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Stop. Fucking. Pumping.

Leave this scam coin alone already. I sold @ 1,200 last night. There's no fucking reason this shit should be pumping.

I fucking swear. At least dump it down 10-15$ dollars already so I can buy back in. I'm not buying a god damn pump ATH.

Fuck you /biz, I thought Roger was pulling out.

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>selling the real Bitcoin, ever
Enjoy losing.

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Fund are safe get in the bull run quick

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goooood stoopp guiiiise you're ruining bitcoin by competing with bitcoin! bitcoin is too big to fail! we need to pass laws to protect it from evil bcash terrorists!!

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OP here.

If this shit don't stop going up in price. I will consider just killing myself tonight.

1300 I buy the gun
1350 I'll load the gun and try to want to pull it
1400 and I'll do it live.

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lol it will reach 1400 tonight nigger

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pump just starting, soon bitcoin will be in the dung heap

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I can finally calm down, its slowly starting to dump.

Thank fucking god.

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BCH is looking unironicly healthier than BTC. It's also becoming more popular. I blame the abrasive personalities of corecucks.

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> he thinks it's dumping

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Only if the price goes up.

I'm hoping for a crash to at least 1,240 and will buy back in slowly.

Just please stop pumping.

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lol weak hand scared

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Get in now or forever be broke anon

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Solid argument right here

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that feel when no patience

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wow. Thanks. Just went all in

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I was kinda joking but after dubs and bcash green id, I really am.

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My only regret that BCH didn't dump down to $15 straight after the fork because all the bcore coins were off exchanges at the time and bcore's transactions were clogged at 1mb, prevently the coins from moving to exchanges fast enough for an epic dump.

I'd be fucking loaded if that had happened (it should have happened, fuck you blockstream), I bought my cheapest BCH at $175 but most of the rest around $200-300

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I refuse to buy this shit.

I'm begging someone please, dump this shit already.

I want back in cheaply. I will never buy this shit again until it dumps.

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Not going back bitch

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the flippening is happening tonight

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say goodbye to your dreams filthy nocasher

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It's happening buy now !

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Bitcoin Cash is going to fail. There's better tech doing the same thing and better than BCH. The only difference is BCH is trying to takeover the name Bitcoin with a coup.

Let's see who's right in 2 years.

>lol lets use it as a currency
>wtf is Stellar?

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kys. We're here for gains. Good luck getting a 10x with that supply, faggot

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stellar is a shitcoin get the fuck out of here

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You're actually hopeless. I almost feel bad that you're going to lose all of your money to Roger.


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There's an announcement soon. You might want to look into it. ;)

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> kek stellar fag
lose my money for Roger better then putting my money on a shitcoin

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You genuinely don't know what you're talking about and that's okay. You just won't ever be rich.

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>He's not buying!
>pump it

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hey prepare your gun bitch

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bcash to $8k by November. True if dubs

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did you buy the gun yet ?

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What you gunna buy?

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>inb4 dumps to 100$ instead

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Jihan is going to kill BTC simple
wake up and buy BCH before hitting 8k$

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This shit hasn't hit 1.3k, so no. I don't see it going up either.

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Imagine being the "guy who killed bitcoin".
Holy shit, that's a modern day accolade i can see people trying to attain.

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Well, glad to have your expert insight on the matter. Historically speaking we can definitely trust you!

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The most expensive glock they have in store.

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then prepare to buy tonight

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Imagine you're the new president of some borderline tinpot dictatorship / moderate free market state.
You sweep into power and declare you're going to implement an "ambitious" economic central planning regime which will result in prosperity for the nation
The opposition points out that this never ends well.
So you have them exiled.
The majority of halfwit plebs barely notice, certainly don't protest, and things proceed along the exact trajectory we all know such things proceed. Sooner than later, people are starving in the streets, toilet paper is a more valuable commodity than your currency, and the army executes a coup to remove you from power and re-instate the government in exile who accurately predicted how your plan would end.
Was it the general who executed the coup who killed your country, or was it you?

