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LINK marines assemble
This is the real astro faggot
This is his instagram
Do what you will with this information

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your average /biz/ poster

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proof it's him?

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quick rundown?

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This is not the tripfag. Kurtastro was in some link discord that the tripfag was also in. The tripfag got his name from some other fag called astronaut from delphi which the tripfag was in.

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this is not him, the OP is likely the astro Larp who has been shitting this board up the last few weeks

Real astro, was from NJ, he is not the astro fuck who has been shitting up the board. This poor guy is a nobody from the linktrader discord who got banned by a dumbshit mod when the original astro posting got outa control. The shitbag posting as the real astro is an eastern European faggit.

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Stop posting my picture

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Can anyone redpill me on the guy with the Astro name? Seems like a violently insecure troll, but why is everyone engaging with him continuously when his faggotry just gets stronger? Is this like a new meta meme where you all love him ironically?

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>Delphi discord created
>randoms from /biz/ join
>includes some faggot called Astronaut
>Astronaut is banned for being a faggot
>few weeks later larps start appearing on /biz/ claiming to be astronaut
>this is the tripfag "Im the real astro"
>this person is in Delphi, but doesn't contribute
>astrolarp continues being a faggot
>Delphi bans handful of people in an attempt to squeeze out astrolarp
>Delphi is successful
>astrolarp joins another link /biz/ discord
>astrolarp starts posting screenshots from this discord on /biz/
>someone else in this discord is called kurtastro
>mods in discord ban kurtastro
>astrolarp continues posting screens
>mods ban everyone from discord
>retards on /biz/ believe they have doxxed astrolarp as kurt astro on instagram
>kurt astro is just some random dude
>astrolarp continues to be total faggot in link threads on /biz/
that's basically it

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Also, noone loves him. He's an attention seeking faggot and you should filter him.

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close, but one thing is wrong, we did not succeed in purging the astrolarp, we threatened to nuke the whole role we knew he came from, this got the real astro to stop as he didn't want to be banned. He stopped posting screencaps, but his autism could only be contained for so long. He is still in Delphi, for now.

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you are a MANIAC!

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oh yeah I remember seeing a thread where delphi opened up invites again and he got back in

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Anyone got a link to Delphi Discord?


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i guess that makes kurtastro a collateral.
sorry bout that

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no the person I suspect never got purged

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Fagstro is annoying as fuck, but this isn't him. You anons need to be careful about doxxing this guy because you may end up having the police involved. This is not Astro. I've followed this from day 1.

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No link for now. You can join post singularity if you provide proof of an early buy-in and decent wallet

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His music sucks ass

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Astro is the fucking admin of Delphi. They are all talking about it right now in the group chat. He is the faggot farmer.

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I got more proof
He still hasnt posted the discord proof that it is not him. He is clearly lying

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Because he is the admin of delphi.. He doesn't wanna give that away. But they all talking about it now

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Dont forget to keep reporting his post for the low quality, which they obviously are.

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What is this? How do I see his posts like that?

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>some schizophrenic disinfo about a some man group again
Kys kurtastro.

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Kys newfag


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you guys are fags

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The police are gonna love this

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>kurt astro is just some random dude
That is where you are wrong, bitch. He has been o 4chan before

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No it's gonna piss them off that a bunch of autists are trying to doxx an innocent person. I'll gladly point them in the right direction on who started this all in the groups

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they don't give af theo

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Suck my balls you faggot farmer. Is your wife not giving you any attention?

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this is astro

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nope, not the astro who has been posting for the last few weeks, see my posts above

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wrong. lmao. You are now part of the list of doxxers. Good job farmer.

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100% not him. People gonna dox an innocent dude who's gonna go to the cops

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Astro left because he thinks vaccines are safe

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u are funny buddy. keep chainging ur id, keep ur scam up, not gonna fly anymore
>cops are gonna get you
>ur gonna be in twouble

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Can't wait for you faggots to get put in jail for trying to ruin innocent people because of a shit poster on the interwebs.

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and I thought linkies were delusional, please sirs, explain to me sirs how posting screencaps on Moldovan potato basket weaving forum will lead to my arrest?

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And they call me autistic for sharing my collection of LINK price predictions

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here he is being proud of his work

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You've now become the new Astro. Posting screenshots with conversations with all your members.

You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.

Oh dear delphi.

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You do realise you are the onekeeping Delpho/Astro meme afloat, right?

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we are putting it to bed theo, get fucked you fucking larping faggit

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