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I'm convinced a psyops is going down right now on /biz/

Just yesterday we have an supposed larpfest related to Q, wikileaks somehow related to delphi and now we have a bullshit thread about suicides. What kind of sick fuck are doing this?


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it’s us
>the left

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bump this shit

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Getting tired of the autism. Still holding strong though.

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hahaha how is this real hahah nigga just look away

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Check yesterday psyops thread by yourself:

Oh, that's right. 4chan deleted it even with +200 responses. We only have the archive here: >>https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S9655412

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>wikileaks somehow related to delphi
what the fuck is delphi
and how is it related to a thread about suicides?
basically just explain yourself and what evidence you have for whatever you're saying

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I’m OP of the suicide thread
>classic shitposting
>next post I may larp
>or shill

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Roger that, begin protocol C. Cover up and threat neutralization ETA 25min.

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This response was interesting:
>So either one of these?
>The Delphi group is an effort to radicalize bizlets and specifically Chainlink holders....
>They are actually a cover up from an alphabet agency to manipulate the market of crypto....

>The question in both is what for?

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You know with all this shit thats happening regarding chainlink. I acrually think this is a omen, link will make us rich couple of years from here. Wtf

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big if true

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What the fuck man. I didn’t sign up for this. I just want $1000EOY.

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Truly big...

>Apparently either CIA or other agency is posting here in /biz/ just like Q did in /pol/
>They have beeng using Larps as a means to instill to the /biz/ board for the need of insider information, it's gamification. The next step is indoctrination.
>Just as in ElsaGate, individuals are targeted with psyops to demoralize and subvert them

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dude you haven't posted one single shred of evidence for what you're saying

these screenshots don't show anything

explain what you're saying

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Don't you get it?
Someone either wants all of biz's LINKs or wants to indoctrinate this board for whatever reason.

Maybe 1000 EOY will come but if you are not careful an ***insider*** will make you and the rest of biz collectivelly lose it all. This is more than market manipulation

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So buy chainlink?

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No psy-op.

Chainlink has serious memetic potential.
By incorporating its existing memetic design and adding in magick as a boost, we will see unimaginable change.

Screenshot this only after practicing the sigil or creating your own dedicated to the exponential increase of Chainlink.

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Kek my guess just some larpers or wannabe market makers.

Unironical /biz/ and ChainLink is a perfect market marker combination (unsupervised, brainlets, obscure token)

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Link is number one memetic potential. This coin is going to moon so bad.

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I don't follow any of this Q and Delphi and just bought chainlink because of the strong fundamentals. What the fuck is this? I thought this was /biz/ not /pol/. I want nothing to do with this go away

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>we will see unimaginable change
chainlink themed porn?

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So basically instead of mission impossible 4 coming out in 2020.....Tom Cruise will play a NEET in his moms basement in the story about chainlink and the CIA trying to stop us from coming rich.

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Remember all the dozens of larpers?
Remember all the hundreds of chainlink posts?
Remember all the ***organic*** memes sorrounding chainlink?

>This is a BIG what IF I know but...
What if this board has been under scrutiny this whole time and not only that, under an indoctrination program sided with the help of a *legit* project to garner individuals who would qualify to certain parameters CIA or some other shit wants to get a hold on?

I'm not going to spoonfed you, I'm not a larper.
Don't you think it's too much of a coincidence how all this came about?

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Comfy asf

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This is only way of you making it dumbdumb. Pol made trump president.

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Threads like this make me want to sell all of my link because I want absolutely nothing in common with such fucking idiots as those in this thread.

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Tell your mom what you've done kid. When she grounds you tell her to double it.

Unless you're actually CIA in which case GET OUT OF MY BOARD REEEEEEE

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If the CIA is trying to get us to drop our age... they really are stupid and need to be disbanded. They know we aren't fucking selling

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>finally figured out the WHY

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Or maybe people just like larping on an anonymous board when they are lonely and bored.