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"but I got rich holding btc without thinking about why it had value in the first place and bcash is scary reeeeee"
Pretty much what corecuck arguments boil down to.

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Lol this
Soi boys

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This. BTC only exists because of pairings and the name.

In a world where actual technology matters, it's dead in the water because it sucks.

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I fucking hate you all so much right now.

I'll be back in an hour or two. I'm off to the gun shop. I hope they take refunds be I don't have expectations of using it if the price dumps later.

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only 5x missing to finally killing Bitcoin Core. :3 What a time to be alive.

As a german im happy to be part of the killing of the jew.

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Where's the gun ?

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This is who we are up against. How do we defeat them in the Corean War?

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I'm here with my fren

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You can't stop us bcasher now OP. LMFAO. WE WILL DESTROY CRYPTO

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Possible. We need alt-BCH pairs for the true flippening.

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let's fuck bcore tonight

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The final pieces are in place, but no one noticed the most important piece.

>BCH has smart contracts May 15
>EOS launches June 2 and splits from ETH chain
>EOS will be completely free to use
>EOS is to be used on top of BCH for decentralized exchanges with BCH being all the trading pairs w& atomic swaps

BCH + EOS cannot be stopped. It will allow anyone in the world to trade crypto regardless of where they live, and it will allow anyone to seamlessly build anything on EOS with BCH being the settlement for payment.

You didn't hear this from me.

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with or without lube?

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yep because only being able to exit bch into btc means any correction from a bch pump will inflate btc

corrections from a bch pump flowing into alts would be yuge

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it's not a pump, just people knowing it's the real bitcoin

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strapon mode

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As usual, BCH is pumping only because BTC is.

I am a bit BCH believer but it's just following it up, and will follow it down.

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Bch is up 11% while btc conked out at 2.9%. Keep dreaming.

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where's the gun OP ?

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And this is exactly why bch will surpass btc

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While this is accurate and fucking annoying, BCH has been heavily oversold and as you can see is bouncing back with wider swings than bcore

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OP here.

Bought a G17 for $599 and three bullets just in case I'm stupid and miss twice.

I can get a refund within 24 hours if I don't use it, and looking at how BCH is falling I am debating on refunding it now while they are still open.

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only 8 out of 100 are green against BCH

and BTC isn't one of them

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Fuck it, I'll keep this shitty death pistol overnight.
I mean let's be honest. If BCH does dump tonight I can get my refund and buy some cheap BCH right?

I'll be positive about this. BCH dump I believe in you! <3

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>posting screencapped reddit posts
is this how far you've fallen

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Whatever it takes for the cause.

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Coinex has BCH pairs

Make an account. There arent many coins listed yet but theyll add more as they grow

>> No.9533331

i mean coinex is ONLY bch pairs.
Based in UK so unlikely to get exit scammed cause our financial regulators are crazy

>> No.9533588


Its dumping. I'm finally going to get cheap BCH tokens.

>> No.9533628

pathetic bcash shilling, your coin was dumping all week, of course it's going to pump some

>> No.9533656

Hahah here comes the inevitable dump back down 100000 sats

>> No.9533765

Why do care about BCH being manipulated. There are tons of shitcoins being PnDed every day for far higher multiples than the standard
>buy BCH for <0.1btc
>wait a couple weeks for the coordinated flippening shill campaign.
>sell BCH when it starts to dump hard

There are long dead coins which practically don't even exist anymore that get pumped and dumped on chinese exchanges 10+. If you want to buy during a BCH PnD you either have insider knowledge of when they're going to start the dump, or you are just gambling no different that if you bought into a ponzi scheme. Better off just buying some random shit coin on gate io or huobi pro and setting asks for 10x the price.

>> No.9533780

wonder how many bcash shills are itt right now. when will the money for the shill campaign run out?

