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Nobody here has any fucking clue what to believe anymore. The lines between meme and reality are blurred in delusion.

First off, there are no industry insiders for LINK.... Especially not here on BIZ. NDAs with multiple major companies is a meme. Forget about that shit.
This is a super small project in the grand scheme that has been magnified 1000x here. These guys keep to themselves. If you didn't pick up on that over the past several months, you are truely retarded.

Despite that, you would also have to have a South Saharan IQ not to be buying at least some link right now. The amount of progress made in just the past few months is impressive. Steve is fucking killing it in the PT. Things are moving along swiftly, which is more than you can say for 98% of other token projects that don't even disclose their progress. If there was any fear of the project being dead, we would not continue to see daily progress like this and at this rate.

So you can piss your $ away chasing shit till September in a bear market or decide to be patient for a few more months on something actually based in real use.

At the current pace, we will have a functional mainnet by mid August, and thousands of nodes active and running by September (remember all the reserved Link). Steve is already working on adapters. By the time mainnet tests are running, it will undoubtedly be much more expensive to buy in.

When the floodgates open to the mainnet, we will get to see who Sergey gave reserved link to. Wallet autists may know this sooner. Anyone interested in running a node themselves at this point will need a lot more Link to net jobs.

Keep a close eye on the PT if you're still unsure. Ignore the shitty FUD. Let faggots chase TRX and shitcoins on IDEX.

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I own LINK REQ KMD and OMG. Did I do good?

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dont fall for fudders my fellow linkies!

we gonna fucking make it

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>NDAs with multiple major companies is a meme.

this is not a meme. we know that chainlink has some sort of a formal connection to microsoft and nothing has been explained from the team.

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None of this has been proven true. I'll take that all with a grain of salt.

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Sergey said himself they were working with microsoft

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>we know that chainlink has some sort of a formal connection to microsoft
NEETS linking articles does not mean connections

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Only brainlets don't know what to believe anymore. Its astounding how much better all of your lives would be if you didn't come to this shithole. This shithole is why your life sucks OP.

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Can anyone redpill me on the guy with the Astro name? Seems like a violently insecure troll, but why is everyone engaging with him continuously when his faggotry just gets stronger? Is this like a new meta meme where you all love him ironically?

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newfags don't understand rule 14. simple as that.

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This. Nobody with an IQ over 50 is worried...

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this is astro posting a new pasta do not respond

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No, I hope that autistic long haired loser kills himself. He posts 24/7 about Link and shits up this place.

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This is the most sane posst you will see on the subject.

There is not going to be big names from the start of mainnet but once it gets a bit of momentum going things should take off.

The dev team are the most comfy thing in the crypto community.

We honestly can't be sure if Sergey, Matt and Dan are doing anything useful apart from business trips.

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This is him.
Can we get some shoops going?

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unironically yes

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That is one basedboy faggot right there.

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Goddamnet now hes gonna show up and everyone leaves. Mods suck donkey dick

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i come here for the keks. I'm a pretty happy person. This shithole is what we make of it. /ourshithole/

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Lol you can't be serious? This basedboy Jesus looking fag? I need sauce

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Not me. Try again faggot.

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this guy seems lik a genuine leaf fag, but he is not astro from all of the recent astro posts. He is not the original astro either, who Is also a fag. No the astro we have all been cursed with is an eastern European nihilist asshole who didn't know when to say when. He keeps it up and we will provide the actual crumbs needed to dog him down. He is good at the psyop and biz tripped on their own dick on this one a few times, but hopefully we are near the end of astrolarp the fag.

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Sergey said in a presentation that they were working with Microsoft on Bletchley Cryptlets, this isn't even speculation.

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This is me and I would like you to stop using my photo.

Thank you fags.

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Fuck off

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post a timestamp to prove it

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True this is my port. Hope I'm not fucked. I'll have a tough time explaining to my wife's ex's husband where their kids college fund went