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No Link thread? Is this coin dead? Am I the only one still holding (13k)?

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the dream is dead dude just leave it

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stinky linky sell the stinky buy 0xbtcy

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>he doesnt know


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Oldfag here, told you, this is kill. Going to $0, get out now

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44AB coming soon

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it dead, the field is littered with dead marines. Still buying the dip though.

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Please, let's have one day where the stupidity of human herd animals is not bandied in our face. Please. One day.
There is no happy ending for you guys, please don't make me pity sad today, it's so nice out and my pool finally is finally balanced and ready.
Just one day without you illiterate yard apes shoving your failure in everyone's face as if it is a trophy.

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How do you want someone who can't solve the obesity problem to solve the oracle problem ?

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mobius 1k eoy checkem

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everything is dead. This is just a precursor to the entire world economic collapse. It was a house of cards, and the bottom row just had a card pulled.
Medical Supplies
Guns & Ammo

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Oh my God, I just realized there's no link threads because it's all children. LINK holders are all kids who are at picnics and camping trips and family outings today. Jesus Christ, it's all fucking highschool losers, oh my god, this must be what late-century explorers felt like discovering ancient peoples, I am vibrating.

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No, everyone with a brain is still holding. It won't be long now...

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That's why they call it "New Money" Link 1000 EOY

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where can i buy it

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>what are timezones

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$3 eom
$1000 eoy

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>I am vibrating

The absolute state of nolinkers.

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It's over.

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>mfw I’m not doing any of those fun things
>mfw instead I’m on biz chuckling at shit posts
>mfw I’m the real loser

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I've seen it a dozen times. Overhyped shitcoin that's slowly dying.

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so fucking close
Literally about to fucking cry at how close this was.
fucking quad 7's woulda done it

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Debating buying 400usd more...

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im about to pick up 3k more today, good prices atm. cost average when u buy market could be going down more.

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I haven't posted here in weeks. I have 130k link, but lets be real nothing has fucking happened. There's nothing left to talk about, especially here. A lot of us have moved to smaller private chats. The big holders haven't sold, but we don't mingle with you pajeets anymore. Anyone with a decent portfolio and half a brain left after the board quality died last year.

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>You must be a kid to have a family

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113k holding here
Haven’t checked the price and I don’t want to know.

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db11 when?

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Ironically it's the kind of thing a teenager or very young adult would say, sort of like "living at home" to refer to living with one's parents.

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Poorfag just made it to 4k yesterday! Got my ticket frens

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Don't want to make an entire thread and make myself look like a faggot because of it, but can some anon direct me to a source of info for complete retarded beginners like me? Just want to fuck around and invest in shitcoins desu and see what happens

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>Am I the only one still holding (13k)?
>the dream is dead dude just leave it
>I've seen it a dozen times. Overhyped shitcoin that's slowly dying.

no more threads because there we have it

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>zero hype anywhere except on an anonymous Himlayan goat shearing board

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I'm right there with you fren