>> No.9533819

they have billions and neets come cheap

>> No.9533823

There is no shill campaign
We're just like, correct.

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>bcore Developer alludes to hiring shills
>Accuse the other side of being shills

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The truth is a social construct. Coreboys bring the sjw quality.

>> No.9533865

that vid is so fuckin addicting

>> No.9533884

>months of radio silence
>suddenly 10 bcash threads in catalog at any given moment
it's painfully obvious. if anything it makes bcash look like a pnd scam

>> No.9533915

example of typical obvious shill comments accusing everyone of being core shill, as if people here even care about the whole core/cash dispute.

it's like a written script. constantly the same type of comments

>> No.9533916

Take by upboat my good sir :^)

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People that live in glass houses shouldn't jack it to hentai whilst reciting sermons on chastity.

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I can't wait to buy some BCH when it drops under 1,200 usd.

>> No.9534118

>Are there BCH shills
>Are we all shills

>Are there Blockstream shills
>Is every BTC fan a blockstream shill

>> No.9534143


Yeah, this. Nobody gives a fuck about this shit, it's just Blockstream vs Bitmain shill. Both can go kys for all I care, as both are scamming fucks fouling the world up with their degeneracy. I just trade whatever makes money. Yet both sides will post copypasta if you point their absolute suck out - pathetic really. I fucking hate cryptos, but there's no better money making scam around.

>> No.9534172

Why is everyone talking about a pump when I'm still holding 0.16 BCH/BTC bags. Flip it ffs

>> No.9534406

I can't believe you fags made me buy a gun today. BCH looks like its going to crash tonight. I could have used that money to buy back into BCH.

>> No.9534533

>when ver uses all his bitcoin to pump bcash only to see the coin die once institutions pump bitcoin

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Bcash is on suicide watch. Lightning is working perfectly.

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File: 392 KB, 1029x1099, Bitcoin vs Coreiath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this thing practically advertises itself to business owners

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And the mouse thinks the cheese vending machine is just malfunctioning. The housekeeper who set the mouse trap knows otherwise though.

>> No.9534763

So BCH is legit going to crash now?

Thank fucking god, I'm ready to snipe those low prices before this shit pumps again.

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there's still just 8 currencies on the top 100 list that have gained against BCH within the last 24 hours (and BTC isn't one of them)

>> No.9535387

Chill. bch will be <5% the value of btc in around 16 days.

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oh look it's up to 1290 again

>> No.9535901


I loaded my gun, this doesn't look like a good night.

>> No.9535953

>he would rather kill himself than buy an internet coin for a few dollars more than yesterday
2/10 larp but thanks for the Bitcoin CASH exposure

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Bitcoin (BCH)

>> No.9536491

it's not only anymore, they have BTC and USDT pairs now too

>> No.9536677

OP here.

I'm just go to sleep for now. I don't think its safe to buy in while the price is so high, so hopefully it crashes over night.

I just hope I don't regret not buying. Later guys.

>> No.9536725

I think you're alright bro, you'll want to get back in but I don't think now is the time. Wait for BTC to go to $3k first, then you should be able to pick up BCH around $800

>> No.9536741

LMAO you're a fucking dimwit. You realise that pic is two random nodes with literally thousands of others greyed out for no reason?

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>> No.9536815

The 4th picture should be BTC - BlocksTremCoin with segwit sticker on it, because BTC is very different from the original bitcoin white paper yet still pretending to be bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash is the real bitcoin

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>this kills the beekashie

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Coinex is ViaBTC's exchange. They opened it after China closed down ViaBTC's Chinese exchange. It's not going anyway and it's definitely not a scam exchange.

As for BCH pairings, I don't know what the fuck is taking so long but as soon as large exchange sets up the first pairings BTC is fucked - a lot of the other exchanges will follow suit.

