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Yes or no: is this a sucker's rally?

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We are already at Hope again. This gonna be a good year after all.

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There will be one more dump, 4-6k is coming soon. Then the bulls will play with us again

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hwwere can I get a crystal ball like yours?

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I feel hopeful with what is going on. Tons of good news. Tons of main nets launching. Tons of projects moving forward.

I feel like you're just asking for it if you bear here.

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I bought at 13,200

So fuck you

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You have to believe it's a suckers' rally in order for the Golden Bull to appear and jizz on your face, so I'm going to say yes. This rally will fail like all the others

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You can try sucking my flaccid penis. Or maybe just try not to be retarded

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If I had to make a guess, then I'd agree with you about being hopeful. But it would be just that - a guess. I wouldn't be at all surprised if in the short term we see another slight Bart-ing.

But in the long run I am a lot more confident. Being a bear is retarded because when you zoom out there is such an obvious long term uptrend for crypto. Taking a bearish position is AT BEST a 50/50 gamble in the short term and almost certainly doomed to fail in the long term.

You can't predict these short term swings but we all know where this is going in the long term.

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Did you ever figure out why you were getting margin calls?

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The bulls are back in town. You have to accept this or you will stay poor.

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This is complacency. Both the graph and the community sentiment fits perfectly.

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Is BTC going to break 10k this time? Last month it got close then tanked. I'm going to tether 10% of my stack this time.

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