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Chainlink (and thus my portfolio) dropped 35% last week. Can you stop fudding this shit?

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pst anon... buy low.

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it's not FUD, we're trying to get you to see the light you deluded fucking stinker.

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you're not supposed to sell til EOY at the earliest anyways faggot
just be glad you'll be getting the last opportunity anyone will ever have to buy link below 20 cents

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Reee you'll never get your hands on my stinkies

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if you're caring about daily price fluctuations of Link right now you're gonna have a bad time

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Below 20 cents? Damn, that's optimistic..

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"it's just whales fudding to accumulate lower" - every deluded shitcoin holder ever

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I guarantee you the astro larpers are shitting their pants right now lol

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Just sell and claim your freedom

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Never selling

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>just sell and claim your suicide ticket

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>he thinks FUD actually does anything
A bot that was wash trading/pumping LINK stopped. No humans actually trade LINK. It's 99% arb bots and market making like every token out there.

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Good, stick around for the next 200+ imagecap thread of deluded linkies like you and your asinine future projections that failed to deliver.

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biz holds what, like 10% of all available Link? If you think this place calls the shots, you may want to take a break from here for a little while.

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>135 posts with this ID

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>the OP who specifically stated he'd be posting screencaps and memes posted a lot of screencaps and memes in his thread

wow aren't you a super sleuth

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Fucking newfags from facebook groups, you are so obvious.
You do a collage, not waste your time like that. Now promptly kill yourself brainlet.

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The true colors of CL come out
No one wants this coin, yea everything is fucking crashing. But many are having a hard time getting lower because of buyer support. Not this piece of shit

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Can somebody post a screen of the prophecy? K thanks

We all guna make it $1k EOY

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Answer me this question, why have the top wallets gotten bigger and why are they not selling? The top 100 wallets hold 85% of the total supply. Those individuals and companies/investors know how to make money. You go ahead and pass if you wish but think I will follow their lead, accumulate and Hodl, wait a while and get fricking wealthy.

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As if /biz/ has any influence over the market.

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Why? Were you going to sell this week?
Think of it this way. You are walking to a town when you see a man selling goose eggs on the side of the road for ten cents each. You buy one. You walk into town and are instantly surprised to see that, everywhere, people are selling goose eggs for $1 each. Now, do you:
1) Get as many fucking goose eggs from the guy as possible, sell them for profit, retire in a big comfortable home
2) Run around town telling everyone to go and buy the cheap goose eggs

You fucking idiots.

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>muh geese eggs durrrrrr

What the fuck, are you gonna be Agustin's Gloop next, you want a fucking chocolate river of $1000 linkie cubes?

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oldfag here, told you. I keep telling you, sell before $0. How many times do I have to tell you dumbasses, the party is over? It's over. I spoke yesterday with a CTO at a Fortune 100, Chainlink wouldnt be viable unless multiple companies agreed to use their system for smart contracts. I have a hint, 0 companies have decided to use it in the next few years


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oldfag here, I spoke to a CMO of a Fortune 5 company. he says LINK $1k eoy. eat dick faggots.

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This post makes me happy.

I would kiss the tip of your cock if you were here sitting next to me on my cheetos drenched 1980's sofa in my mothers basement

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>being a bigot

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Nice. Except in reality, nobody is buying link for ten times it’s current price. There is guarantee that will happen. There is inherent risk in this investment so you’re fairytale doesn’t apply at all.

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>Can you stop fudding this shit?
Nobody fuding this here the fact is people just so fucking hype this shit up to the sky like is some kind of the next iphone or Ms. Some of the shill post here giving some speculations, fake partnership with any kind of company they can think of by some random chats on telegram or news article when nothing is confirmed but in reality not even mainet is out.
Even when if the mainet is out there is nothing certain that this shitcoins will archive any shit those shiller said. The one that being FUD the most here is the jew's shitcoins xrp but just look at what they done for their shit.There have been like more than 12 company, financial institution actually using/testing the coins for their business platform. I won't touch this shit until they actually archive some small thing like rlc or xrp did.

