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As mentioned mentioned earlier (see image) there are no Chainlink transactions that include requests for data happening. When pestered over Telegram, Thomas created a fresh instance of such a transaction. The question is, why aren't there more of these happening organically if people are actually testing the network? Is it legitimately too early? I'll post Thomas' response in TG momentarily.

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For reference: https://medium.com/chainlink/viewing-chainlink-transactions-on-the-ropsten-testnet-d59d7173e510

Ropsten events: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x20fe562d797a42dcb3399062ae9546cd06f63280#events

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>Actual requests

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the dream is over linkies time to sell

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because it's overgloriefied shitcoin at its current stage

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+ it’s a copy of ^

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There are no users lol
Literally a shitcoin with some pathetic basketball dApp thrown on top

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fkucking dlete lol

i can’t drop my bags yet, bought at 0.45$

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thanks just sold 100k

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because there is no value to a centralized oracle running on a decentralized network, especially when that decentralized network is going to be less secure than the contract platform the data is going to be used in.

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Delet anon. I need a pump to drop these bags.

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We wuz da original orakles until yall whyte bois stoled it frum us

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It's on private testnets duh. You think trillion dollar companies are just going to put all their shit out in the open? Lel at you.

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Daily reminder
Biz said link would be $10 after SIBOS. Assblaster said $3 by May. The whale larper said $1000 EOY (all in the archives)

The only person who predicts correctly is the oldfag who always posts that black Amex saying it will keep falling until 0 (so far he is more accurate
>unironically bought an 'insurance stack'
>set low sell orders to swing trade it because i don't even want fake insurance anymore
>they don't hit
This is an absolute dead project, why did i even get pajeeted into an insurance bag

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Holy fucking shit

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>This is an absolute dead project
Is this the FUD equivalent of Nigerian mail scammers where you deliberately make it as retarded as possible so that you only coerce the biggest retards?

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I leave fundamentals and details of the project out
Because at the end of the day....it hasn't done much for the project has it?

I focus on what we know so far about this garbage. What the chart shows
What the market sentiment is on it.
>No one wants Link bags outside of Biz
That is the end all be all. Go look at the volume
>durrr volume doesn't mean anything
I have even had one of you deluded faggots tell me price action doesn't mean anything

What's the point of investing, you morons like being poor i suppose?

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wacky fundamentals confirmed

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Man, please market sell your 500 stack right now and fuck off for good. These "points" along with every other piece of shit fud that you retards churn out of your dead fucking brains, have all been addressed and refuted over and fucking over and fucking over.


Market sell and gtfo. Take your pasta and shove it where the sun don't shine.

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I see FUD like this and i know something is going to happen.

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Same can be said to your shills
Get your faggot shills, 1000 eoy, and all that out

My FUD stops when the delusion and lies stop
Notice the word LIES, you fuck heads don't seem to understand that part.
I may be a brainlet regarding tech, and crypto faggotry
But i definitely know how to trade and play the charts better than you soon to be poorfags
I'd rather be in gainsville than hold bleeding bags but be a crypto genius. The stacie is definitely going to go for the genius that's broke right? kek

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crying every time someone points out that chainlink has zero interest from developers, "clients" and users is not fud.

the real questions you should be asking yourself is if this actually "solves" oracles (it doesn't), then why is nobody excited about it, or rushing to test and potentially integrate it? if they solved one of the core issues any contract or programmable blockchain has, you could think at least one of them would be working on integrating chainlink's solution into their blockchain natively.

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you spend your time slinging mud at popular projects? such a dumb use of life, just sell and move.
Do something meaningful

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t. deluded bagholder

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Same for you. Become useful.

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I have over 50 coins and yes chainlink is one of them.

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Go do your thing. Chase shitcoin pumps, and I hope that works out for you. But we're holding Link because of what it will be 3+ years from now, not because of the daily fluctuations. Calling it shit when the entire market has been shitting itself for months is disingenuous. Price action will likely pick up during mainnet release. If you're not happy with that, sell and fuck off.

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>mfw missed out on <$1 Bitcoin
>mfw missed out on <$1 Ethereum
>mfw missed out on <$1 chainlink
Can't say we didn't warn y'all

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What it will be 3+ years from now...

Holy shit my sides. Linkies are truly diluted. You ever considered you screwed up buying this in the first place stinky?

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>literally fell for a meme

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what does that mean? we know the answers to those questions, and its that chainlink doesn't solve oracles, or even come close.

only i didnt miss out on the first two, and i'm not stupid enough to lump chainlink in with them either.

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50 coins hahahahahahahahahhahaha
do you reckon you've diversified enough?

