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There will never be a more happy time in my life than growing up playing this.

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RuneScape 2 was better

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wow was better

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Habbo hotel was better

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you see the problem with this right? its not that the game is really that good, its that your life is really that sad

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>you will never be a teenager again

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Actually playing that right now. OpenRCT2 check it out

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I know we're not on /v/ but still, massive amounts of SOUL here

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thank fuck for that

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I agree with you OP.
it was the first MMORPG I played.

Now my mmorpg is now 4chan.

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Railroad Tycoon 3 mein neger

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thank god

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Eat shit nostalgiafags.


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For me it was N64 Ogre Battle over the summers. I get a lot of enjoyment out of Skyrim modded nowadays though.

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everquest masterrace checking in

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I tried to come back to Ragnarok, it does not feels same as before. Please kill me.

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Was gud on Russian shards

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Damn Ragnarok Online?

I loved that game.So much that I had to bot and got kicked from my guild.

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I'm afraid you might be older than me sir.
Although I did play it a bit - but I was just 12 at the time.

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Who here remembers gunz the duel

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Age of Empires II on a LAN connection at my college, where you could change the sound files so that you could call your opponents faggots.

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Play Northgard you fagglet

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if only I could also forget all the stupid stuff I did back then.

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tibia was the shit back in the day

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i remember it pretty well

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>tfw still playing today
i will never quit this game for good

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Was I the only one?

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ahhh the good old times

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i would still play this game if they didnt fuck it up with all the updates. everything after 7.1 was a disaster

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before steam drm

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>vanilla wow thread
>now this

/biz/ - Business & Finance

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We're on half rations. No fresh threads today.

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Legit the most /biz/ game ITT.

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the quality of mind you had during childhood/youth made every game so amazing, and the amazing games enthralling. To get that magical mind back is what i care about most

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/biz/ population has had a Holocaust lately
give it a little time until we see some green they they will trickle back, they always do

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For me it was Ant Attack bc I'm 50yo

>ywn again play a 1983 qtpi rescuing a dimwit short-sighted bf

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I pretty much spent 1/3 of my life playing this game.

unironically that's where I found my true love, which's why it's so memorable

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:'( so true

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Heh, and here I thought I was an oldfag. I played the Speccy version first, but I honestly prefer WinAnt from 1994 (https://archive.org/details/WinAnt_1020). You should try it if you haven't.

Out of curiosity, did you find 4chan through /biz/?

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Holy fuck I never knew about winant ... that's next weekend sorted out

I came to 4chan in 2006 from Fark, and there from Usenet. /b/, /pol/ after the split with /new/ then /biz/ from there. 12 goddamn years ...

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>There will never be a more happy time in my life than growing up playing this.
A happier time than playing games as a child is when your crypto net worth exceeds 1MM as an adult

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>that's next weekend sorted out
Well, don't get to excited about it. It's actually more primitive than the Speccy game. I just love the look and Windows 3.x games in general.
>tfw fark is still a thing
For me it was SA around the same time.

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this. vanilla wow.

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What game is that?

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rip feels

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Boku no Hero Academia

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Fuck, I had forgotten how many keyboards I have broken because of that game

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tfw when never got to play UO in the glory days.

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Right you are lad

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Life will never be this simple again

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