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What’s happening here?

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I'm laughing hard that's what's happening

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Sirgay is cashing out to get Big Macs for this week.

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/biz/ is helping me out by shitposting link so hard the price drops and i can load up
Thanks lads

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Devs are dumping several millions. Check it on etherscan.

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Not only on binance but on every exchange which is something new. They are going all out kek

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Can someone market sell a fat stack on binance please?

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1000 EOY indeed. 1000 sats...

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It's called sobering up to reality OP.

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everything is red and you retards.....ah nevermind whats the point.

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What's so special about LINK if it's price behaves like every other shitcoin?

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the price behaves like every legit good project. it stays relatively stable until there is a working product because they dont need to hype it with some retarded announcement about announcement because they know what they are making is something actually very useful.

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the amount of shilling on biz since october. Hordes of bagholders were born, they all congregate here. No need for new memes, can recycle old ones for the new generation of bagholders with every pump. Its a good coin for trading you gotta recognize. Will probably dump to like 3k for another 2x pump by end of summer just by naming it and memes.
Forget about tech, this is all the crypto market is

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The singularity.

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this will change when intelligent people enter the market

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market cap

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Says a bag holder KEK

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It goes up
It goes down
It goes sideways

You remain a kissless virgin

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This is acutally happening. Either devs or whales are unloading, holy fuck. Im gonna sell and buy back in at 25cents

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It's obviously pricing in.

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sometimes coins go down
sometimes coins go up

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The fabled price singularity. What the brainlets don’t realize is the price singularity will be $0 not $1000.

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Help him out anon. Be his first kiss.

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not that a nigger would know HHAAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH

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jesus christ linkies should just kill themselves already. they are literally dumber than normies and would have been better off staying out of crypto

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go back to your useless shitcoin cult

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not all of us. im just holding for couple of years and then sell some like im supposed to do.

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even total crap like bytecoin would've made the vast majority of linkies more $ in two weeks than chainlink throughout its existence, despite all the shilling. Isnt that funny

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nope not really. when bytecoin got pumped you could not even transfer it to sell. LINK is still 4x from ICO price.

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Wash trading slowed down

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k how about eos, ada or tron, those normie mainstream shitcoins outperformed your obscure meme coin but hey, its all about the long run isnt it? trillion dollar by 2020 am i right?

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Link 4x with no hype at all. eos, ada, tron all overpriced overbought pieces of shit. i bet when they get their working products out and nobody or less than expected by normies will use them they will dump hard.

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just fucking imagine !IF! some of the biggest companies in the world start using it and they in my opinion have no reason not to !IF! link delivers.

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>All this cheap Link.

I hope it drops more

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>imagine being this jealous that other scamcoins are beating your scamcoin
link 4x? ada is still 20x+ from ico, was like 200x on peak. Your erc20 crap token wont deliver shit and wont ever see real business use, get over it. Its good for swing trading, and thats all there is to it

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People who know how shit chainlink is jumping ship while delusional holders thinking they can restock for cheap for dat $1000 eoy meme.
Both sides are happy.

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it keeps happening

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Seriously wtf is this shit. Even my bibox and coinbene coins are getting fucked

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It's fine

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Whats happening? Time to stock up on more chainlink!
5k link here I come! I know its not much but Im a poorfag

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I would laugh at the Linkies demise, if it wasn't for the fact that all of my shitcoins are dumping as well

At this point we are all just fools on the same ship, fighting with each other while the whole thing is sinking.

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it's bitcoin pizza day, Sergey ain't just about big macs

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shit is dropping more than a stinky link face

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and poorfag you will stay. You're better of throwing it all on a 100x btc short/long and getting it over with quickly, will save you a lot of pain trust me

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you dont really believe this right?

BTC is king

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im a link marine and these hands are IRON!

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you gonna have to move those hands soon, for all those handjobs you know. Dont forget the kneepads too

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that wasn't even good

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Not even the hottest memes can keep chainlink afloat. IT'S OVER.

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just regular chan memes, dont be salty. Good luck with your em.. link and shit

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whatever made you more money is probably king to you

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It's dead Jim(+_+)
Buy holochain

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are you stupid or trolling?

the whole market moves with btc. it pointless to watch erc20 shit coins like that

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idk guess it is over. hopefully oatmealbro is alright

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Can anyone redpill me on the guy with the Astro name? Seems like a violently insecure troll, but why is everyone engaging with him continuously when his faggotry just gets stronger? Is this like a new meta meme where you all love him ironically?

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Just do this

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>pic related

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im fucking with you since you have some sort of mental problem. Where in any of my posts did i mention btc for you to jump with your btc is king crap?

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>tried to buy ETH to scoop up cheap link
>bank stops the transaction and freezes the card

a sign?

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more like your autistic version of memes

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dont be mad at me linky, i like to say hard truths. Link will never make you rich, the sooner you get over it, the sooner you can put your $ to real, useful use

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man this linky sure is stinky

7777777 xd

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i here by restore the faith i9n Sergey

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Link is basically a long date call option on smart contract adoption. Pretty fucking good risk/reward tbqh desu famalampai

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LINK 4lyfe (fundsafu)

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How do? Smart contract don’t require Chainlink or any other specific token to work.

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LINK won't go anywhere until 2020 or so imo, but neither will anything else. We're dependent on another halvening for crypto to start really going up again.

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very dumb post

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fuck off fake Astro

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Ridiculous Fud, anybody selling now deserves to miss their opportunity in the future. The large wallets are not selling they have grown. The top 100 wallets now hold 80 percent of the tokens, think about that. World fukin wide boys, don't give them yours. We are going to make gobs of money with Link within the next 12 to 24 months.

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bullshit. Top wallets have not dumped. made me check, good fud.
all the other exchanges? you mean the one other exchange?
so sell then.

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Very very dumb post Rajesh

Ultra BTC-Cuck maximalist spotted

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Actually I hope the dumbasses sell, most likely will end up in the hands of the larger investors/corporations who will do what they can to drive price up and eliminate pump and dumps. The more I think about this the more I believe Link is going to moon quicker than I thought. Would not be surprised if it ends up on Coinbase as well.

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It's the singularity, where link is rapidly approaching a single sat

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Volume is 100% bots lad

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What's going on...? Some guy on YouTube told me this would make me rich.

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of course it will be on coinbase prime, it's an institutional token for institutional investors.

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the deluded linky screams will be delicious

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