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I believe all of the fud. I’m being completely just. What should I do with my 10000 link?

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Yes it's all over because the price dropped.

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Market sell now !

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Buy a rope.

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Buy more.

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1. Sell it cheaper than you bought it
2. Feel good to have "cut your losses"
3. Watch price quickly rise after mainnet
4a. FOMO back in hard
4b. Suicide

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Serious question; what did you expect to happen when all the individuals, businesses and institutions had filled their bags with all the Link they need/could afford? There aren't an infinite amount of buyers nor LINK for sale - we've reached the point of saturation. Sit back and hold.

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I'm not a linkie but what did you expect? Highly ambitious projects like link take YEARS to develop. If it's a good investment it might take a long time before it takes off.

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give it all to me senpai

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