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Is it just me or do you guys get extreme existential crises when you become self aware of the world and human beings? Lately I've been realizing so much about people and how the brain works and shit. Stuff I never thought about when I was a kid is just hitting me all of a sudden. And now everything makes sense. It's giving me a crazy existential crisis knowing all this time Ive been alive I was nothing more than a sophisticated ape. And I'm gonna actually die one day. What the fuck.

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>business and finance

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Please dont post until you have surpassed the age of 20

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Everyone’s the star of their own play, eh OP? Saged

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Have you been trading?
Trading will do that do you. It forces you to evaluate yourself and come to self realizations that are universally true for everyone.

like one thing I just realized is OP is a faggot.

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nice blog post, now kys

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same. Since you were born, you have to play the game, it's just how it is. I came to the conclusion that whatever you do before being self aware will be the same you do after since you still need the same things like money, bitches and spend the rest of the time being busy. There's just lots of hours to occupy during the day and it's better to do something "productive", or whatever that's supposed to mean

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>this is all there is
>youre on a rock floating through space
>there may or may not be gods/interdimensional beings engineering our very existence for reasons unknown to us
>you were born now and not 500 years ago
>at some point its all useless because we and any shred of our existence could be wiped out at any moment
>the only thing thats true isthat its all absurd

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This liberal nigger pretty much sums it up, it's real I work on daily basis with people that are going to die and can't do anything about it, palliative care.
And I can tell you that living is great, from the moment my first patient died I do what I want to do when I want it to do, I say what I truly want to say.
I truly feel liberated knowing that I'm going to die anyday and it will come, no one escapes it. My existence is derisory in the line of time but it's not meaningless, you make your own meaning on life, it's kinda hard to put it in words and not being english speaker is doing it even more difficult but the point is you quite choose how to live.

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The next part is when you realize after the great gulf war of usa vs russia, the skinwalkers invade and begin hunting humans and harvest their skin and organs while keeping them perpetually alive with their laundry machines, and they will soon have to leave but leave behind strange creatures that hunt any type of lights that go off in the night.

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>business and finance

go away

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Quite recently I just realized how a humans soul is assigned to a body if and only if the genetic code written at conception matches up exactly with what the interdimensional god has stored in their database of unused genetic codes. Once that genetic code is assigned, it can never be reused, and is gone forever. So the fact that I was born now and not 500 yeas ago is due to pure luck. Holy fuck.

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i feel so small
we’re are all humans stuck in this pit of death and we think we have it all figured out

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i would stare into the mirror and question my consciousness for like 10 minutes at a time when i was 14, i can't do it anymore tho my head starts hurting real bad

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Now you can spend the rest of your life trying to find things that take your mind off of this new found awareness. Or maybe that’s just me. In a way it’s good to know but don’t spend too much time thinking about it. I have to find things I’m really in to in order to not think about it

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What suprises me is normal people only want to start families and have sex. Shelter, food, sex..... thats it. Like holy shit.. normal faggots are extremely boring. No wonder most of them fall into depression, because they have achieved nothing that is unique to others.

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>tfw you realize that one day you are going to die
Can you imagine ceasing to exist? holy fuck

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two words op
quantum microtubules
im not going to hold your hand through this, you have to figure out on your own what im talking about and what role it plays in the brain. you wouldnt believe me if i told you

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Ya, I've become so self-aware that it's painful. I have no feelings towards anything, it all seems so pointless. Why do anything ever besides the bare minimum required to continue living, and even that part's debatable.

I actually envy really stupid, ignorant, simple people who go through life on raw emotion and who are reactionary to whatever's happening to them and the environment they're in. The highs and lows they experience must make life feel like it's worth living and fighting for.

I wish I were so lucky...

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Thats why before you die. You do something that will turn the world upside down Scientifically speaking, there is no such this as "0%". Even the chances of you becoming a billionaire or the next dictator is NOT 0%. All you have to do is to find the steps on how to go through that 0.1% chance of achieving something no person has done before.

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>tfw believe in reincarnation. just hope i'm not reborn as a pajeet

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And even if you do fail. Atleast on your death bed, you know that you tried your best. Who knows, when people shoot for the moon. They sometimes end up among the stars.

