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I have fuck you money, and wanna say fuck it and start trading in cryptocurrencies. Is there any guides out there to set up a cryptowallet and what is the best trading software.

FYI: I think cryptocurrencies are unstable as fuck and prepared to lose all my money, hence why its fuck you money. Not looking for advice in what to trade in just what wallet to use and trading software/website. Thanks!

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hooo boy...

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set up a bankwire or debit card with coinbase. buy your ethereum or bitcoin there and deposit it to binance for altcoins or send it to a hardware wallet to hodl, check out the trezor or ledger nano

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good luck dude. you can make more faster by using leverage, they offer up to 100x. use a vpn if you're a burger

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Buy BCH if you want maximum risk.

It'll go up and down faster than all coins atm.

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Appreciate it man. Kept it nice and simple.

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get a ledger nano s

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no prob, if you really have fuck you money why not send me some ethereum to the address below for being a bro?


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If you dont buy Chainlink.... you are doing crypto wrong

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Are you talking about buying ETH and BTC at the same time? Like a index stock?

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Come on bro don't beg its not cool :/ You can get a cool virtual bro hug tho.

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just be a one man PnD crew and market buy shitcoins then dump them right back on fomotards

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you just need a vpn to register you don't need to use one the whole time

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No, Chainlink is an altcoin. A /biz/ favorite.

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I take calculated risks not gambles. Although its fuck you money I will try not to be too stupid.

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You coulda just said fuck you

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Ahahahahaha I love fomotards, I watched so many of them eating the pile of shits. #BOGGED

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Dude ur begging for money, which is against /biz/ rules.

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I have a fuck you keyboard

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no he's talking about buying Datarius, the only coin that is going to moon soon

Go to bancor

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/biz isn't the place to ask complete beginner questions. Start with Youtube and Reddit. Once you realize those outlets suck, come back to /biz. You'll get more out of it.

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