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Is BIX literally the comfiest hold in 2018? Is bibox about to become a top exchange?

Volume has been growing exponentially, already beat Shittrex and Kpucoin and is rank 10 on top exchanges in terms of volume. Above Gdax and Kraken as well.

Lots of gems on bibox that mooned recently and that was shilled a lot on biz. JNT, DXT, FSN, BBN, CPC, and more. Binance was exactly the same back in the days. The coins on there were exclusive to binance and Bibox is doing the exact same thing.

Asian exchanges have grown a lot in general (Huobi, Okex, Bit-Z, Bibox) and they will continue to grow. You're missing out if you don't get on the trend now.

Bix gives weekly payout of 0.4% of your bix holdings. I got 0.043eth for holding 7k bix last week. To put this in perspective this is roughly 3x as good as kcs dividends and even better than. NEO dividends.

They've added a lot of new features that they copied from the other bigger exchanges. Voting for listings (huobi), BIX pair (Binance), referral system (from all exchange tokens). A new addition they came up with themselves is Cunbi Bao. It's basically Biboxconnecccc. Lockup coins for bonuses.

Lots of potential goyims. I'd advise you to get in on this dip still. This is like buying BNB at $1

If this shill convinced you in any way, consider using my ref. It'd help me a lot :)


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Reminder not to keep your funds on Bibox, do not hold anything only traded on Bibox.
The chinks have created a huge shill campaign in the past two weeks. all of these posts on biz are either copy pasted or slightly altered.

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you're an idiot.

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>the chinks
doesn't realize people holding bix shill their own coins

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it's just BIX holders you paranoid mongoloid

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How many BIX to make it?

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you should invest into houbi token instead atm.

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BIX is way less known atm and has a smaller marketcap so the upside is much more

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looks ready to go parabolic

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I mean i really really thought it was just biz people shilling, but the same threads everything is starting to make me wonder.
Anyway I still hold bix

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it's just because it's the same few /biz/tard shills. once the rest of the board finally FOMOs into it, the shilling will become more viral and diverse.

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exactly. biz is retarded enough to buy into a pump rather than when its on support.

i keep making the bix threads since no one else does

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Wash trading fake volume exchange

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low effort FUD

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The payout and withdrawals are real. Sry you didn't get in earlier but maybe you can buy the next minidip.

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Check out that absolutely massive buy volume spike today.
It's happening tonight boys, strap in.

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this is as low as it's gonna get before the next part of the moon mission, which will be fucking massive to say the least.
if any of you are brainlet enough to not own it, buy today or you'll regret it and/or FOMO into it between $5-20

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Heh, not today pajeets...

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5k BIX here, am I gonna make it guys?

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5k bix is the minimum fren

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digits confirm
muhfuggen BIX NOOD

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Holy fuck it's going to happen

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it's weird knowing this will 20x

strange feeling

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not trading biz because obviously a security and I'm a burger.

What are some good bibox exclusives to load up on for when the wealth trickles to other coins?

I've got UUU, what else?

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dont be a faggot and just buy BIX

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don't be a cuck, the SEC isn't going to bust down your door for trading securities that they don't even know exist

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>what are taxes

Just shill me your lowcap gems

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bodhi (BOT) is good, basically the chink version of augur.
realistically though if you buy BIX it's not gonna matter for tax purposes. they're not gonna be able to look into what you're buying and selling themselves and whether or not they're securities.
they only care about the people MAKING the securities themselves.

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Beacon of hope in this sea of Bearfaggery. This and DXT have been my comfiest holds during this.

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Propably too small and too chink for them to really care.

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This is being wash traded and price inflated, accounts for almost half the volume of the entire bibox exchange.

Get out before the dump happens.

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weak FUD, literally every coin on every significant chink exchange gets wash traded.
this has been debunked countless times by now.
people said similar things about kucoin and binance
>muh chink scam exchange
and look at how hard their tokens pumped once word got around about them.

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INSTAR is undervalued as fuck

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Yes but bnb doesn't account for fucking half of binance's exchange you retard. No other coin on the exchange is trading as much volume.

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KCS accounted for the majority of kucoin's volume in its early days. this is the same situation.
don't you have better things to do than FUD other people's holds for no reason, faggot?

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and KCS pumped and dumped.

I'm not fudding, I'm looking for insightful ideas of why I'm wrong so that I can buy this shit coin that's been shilled to me.

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it literally doesn't matter as long as you aren't dumb enough to hold past the pump.
stay poor, this is an obvious 10x minimum if you aren't a weak brainlet.

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Jesus Christ faggot kys we are here to make money not hodl like cucks. And further more BIX is literally the best profit sharing coin out there so it can be a long term hold. In summation: swallow semen.

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Just loaded up on 5k more of these, at almost 10k now
Is that enough to make it, g-guys?

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number 7 guys

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god damn, it overtook shitbtc

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It's a scam biz
You been warned

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Anyone else having trouble with their eth deposit getting through?

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it's been around for about a month
just deposit btc and everything will be fine. btw it takes 3 confirmations + about 10min for processing, expect 35-40min deposit time (btc)

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>muh chink scam
were you retards right about binance and kucoin being scams too?
no problems here, be patient. you could always go to their telegram for support

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...it's a little late for that. It's been ~40 minutes and I sent in a ticket.

How fucked am I?

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you'll be fine. go to their telegram anon, they have a link on their website.

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I'm not an ETH person, but I remember people were talking about like you send eth but it doesn't shows in your account, even if etherscan confirms everything is okay. however you can simply buy something and purchase will be successful, and after your ETH balance will update
Give it a try

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My deposit came in, it's all good.

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glad to hear, anon :)
we're all gonna make it fren

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Id promote kcs over this. Buy when others are fearful.

Look at kcs. Others fear

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Does it look like there is $100,000,000 of trading activity going on here? Fucking LOL. Stay deluded.


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learn grammar sanjay

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it's still gonna pump, retard
fake volume fud has been proven irrelevant over and over again

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I have had no issues with btc, eth or erc20

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damn, how many BIX are you holding, anon?

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Thinking about buying some more, there's still time right guys?

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It tells you right there faggot. Don’t you know how to read numbers

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Umm... you might be retarded and/or blind.

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that's not the BIX dividends anon

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Should I trade in all my coins on the exchange for BIX snapshot then buy back into the other coins after?

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Threadly reminder that the trading value is not faked.

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nice researching, anon. hopefully this can help dispel the fake volume FUD.

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BIX was one of the only coins that mooned during the bear market and it STILL held up. it didn't dump back to Oblivion. i mean that makes me confident about the shitcoin. also payout soon post ur payouts when you get them bixbros

dont it barely moved last time. it pumped after payout even if i remember correctly

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just got 0.062eth from payout

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When was the time to made a/the trade this week? :(

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after every payout do one trade

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its realy amazing
got 0.082eth from payout and instantly bought bix with it

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