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i mean technically you will reincarnate, your corpse will turn into some fungus, which will turn into some plants, which will be eaten by some bugs, which will be eaten by some bird, which will be eaten by a cheetah.
>tfw ganna be a cheetah

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chill out crybaby i've been irrevocably sick for 4 years now and 3 out of 4 days i wish i would die. enjoy your life while you can and don't be scared of dieing anxiety is just an obstacle while traing to enjoy life

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it goes full circle. You're too retarded and focus only on the basics - you're fucked. Smart enough to actually be worth something in life - fun time. You're smart to the point that doing any arbitratry thing from the normal becomes the norm, you get back to just focusing on what you need because you don't get gratification from anything else - you're fucked

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Fucking normalfaggots. This board is dead.

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But you're still going to cease to exist. Just the thought that one day you're never going to wake up horrifies me. Also
>having a normal day
>stumble upon news of some guy who died in some accident
>they are my age
>suddenly realize it could have been literally me
>realize I can die in a horrific accident anywhere anytime
>my mind involuntarily tries to imagine what the last moments of this guy were like, trying to experience their pain and state of mind
Idk man it seems that nowadays almost everything brings me existential terror.

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holy shit

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You only die when people forget about you. Thats why before you die, you do something so fucking retarded that your legacy will live forever. Look at Hitler, do you think he really is dead? His ideologies, his legacy (uniting europe), his words are still alive today. Fuck we would probably 100 years less advance if he wasnt born. Nothing is impossible in this world, dont become brain dead normalfaggots like this guy >>9683853.

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This is like a post from someone who thinks their an adult now after they realize how bad people are, and then use the realization to justify their own poor behavior. In reality this just isn't good enough, even f you are working. You are still bad. You are still being a slave to the system or someone else. The just be a man line of thinking isn't good enough. Your still a piece of shit. You have to become an enlightened being in order to be good.

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No man. Look, I get what you're saying and I actually agree on that point. But the fact is, the you that is experiencing life - is going to undergo a process, an experience of you blacking out without EVER EVER waking up again. You can tell me all about how to accept death but I would never be able to shake out this anticipation of experiencing death.

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>implying you exist.

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What drugs are you doing? Would like some.

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>TFW got existential crises from working on AI for google.
Had the same thing when i worked for google on AI and finally realized that i will in fact life to see singularity approachen much faster than even our scientists had predicted and that AI will take over 90% of all jobs in 20 years. Took nearly 2 years for me to recover from that. What helped me a lot was working on topic related to Nick Bostrom and ancestor simulations.

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LSD and adderall, nothing crazy

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sounds like a horrible combination dude, no wonder you're going fucking insane

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and what's even more depressing is that the world as we see it isn't even real, it's just a bunch of wavelengths that our brain interprets and constructs in our mind

even when it comes to mundane shit, for example think of color blindness or dyslexia, we view these as defects, as if something's missing or wrong in people with these problems, when the reality is that it's just the eyes/brain interpreting and processing differently in a way that only applies to a minority of people. Now think that if what we view as color blindness or dyslexia was actually the norm, as in the way the majority interpreted things, it wouldn't be considered a defect at all, it would just be normal. Basically what I'm saying is that the things we take for granted could actually be completely fucked up to an outside (non-human) observer and we wouldn't even know it, the majority of us could be horribly mutated yet we just accept it as standard because it's all we interpret and all we know.

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kek I saw that big think video too

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Acceptance is step 1.

Let the reality wash over you. Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power. Do you want to be happy or strong?

You can’t un-know what you learn, but many people numb themselves with denial and drugs.

How do you want the crest of your life to be, knowing you can’t go back, ever.

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You’re assuming they are ever self aware enough to realize it.

There is joy in a simple life, it’s just not for everyone.

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What did you do before you were conceived?

It’ll be just like that. It doesn’t hurt Anon. >Your fear should be: not living well.

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Thank you jordan, for your lobster stories. I love your book btw.

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you sound pretty manic breh

oh thats why. just dont do anything stupid and land yourself in an inpatient clinic op.

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lol brainlet... don't mix a stimulant with a strong psychedelic like LSD. the reason being you will have existential thoughts that affect your life perspective, but you will also be flying through them trying to find an answer you will never reach. by doing this you are oversimplifying and speeding through a process that has taken mankind years to determine and establish. slow down and appreciate the process.. try and learn something, this shit seems easy on the surface but realize how difficult things like this are to figure out for a human being.

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Have a similar existential crisis recently. Given the short span of average person, it feels absolutely foolish to be enslaved for a good part of life to earn money. May be a majority of science and science-induced capitalistic efficiencies we don’t need actually and yet we can be happy (think homestead/traditional village life/tribal life). It’s our concept of BAU and social conditioning (high education/job/mortgage/mindless consumerism/debt) that’s flawed.