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I bought eth at $5. Motherfuckers like you said the same kind of shit. Glad I don't listen to the disabled.

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My FUD goes to the beyond retarded all in Linkys.
If someone has an insurance stack or a play stack...o well they are rolling the dice.

When someone plays 1 to 1000 odds and goes all in
Rather than 1 to 50 odds on other good projects... i want to make sure they understand they are a deluded faggot.

So many dates Linkys have shilled as being the date 'singularity' comes.
None of them have done shit to it, the biggest facebook pump group barely moved the coin lmao. I sold the top of that pump, tried to help Linkys as usual. Told them to sell and buy back in as being a genuine good anon.
The autistic rage began to show, all of them saying not selling until 1000, Link will never dump again etc etc
Do you not see the problem with this? Not only that, they promise new anons on biz to go all in, and delude them as well. Pretty lame imo, some people are poor here and barely scraping by. They don't need to throw their 500 dollar make it stack in this piece of garbage.

I don't spread FUD on other coins because they at least show some fucking results. Why would i FUD a coin that has weekly pumps, a great team, partnerships, and buzz?

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big black niggers, the lot of you

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WHAT YOU HOPE IT WILL BE in 3 years you cuck. THIS is the problem, do not state fucking facts when there is no basis.
1,000 daily volume
to 42 daily btc volume
within a weeks time
>3 years from now
0 volume

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especially you. you're the niggerest of them all. you're the tallest nigger in this thread, Mt. Niggerest is what you are. just a big black dumb niggerdarky

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why are you still here then? you should be rich by now faggot

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Don't worry, i'm leaving the thread. No logic with you faggots i'm wasting my time.
Yea yea yea i'm a nigger, what ever you say.
You are lower than pajeet tho, Because Pajeet shilled you the dream and you bought it :^)

>Pajeet buys snake oil $1 for 1ml
>Pajeet offers to sell at amazing price $20 for 1 ml
>Pajeet says $1000 EOY for 1 ml of snake oil
>Mfw Link bag holders are first in line to buy


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Yeah no shit. It could possibly go to 0, just like everything else in crypto. Thanks for stating the obvious. I can see the potential and so can others. If it fails oh fucking well, but I'm convinced of great things in Links future.

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>chainlink doesn't solve oracles
This is the current level of technical understanding of some /biz/ users.

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but you can't see why chainlink is nothing like ethereum in tech, potential, or fundamentals.

>> No.9728564

That don't make no sense.

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if you actually think a centralized oracle solves oracles then you don't understand what oracles are and why they're such an important difficult problem to solve.

we will know when they've been solved, even brainlets like you will know because of the huge amount of media it will spawn, just like ethereum did.

chainlink is literally a rehash of the same "oracle" we've had since people started talking about oracles and blockchains. no progress has been made, yet.

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I don't know whether to focus on your reddit spacing or your barely literate content. What the fuck are you even trying to say when you use the phrase "solves oracles"?

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You actually made it through all of that?

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lol no trillion dollar company would be caught dead using chainlink.

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Why not? Link could be the thing that make Eth useful in the real world, along with other smart contract platforms since its blockchain agnostic. I have no fucking clue where this will go. All I know is Link is something new, with a potentially huge scope for capturing real world use.

Link is centralized and doesn't "solve oracles?" Link is a network of decentralized oracles, you should read up on this before fudding

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Main net will cause an increase in demand. Upon mainnet is released, circulation supply will decrease because of node staking. European banks will have to be PSD2 compliant from September 2019 on. SWIFT needs that to avoid dying. This can save a lot of middlemen costs to bank, financial and insurance companies. Price increasing due to functionality is a fact. How much? Nobody fucking knows.

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Agree, never selling.

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Chainlink will BE the trillion dollar company.
>flush yourself

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Some guys who do sportsbetting or fantasy sports wanted to use chainlink as default oracle
Hashletes or something like that

>> No.9728674

You know all things considered, LINK has one use, and in the grand scheme of things it's probably it's greatest use to crypto as a whole:

It's the crypto equivalent of the short bus. It isolates the retards/undesirables from the normal kids.

Imagine how much bigger of a shit show crypto as a whole would be if these deluded animals were allowed to run free, and pull this "my linkies stay super stinky" bullshit on actual projects with a future?

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why do all these faggot tier fudders use reddit spacing? Seriously, every single one.

>> No.9728706

I was actually checking the same thing a few days ago, no one is testing on the testnet.
Maybe it's still early and we'll see at least some action on Ropsten in the upcoming weeks/months but it's already been over a month. We kept hearing "big companies CAN'T WAIT to test the network" and now there's literally nothing.