>> No.9536900

where does the white paper state a EDA that prints 100k bcash under the required amount of difficulty in a very short amount of time
fuck off with you shitcoin cash scam

>> No.9537077

Is there anywhere I can work for bitcoin cash? I have a few clients (web dev) who pay me in BTC, but I'd like to earn some BCH on the side for my mobile wallets for general spending (I HODL all my BTC)

>> No.9537099

Most bcash jobs are located in india

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Sure!! Free s o y too!

>> No.9537735
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>yfw the B in BCASH stands for Boomer and the B in BCore stands for Bolshevik cuck ore

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My beaner.

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>debunked troll image

>> No.9538853
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>Bcore tards posting shitty comics to dispel criticism of their shitcoin

>> No.9538876 [DELETED] 


>debunking the highlighting of a published whitepaper which compels others to draw their own conclusions

Fucking retard.

>> No.9538905


How do you debunk an image of a published whitepaper where the highlighted areas are there only so people can draw their own conclusions?

Fucking retard.

>> No.9538930

The cringiest fomo tactics ever. If anyone on biz is retarded enough to hold this shit then they deserve to lose their money.

We need to get flags on this board. Too many street shitters shitting up biz.

>> No.9538935

Unironically, bitcoin.com is hiring, so is purse.io
Both pay their staff in bitcoin cash.
You have to pass interviews though. They aren't hiring pajeets and don't do affirmative action.

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File: 2.31 MB, 1260x1038, bitcoin2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 968 KB, 760x1520, 1524417730666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 1.28 MB, 2543x1317, 1525771176400 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right... No centralisation going on here shlomo

>> No.9539121

>huur bcash has cash in the name so it's the real bitcoin
now post the part of the white paper where it says muh longest chain and most pow, fagget

>> No.9539136

huur muh secondary layer
now post bch nodes vs btc nodes

>> No.9539183


affirmative action hires are in big business where the business can absorb losses/reductions in productivity

In the real world no one will hire a worthless nigger if they're growing a business.

>> No.9539232

I bought the majority of my holdings on it sub 800, jelly?

>> No.9539258

I'm sure some idiot will claim to have sold it for $3k

>> No.9539365

>draw their own conclusions
it literally tells you what to think.

>> No.9539476


Thats IS that part of the whitepaper you absolute shitstain. Fucking blind cunt.


No, it doesn't literally tell you what to think. If it did, it would say "This is what you are to think". Google the word "literally", then kill yourself.

>> No.9539494
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>> No.9539507

so what exactly in that image proves that btc isn't btc?
because it has more use than bch, so it's obviously usable as peer to peer electronic cash
segwit is optional and represents 20% of transactions
lightning network is OFF CHAIN and entirely irrelevant

>> No.9539515

as for financial institutions and trusted third parties, only conglomerates can afford to run nodes for bch

>> No.9539518


ATH was $4,000+ so we're still low.

>> No.9539565
File: 114 KB, 768x960, 5oojs2v8fccz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>BCH is trying to take over with a coup

You're goddamn right it is. Also Stellar is for fags.

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>> No.9539625

It also went down farther from the previous high.

>> No.9539631


Bitcoin cannot be used as cash when subjected to load. That was demonstrated last December. If you use LN to bear that load then by definition you are no longer on-chain. This definition is laid out in the white paper. LN may only be 20% now but the intention is to use it to scale, thereby representing much more than 20%. And while well financed organizations may be the only ones running full nodes they at least would not have the power to censor any transactions which is one of the essential elements of bitcoin.

But all that is irrelevant because to answer your question the reason why legacy BTC is not bitcoin is because the whitepaper literally defines it as not being so.

"Bitcoin: A peer to peer electronic cash system" LN is NOT peer to peer. It's that simple.

>> No.9539645
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>when LN leads to MORE on chain transactions as people have to close their channels to create different channels with liquidity needed for routing

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>any lost payments will still have their items fulfilled
>working perfectly

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>> No.9539712


Oh yeah forgot about that. In order for LN to work you have to raise the blocksize anyway. How long before LN fills 1MB blocks? And then raising it vindicates big blockers. What an abomination.