Imagine a fictitious conversation between two outsiders (to the system) - they happens to be two tiny sparrows (father and son)

Son: why are these houses empty, dad ?
Dad: all of them gone for work, son?
Son: why they work hard when their massive houses lie empty in a beautiful sunny day?
Dad: this how the economy works? You work and you earn.
Son: why sparrows has not created our economy?
Dad: good lord, you want us to be enslaved by that system, like humans. Thank god that we have a simple life. We don’t need crazy mortgages/soul-crushing jobs. Consider yourself lucky that you are a sparrow, not a human.
Son: But I like their cars/big houses/big machines. They are capable of amazing things, Are not they ?
Dad: true. But they are over-intelligent to realise that they actually don’t need all those crap to lead a purposeful and simpler life close to Mother Nature. Science and intelligence helped them to dominate over us and all other species. However, empathy-less science and intelligence is causing dooms for us and even for them.
Son: if they are so smart, why humans don’t realise these issues?
Dad: some of them does and are already taking actions. But for a vast majority of them - they are so brainwashed by the artificial economics and unending desires of urban lives that they refuse to change. They think nature exists because to give their selfish lives a more dollar value. How foolish.

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babies first acid trip?

I kid... Yeah, the world is quite interesting when looked at from an abstract perspective. Keep your vision whole, your soul warm, and have a hell of a time while you're on this earth, is my take on it.

Since I discovered crypto though, I'm just living for the "better tomorrow" where gains will be had. Maybe it's gonna end in despair

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Ever since crypto crashed in jan I've staying up at night wondering if I have cancer or am slowly going blind and feeling my teeth because I think one tooth is getting longer and longer. I keep thinking I am going to go blind, loose all my teeth, or die slower of a painful disease. I hope I die suddenly or my sleep. A quick heart attack among my friends if I had any would be ok too.

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This is known as the lesser Kan and Li in Taoist philosophy learn to meditate, real meditation the ‘mindfulness’ stuff is just the first step, like learning to walk once you can do it move on to ‘microcosmic orbit’ and learn to run. Keep your tongue up.

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>They think nature exists because to give their selfish lives a more dollar value.
>dollars are a means to survival
>sparrows eat insects and plants
>killing other living entities to survive
>also, thinking that the earth is static and hasn't adapted to environmental conditions and will be destined to doom through human actions

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Go to church

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Just a friendly reminder that you have billions of those tiny machines inside your body right now and that this video actually is in real time and the most accurate representation of what is happening inside your cells. :3


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You will change your mind when you are biologically primed to breed.

>tfw you are already roleplaying

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H-hello satan-kun.

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Could I legally put the shit on 4chan into a book?

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Uh yeah.

That feeling of existential dread will hit you hard when you don't expect it. It tends to happen in the middle of the night, usually accompanied by a panic attack.

Eventually, you'll just accept that you're going to die and you'll be okay with it.

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there is so much wrong with this i dont even know where to start.

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summer normies get some time to think

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can you undergo two existential crises? im sure i had my first at age 18, fucked me up good and it took a long time to become a functioning human being afterwards, the second one is much more recent, just a few months ago but now i feel like a different person "less" then who i use to be, its hard to explain it...

feels like my head is filled with so much shit i cant take this anymore, i honestly cant tell if im just crazy or i was crazy and now im sane, fucking ask me something... anything

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Who gives a fuck about existence and shit. We are all gonna die. All that matters is whether you can enjoy this shitty short lifespan given to you. Unfortunately I can't even do that since I'm broke and cant get a job. Might be better to just end it.

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That's what drugs are for. Even though life is pointless and nothing you do matters, you can alway get wrecked on drugs and forget that all that shit for a few hours.

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I bet they sleep like a rock every night and are much happier being dumb as fuck like that

>> No.9685081

tfw heroin addicts living under a bridge are among the smartest people alive

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Read Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. Both are sons of priests. Struggle with the same questions, freedom of will, existence, God. Kierkegaard finds a solution in his own ubermench within the theistic realm. Nietzsche finds his atheistic ubermench. They write and think so similarly about existence, but come to a different endpoint. Will teach you a lot about subjectivity, and how to deal with existing, but also a lot about how society works as a collective. It's facinating and it gave me a lot of insights in how to deal with EC in my early twenties. Nietzsche gets a lot of shit for being the angst teen philosopher. But he did write that in his book that only people in the year 2000 would get his book. I enjoyed them the most of all philosophers. Now I just read fun philosophers like Arne næss

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thank anon

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Definitely worth reading, but I wouldn't recommend to anyone who hasn't already put some serious thought into these concepts on their own first.