>> No.9728709

I thought you might bring this up (you are a faggot autist after all). I opted for readability vs autistic block of text.

Please tell you're care giver you need to be monitored when you go online.

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this recent FUD is a huge buy signal

>> No.9728865

I'm only holding 1k linkies at this point as suicide insurance. If I kept my stack bigger I would've missed other projects and lowcap gems due to ETH being locked up to this crap. I mean, you can always come back when it shows signs of mainnet or something. You will hear about it, until then, grow your stack..

>> No.9728877

>he actually thinks reddit spacing is a thing
way to out yourself newfag

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>another newfag
just use that tiny brain of yours, what do you think it means when centralized oracles don't solve the problem of getting unmanipulated oracle data into a blockchain in a trustless way.

>> No.9728901

You’re right, Chainlink’s potential is infinitely greater than ETH’s

>> No.9728902

it's a decentralized network of centralized oracles, the decentralized network doesn't actually add anything to the trustlessness of the oracles themselves, it just makes the system more complicated and gave them a good excuse to make a funding token.

>> No.9728907

Even your id says you are a goi.
Go sick the dick of your Jewish overlord

>> No.9728955

>it's a decentralized network of centralized oracles
Holy fuck is this the latest thing you fucking geniuses came up with in the discord? Literally makes me hate young people.

>> No.9728959

Lmao galaxbrain’t.

>> No.9728998

Not fucking selling
Good fud though

>> No.9729066

>there was a massive FUD thread with the "JEw" id guy a week ago
>now it's "goii" id guy
What did they mean by this?

>> No.9729132

Something tells me you don’t interact with many Stacy’s

>> No.9729166

Well looks like not every testnet member sending correct payloads, but can I see more than 25 last requests?

>> No.9729259

> Sync node with Ropsten after faucet has been deployed
> Hardfork Ropsten
> Run tests on private network


>> No.9729313

anon, I...

>> No.9729323

Nice concern trolling, faggot.

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I think people fundamentally don’t understand that what Chainlink are doing is simply distributing the operator role. It doesn’t matter if Oraclize are ‘centralized’ as they can prove that the data has not been tampered with when going through Oraclize via a range of authenticity proofs (just like Intel’s SGX). The point about what if the input data is compromised prior to reaching the oracle is a fair one but that will always apply in many financial applications for a few reasons 1) many providers are the sole provider/source of truth for specific datasets such as Standard & Poor for S&P credit ratings AND 2) in finance, participants want a centralized reference value (e.g. Libor or a specific Reuters page for a bond price fixing). This ‘decentralized’ approach really isn’t useful or applicable to finance, especially with the Reuters B1IQ offering.

>> No.9729852

No, I don’t believe so.

>> No.9729857

No, I don’t believe so.

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Good to see my information is being taken seriously. I won’t even post the Black Amex. All you need to know is $0 EOY

Oldfag, over and out

>> No.9729984

Data aggregation solves that. The asset price external adaptor I created uses multiple exchanges and gives a weighted average price based on volume. WEAK FUD

>> No.9729988

>trustless isn't better than trusted, stretched out to 200 words
Welcome to crypto! First day here?

>> No.9730007

If you ask anyone what *could* be achieved with the LINK network, you'll get a lot of blank stares.
So far I've only heard "gambling, weather, and banking"
All of these cases are pretty contrived. And with finance, all the data comes from central sources anyway, so pipelining it through a decentralized system doesn't solve the core problem.
LINK is a solution looking for a problem. There will be some usage, maybe ETHorse and crap like that, so I estimate about 3 cents EOY.

>> No.9730030

This is the most cocky FUD I've ever seen.

>> No.9730065


You're forgetting that guy who always posts "LINK .06 EOY MMW"

>> No.9730069

I'm done wasting my time trying to explain how CL works to brainlets here. Either you get it and you believe in the intrinsic value and potential, or you don't and you don't invest in it.
Seriously stop shilling/fudding this shit. This has turned from cult into religion and now people are crusading to convert no linkers. Stupid waste of time. Including this post.

>> No.9730107

There have been more fud threads than shill threads for the last month at least. People just have nothing of value to contribute but thye want to make noise.

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yeah man this is very true

linkers are probably the dumb and most

useless parasite on the planet, but at least

theyhave this currency to flock to like fleas on a hound

how low IQ can you getting? just how low? 2 man team and an abandon github

your coin is like dog piss. bad volume and no trading. it will never be a real currency

>> No.9730135

Is this your attempt at poetry?