4chan people are such morons sometimes. I can't believe people are trying to relate Link to Q Anon and that anyone is dumb enough to think Q Anon is anything more than a neckbeard neet trying to release his screen play via 4chan

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You forgot the public key

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are you from the fbi or the european interpol?

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>What if this board has been under scrutiny this whole time
>What if this board has been under scrutiny
>What if
What if Bill Gates invented chainlink and is using /biz/ to shill it? What if moot never really sold 4chan and created /biz/ to help us get rich? What if ethereum is a North Korean scam?

Sure all these things are possible but I don't see any good reason to believe them. /pol/ is different and is probably infiltrated in this way - but only because it's influential.

Seriously, what would be the point of a psyop to convince people to buy chainlink? WHY?

>Don't you think it's too much of a coincidence how all this came about?
How all what came about?

>Remember all the ***organic*** memes sorrounding chainlink?
I made some myself like the Warren Buffett quotes and the MANIAC poster. It's not a coincidence the chainlink is relentlessly discussed/shilled/memed on this board - it's a genuinely good project

Again, WHY would the CIA or whatever conduct a psyop to shill LINK? It's just too weird and pointless lol

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Is suicide good enough to fix your boredom? Because that's what they want

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>Again, WHY would the CIA or whatever conduct a psyop to shill LINK? It's just too weird and pointless lol
because we are messing with the definition of the SINGULARITY and the understanding thereof
>soon you will only receive chainlink results if you google SINGULARITY
>that’s why CIA
>that’s why high Illuminati interest

>insider here

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Lately all of my reddit ads have been for suicide prevention/self help; could they be using targeted advertising to people in the Chainlink Subreddits? Anyone else seeing this?

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If you think LINK has good fundamentals, then Delphi has managed to trick you.
How new are you?

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Not to shill link, but to hop on the meme train to promote other shit like actual indoctrination or even suicide.

Watch out for everything else that is going to be related to chainlink, becuase there is a good chance that is not in your best interest. That's my only warning.

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this is some 4d FUD lol

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can someone fucking decrypt this already

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If you DON'T think Link has good fundamentals, you don't understand anything about blockchain technology or any of the REAL companies that are developing projects (not all the bullshit utility token projects representing 99% of cryptocurrencies).

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thanks for the compliment. I never thought my shitposting will have such an effect.
>love it

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oh I'm spooked now, this coin is so weird and creepy

>> No.9667760

>Watch out for everything else that is going to be related to chainlink
like smart contracts? Or trusted data feeds?

Sure, I'll watch out for those spooky smart contracts, thanks for the warning


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>chainlink 1000$ EOY
if we see chainlink themed porn before end of june

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Sergey here. The Bogs are fucking with me. They own wikileaks

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You are so deluded. LINK has a million reasons to fail.
Delphi indeed knows its shit when it comes to planting ideas

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This is some top tier NEET bullshit. It is unlikely LINK will even hit $10 EOY 2019 because of the immense supply, you will be hard pressed to find any project with a supply over 100mil that ever comes close to approaching $100 much less $1000 and we are in a fucking bear market!

There are way too many anons holding stacks of 50k, 100k, or more for this to ever approach $100, even the march to $5 - $10 would be met with huge sell offs from small and large holders alike.

These fucking LARPS are just getting stupid at this point. Previous insider LARPS have proved themselves wrong by this point because the predictions simply have not come true.

Screenshot this shit because link is most likely not even going to approach $5 EOY. The delusion is fucking real.

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So uh, if one were to hypothetically get in contact with these indoctrinators, what would they do? I have a few ideas, but I want to hear some hints from the only other person I've seen who thinks this shill campaign is a grooming process before I commit to any of them.

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We are close to the bottom

>> No.9667819

>because of the immense supply,
>Unlimited supply
Check price faggot

>> No.9667821

I mean they are here all the time, im guessing there are a few in this thread. Astro once said they are responsible for nearly half of the chainlink OC memes.