I didn't read any Neitzsche or Kierkegaard until I was in my early 30s and was glad for that as it put me in a position where I could actually compare and contrast my own opinions with their writings. If I'd read Nietzsche at like 19 years old I feel I'd have been too impressionable and just blindly went along with (or completely disregarded) the philosophy.

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Life is a Bubble

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tfw you're all figments and creations of my own imagination and i am truly the only sentient being in the universe

tfw solipsist

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im 28, and i dont know who i am, i feel like my life isnt mine, like everything i've done, the path i "chose" to get to this point was me just going along with the flow because it was convenient, but not was i really wanted, i didnt dare, i settled, to a point where it became a lifestyle and now i feel like i just woke up from a 28 year long dream where i missed out on every single potential good opportunity that presented itself to me which i would have grasped if only i knew i was dreaming.

and whats worse is that i feel helpless to change even after knowing this, i missed out on so much i feel like im the literal definition of the word "retarded" i lack so much life experience that i can never fill do to the constraints of age and health that all i'm left with is sadness and regret.

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it's all a simulation OP. The fact that our universe exists the way it does today prove the rules that govern consciousness and reality existed long before the energy that makes up our existence came into birth. the whole things is a feedback loop.

>> No.9685657

Brainlet. I was pondering that shit when I was a kid. Reached enlightenment before 25 (its individuation for all you brainlets) and I watch the world function calmly knowing what it all is. Keep inquiring. All that you need to know can fit in the palm of your hand.

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someone say something

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hey man, you're a figment of my imagination

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>thinking there's a "real" you

well there's your problem dumbass. there is no you

>> No.9686328

>be boomer
>calls other brainlets

If I had my brain tissue deteriorating I would call others brainlets as well

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jesus christ

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Daily reminder that all of you are insignificant. Pic related are BILLIONS of galaxies with around 250 BILLION stars with TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of planets. Let that sink in for a moment. Imagine all the funstuff we are missing out.

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250 BILLION STARS EACH GALAXY. Fucking faggots

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Don't worry anon, we can explore the stars when we reincarnate in future lifetimes.

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I had that feeling at 19, I'm turning 22 and still haven't really done anything about it yet. I put in an application to the military but when I looked at the paper work I just stopped responding.

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Yes man every day lately. Whats worse is youre surrounded by actual monkeys

>> No.9686531

Looks like a interconnected constellation of networks (the internet).

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What if there is an action that unlinks your soul/conscience and you don't even know because it's like you are dead but your body still goes on like normal. Like what if you drink 2 pints of water and tap the side of the glass six times and that just permanently fucks you forever and you wouldn't even know. What the fuck.

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Sounds like you need to become a reclusive hermit and spend the next 28 years meditating in the wild. Redemption is obtainable

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>Tfw read pascal lately

His writings on escapism are so spot on. fuck man, how do we escape this thing called being human

>> No.9686577


>Human history is the nightmare I'm trying to awaken from - James Joyce

You can't escape, anon.

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How do I make this profitable
Also thanks I just bought 100 K

>> No.9686598

Things matter to you because you lived them. There’s no ultimate meaning, but significance is relative. If something terrible or amazing happens to you, you literally can’t just brush it off cuz you’re physically small compared to the entire universe, unless you’re sociopath and you are not gonna it is a good day to be a good friend to ya and you know how to make a nice smile on my mind and I wanna know that I was really nice to y’all but you were so damn cute and you were so nice to see it so much better than that

>> No.9686604

You're much more OP, watch

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What if moons are actually light bulbs for our house

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Real tall though how do we defeat the jew

>> No.9686639


I'm starting to become more religious. Dealing with this existence is just too much without God. Help me

>> No.9686713

I'm here, my child.

Just b urself and everything will be ok

>> No.9686780

That's just a coping mechanism and shows your weak. There is nothing to this world -- own up to it and make it your own.

>> No.9686802


So much mental illness in this whole fucking thread so imma just drop a woke bomb right here.

Your thoughts aren't even yours. Why would you think things that make you feel bad?
you love yourself. You've always taken good care of yourself. See yourself as you are today. Congratulations on keeping yourself from dying until now.

There is much work to do, and you may start by ending the bad thoughts and only focusing on what makes you feel good.
Be true to yourself above all else, and let your light shine unto others.
don't concern yourself with the real world. all you have is what you percieve, why not make it about nice things?

