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thx just set my buy orders

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corecucks really are afraid of bcash.

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Plz do, my paycheck came too late to buy the dip.

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Buy Bitcoin Core

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Literally 80% of my holdings. The Cashening will happen. Deal with it

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Parents are giving me $75,000 for graduation. Going to spend it all on BCH, the real Bitcoin. Thanks, OP!

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Sky is the real bitcoin

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>BCH price has only increased since OP started thread
what did he mean by this

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It's coming

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Corecucks will lose their shit

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no shit

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The old timers who flocked to btc in the beginning are with bch now. They were never afraid to fight with dragons.

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What % hashrate is needed for death spiral?

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The funny part will be when BCH overtakes BTC the screeching from corecucks to raise the block size will be overwhelming, and Blockstream will tell them to fuck off as usual.

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all depends on on how quickly it happens and how many blocks until the next BTC diff adjustment

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Nah, core will cave and announce blocksize increase about the time BCH hits 0.5BTC, then the next day BCH will be over 1.0BTC

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unfortunately can't hard fork with non mining nodes

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If BCH overtakes BTC though what's to stop the Bitcoin miners from double spending the crap out of BCH? Bitcoins hash rate is over ten time bch

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and their money

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If the price approaches BTC so will the hashrate.

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considering the extremely high risk and high cost of such an attack, the likelyhood is very low simply because the average yield would be low.

Financially it makes no sense. It's more likely to be a move made by vengeance and spite. Miners who make money are pragmatic, can't be a fanboy if you're trying to maximise mining profits.

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After the fork 'everyone' was supposed to crash the BCH price to 0
It didn't happen
My low buy orders never got filled
I am disappoint

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They could go after blockstream with pitchforks and torches, it doesn't matter, all the talent left for bch.

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crap, i was going to sell 1 BTC when I could get 8 BCH for it but now cash just keeps going up and up.

this video was interesting btw, about a woman (!) who actually did her own research in crypto

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nobody is afraid of this utter piece of garbage cult coin or the scam artists fronting it

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The "cult" built the market that made btc what it is today. They are doing it again, except they already have the tools and experience to do it even faster. Core is stale, old money, reactive instead of proactive. They just can't compete, even with billion dollar backers. You should be afraid, your time is running out.

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>The "cult" built the market that made btc what it is today.
I can agree... when btc was obscure and underground used mostly in the dark net, it attracted a certain type of seedy businessman... now those scammy seedy con artists have had to move on to bitcoin cash.

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Yes, scammers love open ledgers. Coinbase and Bitpay are just back alley scammers. Corecucks lack brains. Amazing you all got so butthurt at coinbase when they could have let your shitchain die. Instead they took pity on you and shut down the Flippening before the entire btc market was slaughtered overnight.

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Why does bch price movements resemble an echo of BTC?

BTC goes up, bch goes up. BTC goes down, bch collapses to the floor.

This only makes sense if you accept that bch is not a competitor to BTC at all.

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>the coin base bch pnd was totally natural and not insider trading from coin base employees
were you even here then? it wasn't thay long ago either
literally no one could sell

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>rip off Core's hard work
>somehow anyone is deluded enough to think people with enough money to matter will risk their capital on amateur hour scammers

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7 days until BCH reclaims more of its rightful and original mining power (it has, after all, been mined since the genesis block) due to a well timed pump and BTC difficulty adjustment.

It's going to keep happening but become even more violently apparent ;)

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Because they want btc to die.

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> cute blond
> self deprecating name that makes fun of her lack of intellect
> actually entrepreneurial and smart
Dunning-krueger really does work the other way around too.

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>believing anything Chink miners say
You must be new.

Also remember Jihan already got cucked into activating segwit against his own will. Stop overrating the miner's power.

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Is there any legitimate reason they would lie whatsoever? At what point do you believe, after three plus years, of people saying they're not on board with Maxwell's scaling plan and they want Satoshi's scaling plan, that they're actually telling the truth and not lying?
The truth is coreons will never accept that, because it proves they are completely full of shit and will do whatever they have to do to get their way.
And this is the inevitable result; the rest of the system is just counting the days till your death.

