life. The only thing I wish is that I had more friends who wouldn't waste their life away as slaves so I could enjoy this stuff with them. Most of my friends are tired all the time and overly pessimistic because of wage cucking, it's just sad.

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I like working, I work for my family who sell aluminium (not raw aluminium so trumps tariffs don't effect us), i sit around listening to music and drinking coffee for 8 hours telling a few polish retards to work harder every now and then before i come home to cooked dinner (chicken tonight lads). I get a decent wage + bonuses and put it a lot in crypto anticipating those future returns whilst going on 4 or 5 holidays a year. What's wrong with working? Feels good.jpeg, sometimes I sell a bit of weed and coke for extra (when at uni mostly, milking idiot liberal students), again, it feels good, beats masturbating and playing league of legends like a beta faggot, you're the cuck OP, you'll wake up (at 3pm probably) one day and see the light

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you won't make it with 10k
the truth is you need about 4-500k to sustain a neet lifestyle that doesn't suck ass. even then you can lose it all betting on the wrong horse.

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Yes, faggot. I'm ready I'm ready.

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Kek, f u

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>Similarities between wage labor and slavery were noted as early as Cicero in Ancient Rome, such as in De Officiis.

Wagies eternaly BTFO since 44 BC

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> The only thing I wish is that I had more friends who wouldn't waste their life away as slaves so I could enjoy this stuff with them.
I think I have a bit of the opposite problem. How do you tell friends you have shit to do without offending them? For example, some months ago some friends wanted to spend a weekend in one of those team building exercise things. I think basically they trap you like in some horror movie and you have to overcome tests with other people to escape rooms and there's a voice saying weird stuff through speakers, shit like that. I wanted to use that weekend to help with things for my brother's wedding. But me saying no seemed to really piss off a lot of people because
> dude you're not employed just do it whenever instead of masturbating are you too busy to spend time with us?
How do you deal with that kind of thing? I don't really know what to say without sounding like a dick but I think I still like them.

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Lol what kind of friends don’t realize family comes first

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>be neet
>have all the time in the world to read
>still too stupid to understand Nietzsche

>> No.9741606

>wagecuck COPE that they aren't the crowd Zarathustra spoke to

>> No.9741608

I guess that's the other extreme where wagecucks are so fed up with being robots during the week. So they only have the weekends and they HAVE TO do something in that narrow window of time. If someone else has other plans, it's fucked.
You don't have these problems when you have abundance of time and can be more laid back with the plans.
I guess in a way our problem is similar - our friends are wagecucks and it's getting harder to relate to them.

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>tfw the gubermint wants me to get back to waging so I'll receive less neetbux
H-how do I prevent this shoah from happening guys? They told me the economy would collapse after Trump and Brexit, but the economy is booming. More and more jobs are available. FUCK, I've been cheated again!

>> No.9741627

Tfw you know from personal experience that being a non-virgin wagecuck is infinitely better than being a virgin neet, so you see through the desperate neet attempt at lying to himself via these threads

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The kind that's still trying to stick around I've not been that good at keeping friends. We went over it and they were right that there was still a lot of time, but the point is that very often I feel they think I owe them my time because they have to take free days and in my head I'm like I want to do other things and you don't want to do them, fine, but don't try to force me with ultimatums.

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Wagecucks are truly lesser beings plagued by carnal urges they can’t control. It is our duty, as NEETs, to harvest the fruits of your labor, after all you wagie proles exist only to serve your NEET overlords.

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The welfare state is crumbling, sorry neets.

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>samefagging this hard

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What's the matter? Why don't you get a better job wagie, the more money you generate, the more taxes you pay, the more money NEETS will receive. Your laziness disappoints me, you should get back to work and stop wasting time here. There's welfare to be paid for wagie.

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I found a picture of you from the future! It’s you, there on the right, while I continue to live my life of luxurious comfort over on the left! Funny how wagies dream about a life a toil while us NEETs are the ones truly living life to the fullest.

>> No.9741914

Im living the NEET lifestyle since im 21. Don‘t hang around with other NEETs because they are mostly like OP faggot. OP should better find some wagie frens instead of beeing disrespectful. If everything collabses you will be happy to know somebody with real skills in mechanics or electronics and all this stuff.

