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>27k REQ
>11k LINK
>2 million USD EOY

who here feeling /comfy/?

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Wish my REQ stack was bigger.
Still my REQ is super eREQt!

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I also hold REQ and LINK, the chad stack. Topped it off with some MAN for those extra juicy gainz.

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30k Req
15k Link
Bought a Helium tank yesterday.

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Your LINK alone will be worth $11m ?

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I have a good feeling about REQ in the near future. Crowdfunding is about to hit. Everyone knew the paypal app wouldn't get used until they advertised and get in implemented in more sites and shit, but there is still a lot of money in crowdfunding and ICOs. I think it could 2x in the next month.

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> All these people not having FUN in their portfolios
Loling at you

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Holding 75k here anon
$5 eoy

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2 million Rupees EOY maybe.

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18k LINK

2k JNT

How’d I do lads?

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>all in on JNT
>buy back 18k LINK in September at $0.8

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45k link
30k req
i'm scarily comfy

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it feels good to invest in the two projects that will change crypto forever doesn't it?

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14k LINK
21k REQ


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Sold all my stinkies back in october for the REQ ICO.

Still think chainlink is a good project but would rather place my bets with REQ.

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This. Also way too few people take FUN serious these days, but it's still going to make it big and fuck up the gambling industry. Jez told me yesterday that they consider alternatives to token burn which they're not allowed to do by siphoning fees on a cold storage to decrease supply.

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You'll never make it, poorfag.

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I'll make it, cum on this bitch's tits then post it on /biz/

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I'm holding 160k req, 5k ICX, a collection of various other top-tier shitcoins.

If I don't make then crypto will have failed entirely, in which case your pitiful little stack of linkies will be worthless.

So how 'bout you bust out those kneepads and start sucking this dick, faggot

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If REQ catches on you're looking at such unfathomable amounts of wealth...how does that make you feel?

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You won't make it either, poorfag. Stop coping.

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>too few people take FUN seriously

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Based, you're just like me, only 3.5 times as rich in the future.
25k FUN 10k REQ

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Kek confirms, we all gonna make it

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it does, indeed. now it's all about getting /fit/ and having different kinds of gains in life until the wait is over

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No, if you don't make it, it'll mean that REQ and ICON didn't make it. Which is quite likely.


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200 VEN

Yes, poor. Will I make it?

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thats my stack. Feeling comfy.