>> No.9686818


God doesn't exist.
YOU are god.
the universe loves you very much but you've gotta start loving yourself too.

>> No.9686843

>ITT Satan wants us to party like hookers and think that is meaningful

>> No.9686846


>> No.9686852

Bish, I don't have any mental or emotional problems and also God exists

>> No.9686885

Read some boudhism, anon. Make you feel better.

>> No.9686949


maybe, but it's def not the Christian god.
seriously hope you don't mean the christian god.

you cannot be woke and believe in an omnicient, omnipotent, omnipresent, jelous, maniacal, and vengeful sky beard man.

protip: it's impossible

>> No.9686962

Slavery never ended if you ever wondered. Me and by uni buddies sometimes meet up and discuss real life problems. When you gain some intelligence and open your eyes what is going on in the real world the train will hit you hard. What is really important in life is not to give up. I know this sounds depressing but IMO you should just do in life what you really enjoy. That was when i found some kind of a ZEN mode or meaning in my life.

>Accept the fact that if you dont have some kind of hobby "Business" on your own you will never make it.
Working "Wagecucking" is the modern day slavery. If we take simple math into equation for an example the country where i live then you will make yearly as a specialist around 20k$. Now half of it you will spend on living costs and other stuff. A home costs minimum 100k$ (not some pajeet tier but not high tier, medium tier). That means that you already need to slave at least 10 years minimum to just buy a fucking home. Some people will choose to take loans and will further it to 20 years.

>Working for someone is slavery.
Depends though who owns the company. If there is a possibility that you can become friends with the owner then theoretically speaking its not slavery. I have worked my whole life for corporations and managed finances. Its quite funny to see that a company makes 1mln $ per week but pays 1k$ for workers. Its insane to think about that the company could easily pay 10k$ per worker but they wont. They wont because they want you to slave away for them. I even made some calculations on the company finances and found out that a company could easily pay min. 5k$ (when the average is 1k$) and dont have any negatives to it. This money flows into the owners and shareholders and they dont need to do anything.

>The same applies to living in a rental apartment.
You pay money for someone else and not for yourself.

All-in-all the important part in life is not take loans and live the hamster wagecuck life.

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Jesus was a Jew. Therefore Jesus was a con man. Stay woke.

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Part 2.

Its astonishing how people are so driven by money nowadays that they go to lengths in betraying you. One of the most important things in life is to find REAL friends not "Friends". People nowadays will dump you for whatever reason if money is involved. Always be careful with that thing, even with your life partner.

>Money doesnt make you happy, but people still follow it to death.

I myself had an existential crisis recently and i swapped my 5x 9-5 job to a 3x 8-4 job. I didnt lose in terms of $/h but i can focus 4 days (or 2 days) of my week on creating something myself. When i was working 5x per week my usual routine was like:

>Wake up at 6:30.
>Go to wagecuck at 09:00.
>Work till 18:00.
>Go home 19:00.
>Go to gym 20:00.
>Go to home 21:00 and sleep.

I had an existential crisis that even though i have assets i have no time to do anything with it. So what i found out is that money is not the most important thing. TIME is. Time is something that you dont have if you wagecuck all it away. Its very important IMO to have a lot of free time to do something you enjoy. If you can work and enjoy it at the same time Gz IMO then you have found equilibrium. 95% people work something just to get the resource to pay resource to get service. 5% only get to work and enjoy it at the same time but thats usually the top of the pyramid. The pyramid scheme if you think about it applies to every subject, science and department. If you are at the bottom of the food chain you will forever be a wagecuck generation in your family.

>> No.9686996

He kind of is the Christian God

Using woke in that way is not helping your case
Anyway he is not all things in all forms, but at the very least he connects all possibilities, so if the point-line conjecture of higher dimensions is actually true, he might abide somehow in the 7th dimension

>> No.9687007

I'd strongly advise you stay away from /pol/
But sounds like you basically redpilled yourself. Good job OP. Sorry its so dark inhere.

>> No.9687008

God fucking hates me mate, what the fuck.

>> No.9687022

Part 3.

So what i want to say all-in-all in my reddit faggot post is that in order to live a happy life:

>Have a job 3x or 4x per week.
This is your main income and this needs to pay off your "Bleeding" money per month. Bleeding money is like rental apartment, food, maintenance for car, medication, life partner etc. Basically all the money that would flow out anyways. If you can save up on this then you are already on the right track.
>Make a business KEK.
Yeah you dont need to do something astonishing. Like i make graphic design and code sometimes for money and try to make my own systems by programming. If i can do it, you can do it.
>Have a 3rd income.
This can be anything, stocks, crypto or just buy stuff for cheap and sell for high. This works well if your main income is something behind a computer (i have). So 30% of the time i earn money from the 3rd income and MAIN INCOME.

