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Remember when this board used to not shill scamcoins
Where are my bitcoin maximalists at?

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Enjoying their 1 percent gains.

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Remember when btc was good? Me neither.

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no bully

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> not trading on leverage

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I've got 2 BTC at the moment, which used to be a mixture of alt coins that I consolidated into bitcoins when it was around 10k per coin. I'm pretty sad that bitcoin has dropped to 7.5k, but if I kept my money in things like LTC and DOGE I'd be fucking destroyed right now. Bitcoin literally saved me from living the pink wojak nightmare.

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Right here, it's shameful what all these pajeets are doing.

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>not holding absolute shitcoins with so little volume that they aren't even affected by market movements

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same. i dumped omg for BTC in the bithumb pump. so glad i did

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> not shorting on the way down to accumulate more sats

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>t. liquidated by random bart

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> t. doesn't know about risk management and stop losses

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Legacy BTC hodler here

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the purpose of a bart is to trigger a stop loss