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why the fuck would the CIA do something like that? They're busy busting criminals.

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Ok dude. You probably have more Link than I do. I love how anyone expects people on 4chan that don't have Link would spend their time in EVERY link thread saying the same dumb shit over and over. Anyone who doesn't read EVERY link thread wouldn't even know what Delphi is.

Just stop dude, you have zero affect on Link's price or adoption.

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Exactly. I don't want this stupid meme shit to affect the price. If it really is a psyops then it looks REALLY bad from the outside. I hope anon is wrong. I don't wanna invest in some crazy ass shit.

>> No.9667876

what is Delphi?

>> No.9667877

But the fucking Wikileaks tweet is real!!!

Hey CIA... I only have 12k link. Don't come after me. I'll gladly exchange them to you for 67$ and you can take the ride to $1,000

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>I hope anon is wrong.
of course he's wrong

please explain WHY the CIA or whatever would shill fucking CHAINLINK


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yeah the WikiLeaks tweet after a month of us getting spammed by them and astro is no coincidence.

>> No.9667901

>Refers to Link's trajectory as "moon mission"
Not one of us. CIA confirmed

>> No.9667917

Link stinks absolutely ruined biz

>> No.9667918

Yes, CIA and The Jews want your failing tokens. You cracked the code.

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Reverse fud

>> No.9667939

I get it

shit meme

>> No.9667950

99mil supply and it grew becaue of dApps and being a pivotal technology. EOS and XLM will challenge ETH's dominance.

There are multiple oracle projects. Screenshot your own retardation so you can remember this in January 2019 when Link will be worth less than $5 almost guaranteed, I wouldn't even be surprised if we don't see a truly finished product until 2019 which also means no partners will be officially announced or visible on network until then.

Again, the fact that so many anons are holding hundreds of thousands of links should tip you off to the very delusional prospect of the shit being worth $1000, even in the best cast scenario it wouldn't happen until like 5 years from now, and even then you are still STEWING AND BREWING in DELUSION.

>> No.9667952

I think it's some pump and dump discord group but I'm not sure desu

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someone explain what’s going on

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A group of basement dwellers that formed a discord group and spend lots of time spamming 4chan. They think they're playing 4D chess and manipulating the market...but they're really just a bunch of annoying kids.

>> No.9667984

it's a new meme - very lateral

something to pass the time until main net I suppose

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Gotta admit that wiki tweet is fucking weird.

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2 options

Either you wanna accumulate link or you are the biggest retard I have ever seen.

>> No.9668018

baka...do you guys ever stop and think that all the faggotry in this board might end up actually making link crash and burn?

>> No.9668020

So ur saying Jan 2019 it can be $4.99? a 14X return in 7 months?

>> No.9668021

passing the time till we hit .80c and then drop back to support levels. Enjoy the decline dumbasses, do you really think institutions don't have the power to permanently suppress crypto? You are all strikingly retarded

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CIA here, delete this or we have to send someone to your place.

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Maybe you don't like LINK, but if you don't see the potential of smart contracts and blockchain technology then you are strikingly retarded

>> No.9668040

thank you for correcting the record

>> No.9668044

i don't get wtf is going on with all this shit that's CIA related. All hildog has to do to get us to give up our links is bring CIA people to our basements and hold our XBOX's over their head and threaten to smash it on the ground and 97% of us would cough up our private keys to our ledgers where our Link is on

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got a link to the q-anon thread from yesterday?

>> No.9668067

the mid - ling term reality of smart contracts is enterprise creating their own solutions. Link will just be used as an example.

>> No.9668096

>enterprise creating their own solutions
if you think this then you're missing the whole point of blockchain and the security it provides

>> No.9668097

u dont get it.

>> No.9668102

Then it would be centralized you dingus. God people are so stupid and i am not even holding link atm

>> No.9668110

do you not understand the point of blockchain?

