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BAT is
>nearing trend reversal
>declining price and volume has dissipated
>70% decline since the ATH on January 9th
>wedge closes on June 3rd, exactly one year after ICO

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I like you guys, buy BAT before tomorrow.

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You fucking idiots better buy this soon.

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Coinbase talking about BAT?

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My ICX should have gone up long ago

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by this analysis, my NANO is about to moon

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chart? and yeah most coins/tokens look like this right now. that's the point. crypto as a whole just had the lowest volume day since the market cap bottomed in early April

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>June 3rd, exactly one year after ICO

you keep saying this, but the ICO was really on May 31st. Please explain

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oh my bad, that's when it was added to bittrex

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