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Tonight 60 Minutes did a segment called "How Did Google Get So Big?":
This screenshot is from 7:31 of that video. It shows the Yelp CEO going through Google search results on a smartphone. Check the logo in the top right of the browser; it's Brave:
I don't know if this Yelp CEO and Brendan Eich know each other, but both Yelp and Brave are headquartered in San Francisco. What does this mean for BAT?

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>Brendan Eich
He's hated throughout SF and the rest of the Gay Area now. He donated to the campaign against fag marriage in California that miraculously was approved by voters but struck down by the commie courts.

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Where do I buy a phone that big?

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delete this op and don't tell anyone what you saw.

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where is the video?

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ok posted to the reddit

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>He donated to a capaign that had the majority vote so the majority hates him and coinbase will say no to free money

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trig if bru

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Oh this again, got tired of admitting that brave is located in san francisco. Are you not done accumulating yet or something?

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why exactly do browsers need blockchain now?

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Why exactly are you a faggot asking redundant questions?

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>I don't know but I invested into it anyway

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Your question suggests that you would not understand the answer.

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sounds like a fantastic investment that surely will find mass adoption mate

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Oh come on and at least do a bit of research before making an ass of yourself. You can start here --> https://brave.com/about/

Lots of pictures because God knows you won't read the white paper.

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Just watch the video.

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Yelp & Brave have signed a deal, will be announced soon

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Reading through old press releases and it's amazing how spot on Brendan was.
Here's a great example of him describing Brave as a dapp before dapps existed!
>Brave is partnering with BitGo and Coinbase to provide wallets and purchasing tools for the Brave Ledger, a new Bitcoin-based micropayments system that automatically and anonymously pays users' favorite websites. Brave also will allow users and publishers to opt into a better, privacy-preserving ad model that shares revenue with users as well as publishers.

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>"The amount of information that online advertisers are able to gather without consent is staggering. As more people become aware of these threats to their privacy, there will be huge demand for Brave's technology," said Cyan Banister, Partner at Founders Fund.
Very spot-on with GDPR starting May 25th.
>"We are proud to partner with Brave. We believe in their mission to fix the browsing experience and are excited Brave is using the blockchain to better support publishers and pay users," said Jay Reinemann, Partner at Propel Venture Partners.
>"Pantera is thrilled to be partnering with Brave to bring an enhanced user experience, privacy, and security to the browser. Brave is bringing an innovative model where users and publishers can get paid in real-time micropayments using the blockchain. We believe that Brendan and his team are best suited to execute on this vision," said Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital.

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I'm a BAT fan but that partnership would make absolutely no sense

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>imagine being this mad about nothing

You come to this website to circlejerk about your magic internet beans but someone asks what the fuck it is and you get all defensive. I mean seriously, why even bother if all you plan to do is sit in your thread and be like
>tfw too intelligent
all the time?

On a more relevant note, does anyone use the browser payment thing? How much does it pay? Can't you just bot this like crazy?

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>does anyone use the browser payment thing?
>How much does it pay?
>Can't you just bot this like crazy?

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this guy says bat devs are liars and that the interaction between brave and bat is confusing and nonworkable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf8F1wb3JhI

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Daaaang I'm so happy I've been holding BAT

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Yea, Brave has actually responded to that video. There is no more FUD. I have my bags. I got in at 17 cents and I am fucking comfy. If you all can't do your own research then I don't fucking care if you miss out. Shilling BAT on /biz/ isn't going to affect the price either way. So just be poor and stupid and don't do your own basic research.

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Maybe it's because he's gay and an idiot.

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desu at first I thought the way you did, but now I get them too. You're asking basic questions that point that you didn't even have the discipline or the slightest bit of intrigue as to how it works.

If you read and didn't understand, I would help but you're asking to be spoonfed.


watch the video and read the information.

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This is desperation at its finest

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w-whatever dude

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there is like 250 semi-legitimate crypto projects out there and I honestly can't be fucked to read up on every single one of them. Especially when the whole business plan can be summed up in a single like like "pays you to view ads in brave". I mean come on.

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Oh.my.fuck. its true.

>my bags are ready.

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>there is like 250 semi-legitimate crypto projects out there and I honestly can't be fucked to read up on every single one of them.
that's your problem, not mine

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Peter Thiel is a fag and he invested in him. Doesn't seem to be a big deal anon. Go be a nigger somewhere else.

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yeah but the fact that Eich is on it should at least motivate you to read and draw your own conclusions.

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jeremy HATES google and thinks they run a monopoly and misuse people's data

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If Yelp starts running Brave ads & referrals they could make a ton of profit, all while starting to make Google lose out on the recommendations ad marketplace. Just need to wait for Brave ads are up to see if they actually do it.

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How ironic

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what? please explain how Yelp's bottom line wouldn't be positively affected by advanced targeted ads?

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