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>muh niggers
>muh roasties
>muh immigrants

meanwhile, white neets like >>9547966 are as much a cancer on the system as the above
it's not the color of your skin. it's the content of your character.
roasties. niggers. neets.
kill them all.

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wagie mad?

wagie mad

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>i'm on welfare
>no better than a nigger
it's your life, honeybun

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The wagie has become ragie.

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who cares if some wagecuck has to work til death?
sure as fuck not me, the NEET masterrace.

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so we're okay with welfare leeches now?
okay, just checking to make sure we're not being hypocrites

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you can bet lazy, do-nothing immigrants feel the same way
you're in good company, anon :^)

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Finally someone over 17 posts

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>we're okay with welfare leeches now?

>board is 99% NEETS
>only talk about ways of getting money that don't involve any work - muh meme coins

where do you think you are son?

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among of the 1% apparently

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Immigrants (Mexicans and Asian) work harder than most people.
It's niggers and crackers good for nothing that fuck up the system.