So the algorithm is that:


This leftover money you should for an example invest in assets, apartments to rent out. Unfortunately my father has said a really clever thing:

>In nowadays world there are 2 types of people, people who lose and people who win. There is no middle part. Someone needs to lose so than someone can win. The same applies to stocks.

This comes from a dad who is a millionaire and was from an orphanage. He has never given me any assets because of his background and has said that he will forever support me if i fuck up in life but that i need to earn everything myself. He has given me guidance and now im sharing it with you all guys. Hopefully my reddit faggot post helped some of you guys. Ciao!

>> No.9687032

God sent jesus as an infiltrator to expose the jews. He even got pissed and called them minions of satan

>> No.9687054

nope. just makes my brain hurt so I go eat pizza rolls, vape, then fap then vape again in that order then watch anime

>> No.9687061


apart from how absolutely right you are, it's just a logical fallacy to believe in some great being that simultaneously "created everything", and "but nothing evil tho. Oh except for Satan"

also he's ever-loving and forgives all.
except Satan fuck him he fucked up bad. If christians actually believed what they say they did they'd pray to Satan for his salvation, and to redeem the original sin so as to not anger father.

all you christianplebs, stay slaves for life.

The reality is we all create our own reality. the universe is us, and we are the unirverse. all good things come to those who understand the principles of vibration, frequency and emotion. Magic is real and the reality we all face stands as the remains of the last battle between shamans, priests, and warlocks.
you can cultivate your energy to make the universe yield to you anything you want.

but you can't hate yourself. You're of no use to the universe if you won't help it expand.

>> No.9687083


>dude just man up

great philosophy, chimp

>> No.9687097


Nah bro, you're just being too hard on yourself. Don't take it from me. You could be an invisible Tumblrina landwhale that will never procreate, but instead you're entertaining deep conversation and facing your problems head on.

Fuck GOD, believe in YOURSELF!

>> No.9687102

What do you hate about yourself?

>> No.9687107
File: 123 KB, 550x550, 1520053471027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>He's become self-aware, shut down the dream simulator

>> No.9687125

There is no fucking god KEK.

>God was created to control the masses of stupid people.

How easy it is to say "Hey dont steal because god will hate you". Fucking KEK. You know about history that at some point you could pay for your sins right? Kill a man. Oh no probs because if you pay us 1000 metal coins god will forgive you. No wonder it stopped because it was ludacris that you could kill, steal, rape for money.

Hey did you know that god forbids you to write on these boards? Now fuck off before your god pisses on your heads.

>> No.9687164

you might want to consider the possibility that you're immortal and have always existed and always will exist

you can only consider this once you've realized you're not your body, you're the eternal awareness having an experience of having a body.

you are infact completely identical in every way that matters to your child-self. the only thing that changed is your body(which isnt really you)

anyway the point of considering this is you should really work towards getting your mind in a good place RIGHT NOW. because you might be "here" for much longer than you anticipate(ETERNITY)

>> No.9687279

Everything that has happened in your life is your responsibility to deal with. Some things were your fault, some things were other people's fault but the only one that can do anything to fix any of it is you. If your solution in any way requires someone else to do something before you can do anything it's the wrong solution and you need to think again.

There are a hundred voices inside you telling you what you need to do at any given moment but pay attention to the quality of each one. The right answer will always be quiet, calm and strike you as blindingly obvious the second you pay attention to what it's saying.

All the other voices are come from outside. Society, your parents, your childhood. The quiet, calm voice is you.

>> No.9687289
File: 48 KB, 436x252, 1519461324569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Believing NASA photographs are real

>> No.9687307
File: 33 KB, 329x329, 1445728950024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's my worst nightmare.

Am i going to suffer during every reincarnation like I've suffered in this lifetime?

>> No.9687312


lmao turn the edgelording down. I'm an atheist, where the fuck did you get that I believe in god.

I believe in myself. I am eternal and have delightfuly manifested this wonderful body of mine that I'm very thankful for. It allows me to wonder and awe at the unfolding of all that is in stunning resolution. I choose to expand the universe's awareness and experience through me.

>> No.9687468

Thats an amateur astronomy website. Heres a hint faggot, buy a telescope and get enlightened

>> No.9687568

I feel something broke inside of me and I don't know what to do with the pieces. I have a lot of trouble relating to others or understanding them (was that a compliment? an insult? a threat? nothing?). I value a handful of relationships with very select people but it's like it's physically painful to be around some.

