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How close are you to achieving pic related?

>be me
>got a new job a few months ago after working in a big wageslave organisation for 6 years
>decent crypto stack
>decent precious metals stack which started in part due to interest in crypto
>GF for 3 years, lived with her for 1 year now
>she has an ok job and a decent little freelance side hustle I helped her set up

Thinking about putting a ring on it soon.

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>got memed into an engineering degree
>was promised OP's pic related
>can't get a job a year after graduating
>everyone wants five years experience to do monkey-tier work in Excel
>still living with mom
>gf taking a second job
feels pretty bad man

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How close are you to achieving pic related?

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Living it up like an incel. Feels good man.

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Not even close - she was a virgin when we first met and comes from a Catholic family.

Planning to move permanently to her country when investments eclipse my salary. The nearest thing to a Tyrone would probably be one of the tartars leftover form the 14th century.

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ohhh, good move anon. I go overseas and search for a kind 3rd world catholic gf sometime too.
I can't imagine being in a productive partnership with any entitled western woman

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Where the fuck do you manage to find catholic gfs holy fucking shit I live in fucking Italy and there are NONE

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Mine is a Balt - she isn't exactly religious but her family is, and they do tend to still have more family orientated values rather than individualism like in Western Europe, so even if they aren't fully religious the family pressure keeps them relatively non-degenerate.

I'd say best bet for you would be Poland or Lithuania.

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>got a job (>100k salary)
>got a GF
>just bought a condo
>crypto is my side investment

Trying to continue to better myself intellectually. Gotta get back to my peak physically

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Enjoy those creeping hoa fees bitch

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I have all of that, except the smiles... something to think about. Be sure you know what you want.

All the best

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Sounds depressing man, how did you get there without the smiles?

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My ex-fiancee was Lithuanian but it was too hard importing her into Australia so I gave up.

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They don't creep in my market (downtown Honolulu). They advance fairly quickly and relentlessly. Beats paying rent here and I can walk to work and avoid some of the worst traffic in the US. The plan is to eventually move back to the mainland and 1031 exchange the condo for a vacation rental on the big island.

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>How close are you to achieving pic related?
I have achieved it. 2 kids, boy and girl.

>Thinking about putting a ring on it soon.
Do it ASAP, anon. It seems that you have sorted it out. The time is now.

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I'm in crisis mode.

>some time ago realised you need money to raise a family
>autistically focused on crypto and low value wage slaving for 2 years to get money
>crypto moons nicely
>realize that being your own bank is dangerous unless anon
>now have money that I can't tell anyone about or flaunt for fear of getting robbed and murdered
>my mate value is pegged at low value wage slavery
>now more autistic than ever with girls/people in general
>can't relate to normie topics at all anymore. Interest level in such things is 0% compared to crypto events.
>nothing to talk about

>unironically hate women, Jews, and most people and things these days. It's getting worse.

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This is me loool guys like us we just need to use our money to better ourselves (gym membership, dance lessons, one other hobby) and just be the most interesting men in the world or else we’re fucked. Or go back to college to find a wife unitonically.

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This is me without the crypto gains.
I've kinda accepted I'll be forever alone even though I'm average looking.
Social skills are just like you described. I lost em being a friendless neet for 15 years.

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>registering your relationship with the government

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>unironically hate women, Jews, and most people and things these days. It's getting worse.
Sounds perfectly normal to me. A free man should hate women, in order to avoid being manipulated by them.
Yes, pump and dump them, but never fall for their tricks if you wish to retain your independence and ability to determine your own future.
Jews are insular parasites that hire and enable only other Jews. The lobby the government constantly for special treatment. It is natural to despise parasites.
Most things are normie peasant shit, and are worthy of scorn.
Getting worse means you are waking to the realization that this planet is shit, and the only thing that matters is carving out your own slice of it to enjoy until the end of your days.
Fuck everybody else. That is being a Man.

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I know a bunch of religious girls but there is no sex before marriage. Should I try to ring one? It's not that easy and if I fail I lost many months for nothing.

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ah yes, the old marry someone with a huge economic gap from a foreign country plan, the longtime favorite of betas everywhere

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I need one more kid for pic related. But Im thinking 3 would be nice.

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>marry a pisshead while being black haired
>giving up your genes and raising children that don't look like you


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I achieved that twice lol. Make sure she is your economic equal or set aside 75% for divorce + attorneys + child support + alimony. Your choice.