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Who else comfy here?

>Deutsche Bank on the brink of collapse
>Italian Banks will be next
>Italy, Greece probably leaving the EU

Just a friendly reminder, we will have a new world trade crisis this summer. :3

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how can we profit from this?

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Take a loan from the Deutsche Bank for example.

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all in crypto

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>Italy, Greece probably leaving the EU

there's a good reason nobody takes your opinion seriously irl

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Is this real this time? Been hearing impending doom for years now.

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Buy the dip

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its about damn time
were all going to die
time for anarchy

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Not only this combined with the new tariffs the U.S. is imposing AND the fact alot of fucking stocks are bought with credit. Any significant hit to the market will cause the big domino to fall over.
Today might be the start of a new economic crisis.

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buy silver and 5$ bills
5$ bills will be your biggest friend

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Seems foolish to buy paper money if the currency goes to shit wouldn't it?

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when there is carnage in the street you will know

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Well I just think of Weimar Republic where it took wheel barrels of cash just to buy a loaf of bread. I'd rather have precious metals or crypto.

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I think it wil recover soon, but its definetly a start. Also thanks to crypto lowering the key interest did not safe DB.

I mean even ripple has a bigger yearly volume than DB. we unironically killed banking.

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>TFW Tethering my BTC when 1BTC = 1 Trillion dollar and waiting after the crisis is over.

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let those cucks burn

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If you truly believe a crisis is coming though i'd get your crypto off exchanges ASAP and into a wallet. You know if the economy collapses all these sites like Bittrex are hoarding a literal gold mine, the government will come for it and find an excuse to take it from you, be it not paying taxes or giving enough KYC info, etc.

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if the economy is collapsing and nobody uses crypto apart from /biz/ & the dark web, whats the point of cashing out anon? your final currency is fiat and will be worthless

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>Banks can't trade debts.

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100% Bitcoin. Only hold enough money to pay bills.

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Well that's the point, when it is worth alot, like gold and silver would be, people would start trading it for real goods and services. You wouldn't want to "cash out".

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Short both of your nutsacks.

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this boyos

martin armstrong fan?

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Nah just common sense fan, remember when FDR seized everyone's gold.

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>5$ bills will be your biggest friend
explain to a brainlet

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Bail ins imminent say good bye to your savings cash cucks.

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short the euro????

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Fucking hope so.

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It'll be good to have anything besides paper money.

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>buy $5 bills

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Good luck living on crypto tho.

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>I mean even ripple has a bigger yearly volume than DB
>comparing a transaction volume with assets or market cap

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wouldn't be surprised if italy left, union is currently trying to destroy italy's economy for not choosing a leftist gov

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you eurotards realize there is no way out of the the "union" right?

Krauts finally won without even firing a shot