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>71 posts later
>the cope is still strong as ever

im starting to run out of comfy pepes

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I'm going to rent myself a house
In the shade of the freeway
Gonna pack my lunch in the morning
And go to work each day
And when the evening rolls around
I'll go on home and lay my body down
And when the morning light comes streaming in
I'll get up and do it again

>> No.9742134

NEETcoin when

need to use Bahlockchain tech to record all the wagecuck dollars being distributed to welfarebums.

>> No.9742202

NEET reporting in, everyday I wake up and thank the lord pepe himself for that I don‘t have to work.
Working sucks and is for stupid people. I‘d rather be touchless NEET virgin then spend one day in wagecuckery.

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Just bought 100k

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If crypto fails, I could only see myself working if I also lived out of my car. Trying to support anything more than that on a wage is just working yourself into the grave.

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If you are a NEET that hangs out on biz then most likely you trade/invest in crypto which puts you firmly into GOD TIER

lel at wagecucks

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I would be NEET too, but NEET here gets around $200/ month, I would die from hunger. Currently wagecucking for $5/ hour. Eastern Europe sucks

>> No.9742417

No worries. Eastern-europe will be the new western-europe soon.

>> No.9742435

Kek’d hard ...and I’m a ragie wagie headed out to make revenue

>> No.9742444

Belly laugh.
What are we if we can't laugh at ourselves. No one gets out of this alive.
You're doing god's work anon

>> No.9742490

wot a fuckhead

>> No.9742605

Are the wagies done taking the b8 yet?

>> No.9742630

>tfw crypto God mode


>> No.9742693

Being in control of your own life feels great.

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Hey wagie imma fuck your wife while you at work

>> No.9742761

You are the Last Man of Nietzsche:

>> No.9742783

Comfy Pepe, please make my crypto take off again

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so if i am the last man and you are the opposite of me, then you are ubermensch?
a fucking wagecuck ubermensch slaving his life away at least 8 hours a day to make Shlomo rich?

you know you keep quoting nietzsche but in reality if he knew you he would probably just spit on your face

>> No.9742818

>implying wife isn't at work too

>> No.9742828


>> No.9742837

that's what she makes you think

>> No.9742860

jokes on you my boss had me come in over the weekend

>> No.9742875

Think about the greatest men.
They dedicated far more than 8 hours a day to their passion and made it, with or without bosses, with or without wages, they did it because their WORKED.

Work is not bad, if you choose it wisely.

NEET is not bad, except if you depend on the state for it, because the welfare state is doomed to fall and you will be the first to suffer.

>> No.9742876

>Zarathustra confronts them with a goal so disgusting that he assumes that it will revolt them
Sounds like wagecucking to me

>> No.9742885

Anime 24/7 - disgusting

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That's your fault for being a lazy cuck who spends time on shit like video games. I am self employed as a artist and make about $35/hr. I can work as many or little days per week as I like, depending how much money I want to make. Here is my schedule for today:

-Wake up, eat breakfast
-Practice piano
-Go grocery shopping
-Lift weights (back and biceps) and then eat lunch
-Go print some new sheet music
-Go to the library: practice figure drawing, study music theory, practice more piano
-Read a bit at the lake
-Come home in the evening, relax, and make dinner

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my father and help him and my brother work on the garden. Wednesday is more studying, then a weekly potluck with friends in the evening. Enjoy your money, Anon. I'm sure you can buy a lot of (((things))) with it. Now hurry back to work before Mr. Noseberg gets angry. I have to make some OATZ and get on that piano.

>> No.9742985

> my life so great
> I only make 30 bux a week and am starving
> look I meditate and workout and hang around the lake looking for left over food.
> t. artist.

>> No.9743088

Don’t be jealous, nigger. I can tell how happy you’re staring at the screen in your little cubicle.

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Last week I made $460 working 3 days, 13 hours total. That covers 53% of my monthly expenses for June. This week I'll work the same, and finish off covering monthly expenses. Then, anything else I make the rest of June will go into savings.

For breakfast I'm having thick rolled oats with raw almonds, raw honey, an apple, a pear, some cottage cheese, and some fresh ground coffee.

What did you have for breakfast, slave? Oh wait! Shit! You're running late! Mr. Noseberg is going to get so angry about this! Hurry! Maybe if you have time you can grab some McDonalds on the way to work!

>> No.9743299

nice redding spacing

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My fiance already said I could get paternity tests on our children if I cared. If she cheated we could just have an open marriage, which I would prefer anyways

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