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BCH = pc elite master race

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BTC = console cucks

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Poor BCore neckbeards will never understand that normies will never run full nodes

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Why are bcashers comparing themselves with BCC (Bitcoin Core)? AFAIK BCC is a new coin.

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*IF* Bcash overtakes Bitcoin (not even close to a likely scenario for at least another 5 years), the only people who will be laughing are the no-coiners because the entire crypto-market will crash.

You cashies are so brainwashed and myopic on Bcash overtaking Bitcoin that you don't even realize the greater effect that such an event would have on the market as a whole.

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Love how the only way you fucks can think to break it is via direct assault. The market has soundly rejected you, so instead it's off to get the Chinks to pull some weak shenanigans.

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You must be new, fag. bch needed a difficulty hack just to survive the fork. bch difficulty hack is as much a change to the code as is segwit. don't hear any faggots crying about the emergency difficulty hack that hyper-mined over 100,000 coins and the empty blocks to go with them... some really underhanded shady shit.

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It was a necessary DAA inorder to ensure BCH initial survival. Miners gamed the algo temporarily. No big deal.

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>no big deal

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Ooo temporary inflation is such a problem. It really destroyed BCH...get the fuck outta here

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What will be funny is when LTC flaps BCH. No amount of chinky lee memes will help you save face.

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What's funny is your delusion. I legit kek-ed and I look forward to seeing your pink wojaks

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>I legit kek-ed and

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LTC is the definition of a scam coin. At least BCH is trying something different with big blocks

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I made a pretty penny on LTC last Dec

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I made a lot of money in 2013 or 2014 (can't remember) when we all knew that Max Kaiser is gonna pump it on his show and it went from $4 to $40.
Bought the exact bottom, sold the exact top. Apart from selling @ $1000 I never managed to do nearly as well with my trades in 2017.
Still despite my success with it, LTC is the biggest scamcoin on the market, at least bitconnect drew pyramids on their homepage for extra transparancy, kek

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If the entire market crashes because the sabotaged and hijacked product is rightfully overthrown, then the entire market has proven itself useless. But markets are not useless, and they can deal very well with failures of isolated entities without them flowing through to all others. Chernobyl didn't crash the nuclear power market. And bcore won't crash the cryptocurrency market.

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Actually that "assault" can only happen at the urging of the market.

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You're a faggot and you're crying about it, so this is clearly false. The alternative of allowing core to live is simply worse.

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>necessary DAA inorder to ensure BCH initial survival.
read: bch should have died at birth but a hack in the code kept Frankenstein's Monster alive.

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>shill logic

nope the difficulty hack is true... you can add it to the list of scammy shit the bcash camp has done with their hyper-premined airdropped shitcoin.

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In it`s time LTC tried something new as well. There are a lot of scamcoins but LTC does not belong in that basket, you can ofc call it a shitcoin and compared to what all the newer coins claim to one day do...sure it might be but until that day comes it`s a pretty safe bet.

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No because bch was a minority fork you mong

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"the best thing to do is to hodl" and they had a second of bch in there getting jumped on. 2 minutes in they even try to claim that segwit2x was an attack while in reality segwit never would have succeeded if it wasn't for the promise of 2x. i mean i also thought it was strange to have a meeting to agree on things in bitcoin when i heard about it but after reading more about how horrid progress had been for btc in the last five years i understand that there was basically the last hope to just have such a meeting.

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good to see core coin continuing its daily crash downward

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I didn't say the DAA didn't change. I said plenty of people complain about it, and pointed out that you were doing so now. It's still better than allowing the core saboteurs to continue.

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>minority fork

bcash shills are now trying to explain away why Frankencoin was a dead project from the beginning.

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The absolute desperation of you people, dead project from the beginning outpaced your sabotaged shitcoin from the point of fork, and is the fourth largest coin by market cap, and may well utterly destroy the largest.
I wonder what it must be like on the inside of your head to just ignore all that and say "NO MAXWELL'S CUM TASTES SO DAMNED GOOD SLURP SLURP"

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If BCH doesn't overtake BTC another coin will. BTC has only survived by hype and familiarity. But it's slow decline shows people are catching on to the project's failure.

