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Here's another larp, there's a whistleblower inside Binance cooperating with EU regulators and protected by German law enforcement.

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Whistleblower for what. Insider trades, what else.

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I'ts probably just that faggot astro larping

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good thing binance is based in the EU op

larp better next time

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we all know binance does insider trading and washtrading
no need to whistleblow about a chink exchange that doesn't care about eu regulations
>muh malta
you might fool uneducated wagecucks, but that's not how it works

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Ever heard of multinational operations?
Also, the US regulatory news came out because a BTC futures trader was caught front running commodities trades based off insider information. He was arrested last month, fully cooperating with the CFTC, and is under FBI custody. Some journalist is going to fume at this leak because there is an embargo to this story.

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end for bitmex soon?

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that does actually sound interesting now, thanks fren

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My dad works at EU and he says you're full of shit.

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Cooperating with the eu on what?

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Don't care OP. Already moved my LINK off Binance fren. They can take my shitcoins, but they won't get my LINK.

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Hmm so are funds safe on Binance or not?

I don't know where else to move them.

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what's he blowing the whistle on. give us small fry something actionable. you're on biz to presumably help out the little fish. well, the little fish don't do esoteric, you fucking nigger. so unless you're sending a cryptic message to people who already know enough to have made a lot, then spill the beans.

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they're fine. chinks will close ranks.

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Hmm, this, sort of. I don't doubt any high rolling Chinks' fundus are saifu. Are you a high rolling Chink, anon?

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Funds are safe.

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only have about 4 ETH on there currently, which is a tiny fraction of my stack. my real funds are most definitely safe.

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All this little larper is going to say is there's a reason why CZ doesn't have a permanent residence, owns very little properties if any, and moves from hotel to hotel.

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binance fud! new coin must be coming!

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who is this? or what?

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you have to go back

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unironically this

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soo what you think.will happen?

1 year crypto outlook?