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No guarantee*

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I like dips

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I don't understand why calling something FUD implies it's untrue, or saying something isn't FUD implies it's true

FUD is FUD, true or not

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But suicide is freedom, anon.

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The risk is trivial, Chainlink is the most obvious sure thing in the entire space.

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well after the solidity developer thread revealed the entire company based around having unique high level ethereum-programmed smart contracts to revolutionize oracalization...

In fact just copy pasted its smart-contract to make chainlink tokens any literally any retard here could have done the same thing in less than 5 minutes?

100% of ethereum tokens are scams, no exception.

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it's probably Sergeys and rory cucks wallet
Either that or... dunno maybe just deluded stinky linkys who hodl and don't check price every day

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if the project was over, sergay would be selling now. the truth is that LINK is a weird thing; i cant think of another coin/token where the devs not only dont actively shill their work, but they actually barely communiicate with their fans/investors. this is bullish for me, dont know about you?

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Nah bro it's totally an exit scam, because the best way to run an exit scam is to make 0 effort to engage with and promise bullshit to retarded retail investors. It's much easier to scam large fintech companies who show up at places like sibos.

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I hope it drops some more so I can get rid of my REQt at a 1:2 ratio.

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>muh risk
That's kinda the idea you fuckwit

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Get your hand out of my bag of stinkies you greasy kike fucker

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Link marine here, I don't really keep updated, I just bought a few in case it moons one day, when is mainnet happening

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your bag is shrinking so fast soon i'll barely be able to get a pinky in, you deluded faggot

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What is your rank marine ?

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Carefree lol

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Burn the unbeliever!

t. Nervous Eye Twitch

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Should i buy roughly 90k LINK ? That enough to make it or should i just kms.

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Get 10-20k desu. Either you make it or it goes to 0. Regardless, the opportunity costs inflicted by LINK will make you suicidal if you go in too heavily.

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Its all crypto profit id put into it anyway so im not sure. Thanks for the advice. Just want to put some coins into a moon shot and look at it every once in awhile.

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Even if LINK is to succeed, it'll take many months, even a year for them to finish the product. If you want an imminent moonshot, dyor on Jibrel Network. They'll be rolling out their products in the summer and already have secured institution-grade adoption.

But do get at least 10k LINK just in case.

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If link were to 10x (which it will) he will only make 100k vs 1 mill if he put 100k LINK in.

Link is a safe steady mover that will launch on any news.

Game of musical chairs. Don’t miss it.

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>being certain that a project will 10x
There is no certainty that Chainlink will be the first to deliver decentralized oracle network, nor that they even have the capacity to deliver at all. There's a good chance it will 10x, but it's retarded to say it's for certain.
>Link is a safe steady mover
But it's not. It's been literally going sideways for 3 months. With hindsight it's been a good asset to swing trade at least.
>will launch on any news
We won't see any news until the product is finished, which probably won't even be this year.

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"Mister Chainlink, I don't feel so good"

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65k stinkies on lock down. you're not having any. however I'll buy yours.

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I get the fudding and the larps, but there are actually people selling right now, most likely at a loss. Are these bots or literal retards who would sell this low when mainnet is getting close?

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as a linkholder i feel like pic related... makes me comfy

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He'll wipe out half of your portfolio with the snap of his fingers.

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Stop complaining, it's not my fault you went all in on a hype coin anon

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Stale fud

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You faggots will have wasted a year of your life making a scammer rich. Congrats on this, seriously.

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I'm in top 600 and don't give a fuck about the price. I never saw this project really going anywhere until 2020 tbf. Simply because adoption takes time. This is one project that will need adoption for the token value to increase. You need to understand that the top 100 wallets are in it because they will be running nodes and this is a long ball play at an incredible opportunity generating a passive income not a short term trade.

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I own over 800 Link, this is a near 1 million $ dollar portfolio assuming we reach 1k per share. It's not such a small bag bro.

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>per share
The absolute state of this board currently.

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Why would we be shitting ourselves? Everything is going to plan.

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>per share

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yup. this is why I'm burning everyone and kickstarting normie press soon. this board is cancer and I want to watch it cry.

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