If you're still hoping for a massive bullrun, you're delusing yourself. If prices ever rose, fees would rise with it leading to the same issues.

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>bch outpaced btc
this is the biggest time for crypto in history so... not a big deal to me at all. bitconnect is still making gains ffs. I'm more interested in the numbers from the start. Try the very start of bitcoin to now, compared to the very start of bch til now...

>fourth largest coin by market cap
artificially propped up by tape paint trading bots.

>may well utterly destroy the largest
delusions of grandeur. like little rocket man Kim going to destroy the Evil Empire kek.

nice, that's mature...

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>they want btc to die.

Because BTC is Blockstream Coin. It's not Bitcoin. BCH supporters LOVE Bitcoin.

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Reminder that there are now just around 5 days left before bcash is less than 5% of btc. Have you been paying attention?

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> I'm more interested in the numbers from the start. Try the very start of bitcoin to now, compared to the very start of bch til now...
From the start, clearly more people are fooled by the lies of core as to it being the real bitcoin. That doesn't make it so, though, and weighed from the point of fork, the market is clearly and obviously swinging towards BCH, because it is simply unequivocally better.
> artificially propped up by tape paint trading bots.
What can be asserted with zero evidence can be discarded with zero evidence, aside from the obviously ridiculous central point of decrying market manipulation in this sphere, where it is absolutely par for the course. That's the nature of free markets, people will do whatever they think they can in order to get ahead. In the long run though, it always ends up just being a waste of time over those that focused on building a better mousetrap.
> delusions of grandeur
There's nothing deluded about it, it's a simple empirically demonstrated fact that hashrate follows price, and it's a simple empirically demonstrated fact that the BTC DAA is unable to cope with a rapid outflow of hashrate.
> that's mature
How else are we to take your steadfast insistence on sucking core cock, absent any justification for their insane policies, other than you just like sucking core cock?

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Agreed, didn't mean to imply otherwise. BTC will die and it will be good for Bitcoin. And nobody will ever try that shit again, and everyone involved will be forever smeared with the shame of the sabotage attempt, which going forward is public record for all history.

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If only there was a Bitcoin Lite with low fees and scalability

>> No.9680639



recently Luke Jr shit on litecoin and said he prefers BCH to it. lmao

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>LOO id

>> No.9680685

I own both. They can and will co exist

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Litecoin and BCH might co-exist, but BTC and BCH cannot.

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no they can't, and BCH is obviously the better product. I just wish the decoupling would happen sooner rather than later.

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fk litecoin!

>> No.9680812

How's the flipening going?

>> No.9680819

fk u

>> No.9680821

Why Litecoin should ever exist is lost on me.

>> No.9680822

wish in 1 hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up first.

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She's obviously not a natural blond.

>> No.9680842

why you should ever exist is lost on everyone.

>> No.9680843

Bagholder delusions, look at all the deluded chainlink retards on biz as a prime example

>> No.9680855

>clearly and obviously
>simply unequivocally
>obviously ridiculous
>simple empirically demonstrated

Do you get paid per adjective or... are you just fond of descriptors? It's like you're trying to convince yourself that the words you're typing aren't bullshit so you have to fancy them up by using massive amounts of adjectives. It's an obviously clear absolute simple pattern in your post... you're a shill.

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> I have no arguments and must project

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there is no need to argue with a paid shill.

>> No.9681370

I hope that it works out for you. I really do.

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Sure you are, champ :^)

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They are so beyond fucked!

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>You must be new, fag
>you must be a newfag

Spotted the newfag.

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The faggots here don't even run nodes.

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>muh Titanic can never sink

>> No.9681654

We are still at $965.

Let the dumping continue!

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>hack in the code
Apex kek, well meme'd friend.

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<comment body here>

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If their chain was so great why do they spend so much time shitting on bch? They don't fear alts like this.

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Oh look, even MMA people know that BCH is the real Bitcoin:

Considering how poorly he could explain why I don't think it was a paid promotion either, otherwise he would have done better explaining it than that.

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>When you realize bitcoin is so garbage it gets bumped off by a knock off

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Roger Ver must be wetting his bed right about now. The price of Bitcoin Cash is literally shitting itself to 0. Guess people found out about BCH cutting 20% of its profits.

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