I'm not a person of faith, but assuming there's a God and he remotely cares about me, you can get away with basically anything starting from
> it's a test and you just don't get the test
it can sound like a cop out, but I look at it like OK maybe.

>> No.9687573

God is good. Become Catholic.

>> No.9687577


I'm leaning toward theism 2bh

>> No.9687616

Ffs so now we all have to deal with a mass adolescence on 4chan. Inevitable some might say. Next stop rites of passage stories of boys becoming men and discovering their latent homosexuality.

>> No.9687672


first anon, you have to divorce faith from religion. the church cucked everyone into beliving faith is for god only but it's untrue and they don't want you to know because it's actually the most powerful force known to man. Faith moves mountains. literally.
Could a man really form an organization that deals in dynamiting and carting silver from a mountain to every corner of the globe if he didn't have faith that there would be silver in there? He must have first seen the finished mine in his mind's eye before he can even think about finding out where to apply for permits.

suspend your disbelief in faith for a moment.

could you reason that having faith at least in yourself for once in your life might allow you to care a little less how things work out for other people, and a little more about what you find pleasurable?

why would you worry about others? you're not them. Is it necessary to do their thinking for them? NO. FUCK EM.
it's only you remember?
When you do care about them, you're admitting they matter more to you than yourself.
the universe doesn't really appreciate that. It put together all of the essential components for you to come into being and here you are more worried about what others think.

Life isn't a test. God doesn't test you. The universe loves the ever loving shit out of you or it would have let the carbon that is now your mind be swallowed by a different protowhale in the Mesozoic era and been done with it.
but here you are, in all your radiant sunshine, squandering it because you don't believe your'e good enough.

but you are good enough.
We're all good enough or we wouldn't exist.

>> No.9687727

Anyone know why some memories haunt us? Some things my cousins said or did to me many many years ago that didn’t bother me at the time now pops in my head and now bothers me. It’s just so weird. They’re not even in my life now. I’m sitting big net worth of 2 million, beach house, international real estate empire, beautiful wife and kids. I have goals and plans and working each day towards them, and these stupid memories of my cousins pop in my head. I keep telling myself to let it go, but they keep popping in my head. Can’t I just browse biz in peace!!!!

>> No.9687744

Wait what

>> No.9687757


I have the same thing with a set of completely boring memories that won't stop popping up everyday. Pretty annoying. I don't have a 2M net worth though, help me out?

P.S Small chance you want to fuck your cousin.

>> No.9687758


it's called anxiety.
you need to practice meditation.
it'll help you easily let go of thoughts that upset you.

>> No.9687779

wow go take some acid or something

>> No.9687791


oh and I forgot to mention that those recurring thoughts are trying to get you to realize something you maybe didn't process right before.
likely that you self-abandon when faced with being put down. I'm willing to bet you didn't stand up for yourself at the time and let it roll off your shoulder, but it really stuck with you.
forgive yourself for abandoning yourself and remember that you're older now, you can choose to never abandon yourself ever again.

>> No.9687836

Yeah thanks. I have gotten out of practice.

>> No.9688188

counsciousness is a meme, read about people that had their brain hemispheres seperated for epilepsy treatment, their arms act independendly of what they talk and so on, counsciousness is not real

>> No.9688222

"counsciousness" is just a set of functions that work together to create a system, it's the same with any other animal, our functions are more advanced but there is nothing that really separates us from a dog or a fly

>> No.9688234
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>> No.9688358

Can people you know forcefully check into therapy? Legally?
i had friends who were fucking ruthless

>> No.9688407

welcome to your late teenage years. Now back to >>>/r9k/ with you FAGGOTS this is /biz/ not your self help blog

>> No.9689243
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don't worry, the blockchain will solve all of this

>> No.9689796

Reminds me of The Egg:

>> No.9689837

An existential crisis is basically your minds way of telling you that you need to get into gear and do something significant with your life or start following the path that you were pre destined to have but aren't following.

>> No.9689869

Just clone your brain on blockchain and live forever. Just wait for that erc-20 token

>> No.9689894

>>9688407 is a good example of an NPC https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/154450720/

>> No.9689900


You retard, that's not what reincarnation is.