>> No.9668124

kek, also nice dubs

>> No.9668145

The blaster of assholes originally said he was here to talk to us because we were the only group holding ChainLink outside of his jewish finance associates. His only real advice was to hold and not get bamboozled by selling early. I guess this could be an attempt to weaponize autism? What will become of us by 2020 when we've reached our final form? Will we be manipulated to use our LINK for evil? Surely we'll be a predictable group with consequences to bear. If they are forward thinking and are concerned about our collective market share, we could be being groomed for what's to come. Kinda like how SF raises a guerilla army to fight an insurgency, we're like some sort of subversive financial faction to be deployed against...?

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>> No.9668158

Heres a potential motive for CIA.

We all know that satoshi nakamoto has the potential to be NSA/Gov created. We also know that smart contracts bridge real world data to the blockchain and make it viable for so many use cases.

Is it possible that by promoting chainlink they are also promoting the success of future blockchain projects which hinge on their fundamental building blocks like link,btc,eth, and therefore cementing the value of the blockchain economy (4th industrial revolution) as US property..

Who owns all those bitcoin in satoshi's wallet? Who owns all them 650M chainlink..


>> No.9668170

(((Them))) ofc

>> No.9668194

Ok but the whole 4chan marketing strategy is plain cringey. If anything it makes me question investing in chainlink all the time. It's all just so stupid and cringey.

>> No.9668203

kind of a scary thought. a decentralized mass of millionaires and billionaires all subtly controlled via hypnosis over a long period of time. Maybe that whats those "Tonight" threads are about. Creating a pattern and luling us into it. You could finance acquisitions, startups, infrastructure, media, a whole zeitgeist of ideas could be crafted without a trace to the originator as they use the greater link holder community to execute their will onto the world. very spooky.

>> No.9668218

WTF are we talking about anymore? Some US agency shilling or fudding LINK? I don't even know wth I'm reading anymore. I'm just here to buy and hodl link.

>> No.9668222

what if its just those delphi neets? They must be all so proud thinking they're influencing the market.

>> No.9668226


>> No.9668236

I don't see a huge influence on the price, and my supposition was that these people didn't want to change the price but to imbed themselves in the minds of link holders. The WikiLeaks tweet is too much. u can ignore if you want, but this seems to be something to me. Why even post in the thread if you don't believe it?you can look for the WikiLeaks tweet yourself. it is real.

>> No.9668255

How can anon be so deluded to think this could possibly fly under the radar od 99% of the crypto community? I'm not saying LINK doesn'thave long term potential for $5-$10 but it isn't happening soon, just accept it and also accept that we are potentially in a multi year bear market, and the actual value of bitcoin is closer to 2k than current price much less the $50k you are all anticipating

>> No.9668257

01011001 01101111 01110101 00100111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100110 01100001 01100111 01100111 01101111 01110100 00101110

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To expand on this..... I've been thinking a lot about Link lately.... with respect to what it accomplishes....

It takes out the middleman right? So then you have mass joblessness in once robust industries like accounting, lawyers, or whatever other industries it helps get rid of.

ALSO.... look at how UNiversal basic income is starting to get traction....I personally don't think UBI is a coincidence at all with what it looks like is all coming together which is helped by link.

Not to mention there's a depopulation agenda in place not to go all /pol/ onyou guys. Yeah abortion is really all about some 19 year old mexican sluts oh so precious right to choose. That's what the rich elite really care about... some Puerto Rican bitches right to choose.

This makes me think that bitcoin is really a govt/NSA thing.

But this 4th industrial revolution thing is a real thing and I think Link bridges it. And it is no coincidence that UBI and the increase in younger kids wanting socialism coinciding with this next revolution.

>> No.9668360

If Chainlink has the potential it has, then you can clearly discern there is at least some higher-level discussions at play.

>> No.9668370

They do have a "threat matrix". Curious how we rank. Would they want us to be rich? They monitor, infiltrate, and subvert every other aspect of our social interactions. Why would they ignore a place where people like us are determined to be part of the new economy?

