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Real street nigga here
Unironically on biz

Sorry about earlier, had to go so didn't respond

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That’s a scary sight.

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Rip fredo

Had a random dream he died
>2 days later see RIP in youtube comments

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Why are street niggers so loud?

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Np here's my question again. BMW or Mercedes, my nigga?

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cuz they have confidence
And their personalities are in your face usually
Me personally, rockin with bmw
I like mercs too but a nice bmw goes hard

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Agreed, Mercedes is on top with luxury but I think most dudes prefer BMW's exterior design

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ignorance not confidence lmao

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nothing like a suped up m3 or m5
yea , that too
Hood nigs can def be ignorant

but imagine growing up in a neighborhood where everyone knows each other. And is on the block every day and shoutin at each other and being real loud.
You'd have to adapt or get punked. NIgga gonna test you

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why do all of you Street Niggars enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh so much?

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aye senpai how you filter your trap money to pay da beamer?
I got my shit repo cuz I don't wanna alert the taxmans on my shit and they take my baby.

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aint no yu gi oh around here goofy
Shit lame as hell

Tell they bitch ass you'll pay them monthly cash

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You sound purely ignorant.

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Where you from?

Would love to smash on with a street nigger

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get at me wyboi.
nobody asked you for your trash opinion.

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jk im not a nigger but i do live in Socal
Still probably the most street on bizzz

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being a pathetic, poor, inbred white cunt dosent make you most street.

The real motherfuckers make it off and rule from ivory castles.

You aint shit rent boy

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Fuck you wyteboi, I'm the most hood on /biz/ AMA

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Who let the porch monkeys out?

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Your mom. We just ran a train on her

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50 years ago we'd have stoned you to death.

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Present day you can't cope that your sister wants to fuck and suck bbc

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biz our place now boay
We finna take over

you goofy
Lets have a freestyle right now, to settle this

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