>> No.9730145

any positive news would have to come from a centralized source.
The chainlink news problem is a good example of what i'm talking about.
there can be any number of link oracles, but in the end we still have to trust Sergey's word because no one else can verify if the bullshit he's saying is really true.

>> No.9730161

poem? no idiot

>> No.9730181

OP here, for what it’s worth. I’m a Link holder and this isn’t a LARP. To all the posters in here talking about how they “believe in the project”, that’s precisely the problem. You might believe in a god that’s made out of cheese, that doesn’t mean he exists. The lack of data requesting transactions is seriously alarming. First time in months that these bags have actually started feeling heavy.

>> No.9730189

Yes, you do seem like an idiot

>> No.9730191

>concern trolling
You are full of shit and have been spamming your """""""""""fud""""""""" for at least a day.

>> No.9730195

remember buying link is like buying highways before cars are invented
you'll be disappointed if you expect more than 3 cents EOY

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t. delusional linkie

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>no one else can verify if the bullshit he's saying is really true.
It's open source you fucking plank, lmao.

>> No.9730213

linkies unequivocally B T F O

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save the poetry for your diary, rebecca.

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>prices return to April levels despite being at a fraction of the volume

Is this encouraging?

>> No.9730240


It won't go above 40 cents before crashing down to around .15

I base this on absolutely nothing except the fact that it's a shitcoin for shitheads.

>> No.9730256

a shit opinion from a shit stain upon the shitting streets. thanks pajeet, you spoil us.

>> No.9730258

Yes, it means nobody is selling

>> No.9730278

You’re wrong. Actually in the thread the screen cap in the first post is from, I responded that there were tons of transactions and got BTFO’d because I hadn’t actually read the article to know the difference between transaction types. After that interaction I immediately reached out to Charles. He responded to me quickly but the request transaction wasn’t visible soon enough so I went out for the night. Got home, saw it, and started this thread around 3:30 am. Posting now because I just woke up. This is the first thread I’ve made on the topic.

>> No.9730298

Jesus stop lying dude, everybody can open archive
Have another sage, braindead moron
>Latest 25 txns from a total Of 376 transactions

>> No.9730299

Sorry, Thomas not Charles.

>> No.9730305

Breakout soon, fellow H.O.D.L.E.R.

>> No.9730332

Go ahead, open the archive. It’s possible the anon I responded to yesterday has posted this FUD before but it was my first time coming across it. Yes, we all know there are lots of transactions. We’re focusing on data requesting transactions. Read the first paragraph of the medium article if you don’t get it.

>> No.9730359

The next proof that you are a retarded sloppy troll is that you already swapped IDs here
Dumb faggot jesus

>> No.9730366

>yo guys, it seems like no one is using the test net.

holy shit so glad i dropped my bags at 60 cents and mever have to look back. This is textbook cult behavior. Enjoy this worthless trash going to 15 cents in the next couple of months

>> No.9730381

I started the thread on my computer and now I’m posting in my phone. I don’t care if that bothers you.

>> No.9730398

Kek you are fucking moron. Everyone can see your dirty game here, bitch.

>> No.9730404

To anyone reading this, ask yourself why this anon is derailing the thread with aggressive ad homs instead of meaningful arguments.

>> No.9730415

>nobody is using it
>376 transactions

>> No.9730429

To anyone reading this, ask yourself why this anon is fudding with aggressive VPNs instead of meaningful arguments.

>> No.9730433

Again, we’re not talking about transactions. We’re talking about DATA REQUESTING TRANSACTIONS. As I said, read the first paragraph of the medium article.

>> No.9730442

What would I possibly have to gain from that? Read my first post to where I posted from tg. I use tg on my phone exclusively. It was just easier to switch.

>> No.9730446

>noboduh is using ittt!
>but dude, its written right there
Jesus, you had enough time to accumulate

>> No.9730454

Jesus dude. Your bags must be massive if you need to act so pathetic.

>> No.9730455

Its the simple fact that something is already shady with your shit, as you went on and off warious VPNs

>> No.9730464

>no arguments
As expected

>> No.9730478

My computer to my phone. No VPNs. My theory, you’re just acting like this to get me to give up on this thread so it disappears. Bags feel heavy, anon? Life of wagecucking reality reasserting itself?

>> No.9730498

It wouldnt have changed your ID, you absolute, idiotic, braindead newfag
Where do you get these pajeets jeez

>> No.9730499

Lol. YOU haven’t made a single argument in this thread. Holy shit.

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File: 174 KB, 645x729, linklet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.9730537

Breakfast calls. Enjoy your bags, boys.

