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The top 10 addresses has half all the EOS.

Good luck with your centralised digi-state.

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Top 100 have over 75%

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>fairest ICO distribution ever concieved

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no man it's cool because these addresses are exchange addresses
i'm sure the exchanges will get right on holding polls for people to vote for their BPs and split their cold wallets accordingly

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> you don't have a lot of money
> therefore you can't buy a lot of EOS
ding dong.

econ 101.

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>implying any other crypto is any different.

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>implying any asset/currency is any different
lmao ever wonder why the 1% exists?

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Oh look just like most of human beings in the history of mankind ever. Unlike what commies, anarchists and "muh equality" retards thinks, human beings who have the charisma, capacity and resources to do things will always outcompete and centralize resources in the real world. Happened in the real world in ancient times with your kings and queens, modern times in the industrial age with your business tycoons and now in the modern age with crypto. Decentralization is a meme. Millennials I feel just really need a slap of reality in their face sometimes.

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