>> No.9668383

DESU ......... I normally wouldn't want to be involved in something that screws people over and being on (((their side)))

But after the shitstorm we saw in trumps candidate for president and all that continues today with these socialist pigs and SJW's who want to force their political correctness down our throats and the falling of American values because they were too stupid and got brainwashed in public schools...

I really dont care if we are part of fucking these people because they are beyond brainwashed. Hell, even boomer conservatives are brainwashed into socialized medicine and think fiat currency is god.

Here is the kicker tho.... the brainwashed zombies on the left are being used by the elite on the left. It's not like Hilary Clinton gives a fuck about hipster onions faggots and black people...

So unironically being involved in this we get to squash the normies on the right and and especially the left.... that we hate, because they hate us.

It's the normies who don't follow or understand the constitution that let us get to this point where we are fucked and can't make it without chainlink.

So if chainlink does harm upon them and I have blood on my hands indirectly. Well I don't give a fuck anymore. I might even go buy a Yamaka with the first dollar of the millions in profit I make from Link...fuck them all

>> No.9668384

4chan has been very successful at influencing the material matrix.

Which is why I provided a magickal formula to help us achieve our financial ends.

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I think someone tried to mkultra my ass on Friday, or it was a threat. Pic related.

>> No.9668446

Wtf I just clicked on this random video on youtube and look what the first topic is


>> No.9668453

You are a faggot this shit will change the world.

>> No.9668463

>our financial ends
Indeed. Consider the timing of migration from /pol/ to /biz/ to ChainLink. Coincidence? It's a common path, but where does it lead?

>> No.9668472


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File: 8 KB, 300x300, Group Sigil for Chainlink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Magick is happening. Too add to the force, charge the sigil. Imagine that sigil in your minds eye as you think about Chainlink rising to exponential heights.

Better yet, charge the sigil sexually.

>> No.9668505

a 12gauge shotgun stuffed in the mouth of a rich jew will get you more money than link ever will. Just GO KILL A GOD DAMNED RICH FUCKING JEW

>> No.9668509

nice try fbi

>> No.9668511

dubs confirm, stay safe anon

>> No.9668519

S-same dubs. I will thanks anon.

>> No.9668522

What's the probability of one set of dubs to make an accusation and then a follow-up set of dubs confirming the accusation? Wow.

>> No.9668528

gg we're done for

>> No.9668531

> link shilling is an elaborate psyops to get biz' money (and apparently only biz' money)which is a fraction of the tiny amount of the retarded retail investor money they could get from shill campaigns on reddit
This is one of the dumbest attempts at fud I have read so far - and I have read them all.

>> No.9668533


>> No.9668537

Whats the name of the song associated with the attempted MKULTRA attempt?

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File: 45 KB, 600x610, 1512772438588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9668547

4d chess

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>> No.9668554


>> No.9668561

Eye in the sky by alan parsons project here is the thread archive >>https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S9611892

>> No.9668567

Holy Kek,

3 set of subs:

1. One set of dubs making the accusation
2. One set of dubs confirming that the accusation is indeed true
3. One set of subs bringing attention to the surreal moment we have in front of us.

Believe it or not, but we have summoned an entity. I can feel the energy.

Thanks to all anons who have charged our group sigil so far.

The more energy we feed it, the more powerful it becomes in allowing us to enjoy the benefits of an exponential rise in Chainlink and its LINK token.

>> No.9668576

It's all becoming clear, obviously now they are giving us a token, something that will change our lives, but we will feel indebted by it. This new found wealth... What did they mean by this

>> No.9668579
File: 9 KB, 250x243, 1525369287590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone else think all these constant link digits are a coincidence, Or do they mean something more? Personally speaking I've gotten loads of dubs and trips while in link threads, to the point where it kinda makes me question things. Other anons pls let me know if you experience a similar phenomenon.

>> No.9668584

There was actually 4 set of subs.

Magick has influenced probability in our favor.

We're giving power to our very own egregore.

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