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>using 3g at home
>pay extra
>when wifi is on

>uh oh they got me I gtg brb

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>Enjoy your bags, boys
>I’m a Link holder and this isn’t a LARP.

>> No.9730594





>> No.9730596

Taking a shit so one more response for you. I have unlimited data you retarded fucking faggot.

>> No.9730609

Sure you do, faggot, you you do.
EXPOSED and angry

>> No.9730636



>Presenter calls Sergey "Aleksey" at the Ethereum Enthusiast conference
>Aleksey Klintsevich works on MS Azure and contributes to CL 'on his own time'
>Aleksey Klintsevich attended the university of Florida which is located in.........

we're gonna make it linkies

>> No.9730649


>> No.9730701

Oh and more proof of a busted VPN

lying piece of shit

>> No.9730765

Maybe this is the reason why?

>> No.9730805

If the fud starts to get to you, just remember when non transferrable smartcontract.com was registered

>> No.9730883

>1000 eoy
Thats just meme-ing and nubiz. Ignore them.

We just have far too little info atm to have a realistic idea of the outcome. We're bleeding sats but the fundamentals haven't changed. The whole crypto market is so manipulated there's no point in putting much into short term changes in sats value. As >>9728250 said, market sell your stack and fuck off if you can't deal with the FUD. We'll be fine by Mainnet+2years, why are you worrying about whats gonna happen next week?

>> No.9730913


t. Delusional linkie

>> No.9730916

Gainesville is my favorite shitting street near the Ganges. Coincidence?

>> No.9731038


I am 100% certain it is. Everybody else seems to be too busy to notice. Ad Hominem > discussion and FUD debunking, I guess.

>> No.9731254

Absolutely there is an illuminati conspiracy to hide the massive interest in using chainlink to verify curvature measurements for the flat-earth society. Also the idex levels of volume for a token on the world's most popular exchange is caused by the new HAARP volume obfuscation algorithm.

>> No.9731283

Great, some real discussion. Unfortunately, this is only speculation. Not all that comforting. If they didn’t expect there to be many data requesting transactions on the public ropsten then why even make the medium post? Maybe we can pull a little more info out of the team.

>> No.9731367


Using the faucet is the same process whether you are using the public version of Ropsten or a private network. Releasing a tutorial was necessary for teaching people how to run tests in either environment.

Ofc it's nothing but speculation. But so is the point OP is trying to make.

>> No.9731431

I am OP. I know what you're saying, there's speculation involved in both cases, but your answer involves an extra, assumed private network.

>> No.9731480

When the FUD is actual nonsense at this point.

My check clears Monday and i will be purchasing some more.

If you FUD this project just market sell your stack right now faggot
your 500 link wont get you anywhere anyway.
mainnet confirmed 2018

>> No.9731506

For what it's worth, I'm in here with two IDs Ooge0UyH and Rfbzgoii. It's just my phone and my computer, not trying to deceive anyone as has been suggested. As for the one post I made twice, once with each ID, I didn't think the post had been successful the first time for some reason. I really don't know how IDs get assigned but as for why I'm not using wifi on my phone it's because I have unlimited data and I keep the wifi off so I can browse biz and other non-work friendly on my phone at work. If I just leave it on all the time I fear that I'll accidentally use my work network for something I shouldn't. I still turn it on sometimes at work for various reasons but I just leave it off by default.

>> No.9731534


True, but it's really not a lot of effort to set one up. Anybody can do it within a couple of hours and that's mostly due to having to sync a fresh copy of the Ropsten chain data to current block height.

But yeah, I hear what you're saying.

>> No.9731539

Anyways, I'm not selling but I still genuinely think it's weird there aren't more transactions with data requests.

>> No.9731569

I don't genuinely think you genuinely think genuinely or otherwise.

>> No.9731581

Clever sentence, I appreciate a creative insult.

>> No.9731598


>> No.9731624

yeah bro

>> No.9731642

Where are your arguments actually addressing the issue raised in the OP? Seriously, does nobody have a response to it? All I see is childish bickering over literally nothing.

>> No.9731661

The only legitimate response so far is the proposal of a private network where real testing is happening. I'll save you from having to read the whole retarded thread.

>> No.9731664


t. delusional linkie winkie

>> No.9731688

No Rebecca, that was sarcasm.

>> No.9731698

That...doesn't even make sense.

>> No.9731710


>> No.9731813

Maybe it'll make sense if we take this conversation somewhere private? Do you have Skype?

>> No.9731860

It's time for you to leave

>> No.9731873

Make me

>> No.9732168

>the absolute state

>> No.9732429

Nice fud

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