>> No.9689970

This thread shows the pathetic depressed mindset of the white male. Accept it and move on you fucking losers

>> No.9689987

>choosing to give up and following the path others have made for you is the same as being bound in chains and killed if you attempt to escape
what the fuck am i reading
wagecucking is laziness, and no, laziness isn't slavery

>> No.9690112


This shit again. There's no correlation between size and value, or do you unironically think a lambo is less valuable than a shitty old semitrailer? The stars are just a bunch of burning hydrogen, and the complexity of even your tiny brainlet exceeds theirs by far. Intelligence & consciousness are of far greater value than stupid rocks floating around kek.

>> No.9690200
File: 806 KB, 1001x823, happy end.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't worry anon, all your atoms will continue to exist even after the assembly that enables them to "think" is broken

>> No.9690474
File: 112 KB, 1036x1200, BD00578C-B214-4E43-A5B1-0E22773B30CE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone in this thread

>> No.9690708

Do you seriously delude yourself into believing that having a traditional marriage and a home full of love/children is somehow not desirable? That is a heavy cope.

>> No.9690766



only religion that makes sense, actually its like applied science about reality

>> No.9690770

>And I'm gonna actually die one day.
energy can't be created or destroyed, it simply turns into a different form.

>> No.9690792

>Bound round with delusion, the world only appears to be competent. Bound with acquisitions, foolish, surrounded by darkness, it seems eternal, but for one who sees, there is nothing.

>> No.9690808

Mfw religiousfag and couldnt care less about this.
God is great.

>> No.9690820


god is also stuck in the samsara

>> No.9690836


the problem with buddhism is the idea that nothing matters and this world is a mirage

comforting for some but in reality its a narcissist's cult religion

>> No.9690847


this is a wrong view, your action have results in the form of karma, saying nothing matters will only bring more suffering

you are part of the mirage

>> No.9690877

>nothing is real

completely understand why amoral, lazy, and stupid people would believe this

>> No.9690889

jewish lies

>> No.9690906 [DELETED] 

its also the view of hinduism, and every mystical tradition more or less. even the greeks came to similar to conclusions.

>> No.9690920

God did not create evil directly, it is out of the free will he gave to His creation that sin spawned from. Also Christ died for the salvation of human sins, not angelic ones, the Bible doesn't really hint anything about the salvation of fallen angels or fallen angels being able to repent.

>> No.9691023


bullshit. karma is a post hoc rationalisation amounting to logical fallacy

more shit coming out of the Indian subcontinent

>> No.9691035


sure buddy. Christianity, Islam, buddhism = nothing is real club

stay retarded and stay in the shitholes you came from

>> No.9691068


now go visit /pol/ for a few red and black pills. It's not a joke tho... you will grow into a wizard but you'll come to hate the world as a result.

>> No.9691098

evil live

>> No.9691107


>> No.9691658
File: 38 KB, 521x487, 6A729F02-360A-4903-BA07-97A356B989C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>achieved nothing that is unique
Please tell us anons what you suggest?

>> No.9691690
File: 104 KB, 1024x1024, A546A105-678B-49C7-8E2E-D67D5CD8C8B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>tfw we are almost certainly sims in a game

>> No.9691706
File: 179 KB, 819x935, 15231097442334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where were you when you realized Alex Jones was right?

>> No.9691782
File: 144 KB, 1280x720, B47B0901-B4BB-4783-A021-9B9CA8A0D927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>large clusters of atoms in a gas state light years away makes you realize your are worthless
>being sentient < large clusters of gas
>*tips fedora*
Kek glad I have a sense of purpose in this life. I am always surprised when I hear idiots who don’t recognize how special life is. We are so special because we are literally made in the image of God Himself, and the only sentient beings living in our dimensions we know of for light years. In fact, no other life form compares to humans on our own planet. Hope you do too one day. Postmodernism is KEK-lite senpai.
Tony said the same thing in The Sopranos and Christopher said it best when he said “I don’t see it that way”

>> No.9691792

It changed CUC K to KEK. But surely you get the point.

>> No.9691815
File: 52 KB, 448x419, updated my journal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9691928
File: 110 KB, 600x433, pickle rick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9692657

This. No matter how big the cosmos is it is nothing compared to the power of the conscious mind.Objects no matter how large or abundant are nothing compared to the power of sentient beings.Also you are a fool if you belive that there aren't any higher cosmic powers.out there because the fact that you exist, the fact that you can perceive the universe is amazing. The fact that you are merely a collection of atoms that can somehow be aware of your own existence must mean something. Even if there is nothing out there be thankful that you at least got to experience life, that you got to feel thing, even simple things like food , warmth, and the sunsets.Life is a gift no matter how much of an autist you may be..

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