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BCore. LOL

>> No.9540186

..."on the 15th of may" in hundreds of threads - doesn't happen - cashie paid shillers pretend that rhey didn't shill that constantly for months... switch goalposts yet again and shill on. also, bcash is not doing any pumping relative to the market - Fails all around fir bcash... yet again.
>in before corecuck/bitcoin holder
>in before litecoin holder
cashie paid shillers desperate


>> No.9540415

>1923 nodes
>6069 channels
Where's the centralization in that you fuckin brainlet?

>> No.9540562

>LN is NOT peer to peer. It's that simple.
Pick a lie, make it big, if you keep telling it...

>> No.9540702


LN is not peer to peer. Fact. Not opinion, not propaganda, fact. Transactions are routed through hubs. That's not peer to peer. By definition. Do you know what a definition is, brainlet?

>> No.9540722

>Transactions are routed through hubs
or directly to a peer

>> No.9540739

ethereum can't be used as cash under load either
we see that every time a new Ponzi game comes out

as for bch, will it ever see that kind of use? as it stands it has half the daily transactions of doge...

btc has 10x the use of bch and it can be used perfectly as cash right now

>> No.9541071
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>>9534739 highlights it for tards like you.

>> No.9541092
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>> No.9541104
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>> No.9541124
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>> No.9541135


>> No.9541151
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What the fuck are you blind?

>> No.9541223
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Are you sub 65 iq? Every graph of the ln very clearly shows centralised hubs. They are literally the most obvious thing about the graph. What's more the routed and staked design *guarantees that outcome *.
So in conclusion in order to be as much of a stupid cunt as you; you need to be unaware of the mathematics that guarantee that, you need to have ignored everyone shouting it from the rooftops for years as soon as it was announced lightning would be routed and have hubs, you need to be blissfully unaware that the routing problem central to lightning which has resulted in the continuing magnitude of its epic failure even fucking exists, you have to ignore every single graph that very clearly shows the hubs, including the ones you yourself post, and lastly you need to somehow miss that the graph which manually highlights the two largest hubs to illustrate just how centralised they are is the same one as the one you're posting to refute it.
What's it like living with downs syndrome, Mike?

>> No.9541355


>> No.9541670

delet this

>> No.9541701

wall of text, nigga I aint reading that

>> No.9542017
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>> No.9542029
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btc is now a scam for miners to accumulate more bch

>> No.9542628

bump for goodness

>> No.9542702

Even without LN, Btc is now a chain of Digital hashes, which makes it not bitcoin

>> No.9543050

You know what's kind of interesting about this entire thing. We laugh and make fun of him, but has anyone ever actually *read* Luke-jr's geocentric answers paper? It is ridiculous that he basically sets out on a mission to prove that the earth is centre of the universe because the church says so, yes.
*BUT* if you read what he writes, it's interesting the way he rationalises everything, he basically re-imagines relativity so that the observed facts fit into a geocentric framework, and re-institutes the theory of the ether as a liquid universe in which the planet happens to be the center of it, so way out there on the edges where relativistic effects are apparent, that's just because of the ether which is focused on us warping distance from a perceptive perspective.
The interesting part about all this, is that it's the exact same kind of thinking which has resulted in the fundamental mistakes at the core of the view the core team has about bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a near complete graph, the security and continuance of which is maintained via proof of work, instead it's a mesh network of nodes all keeping an eye on blocks, which magically drop from the heavens created by irrelevant and not valuable at all proof of work, and what really matters is that these policing nodes make sure that these magical arbitrary blocks from unimportant proof of work creators do match the dogma of the holy church about what Bitcoin is supposed to be.

>> No.9543063
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It's an internally consistent vision, but it's just utterly divorced from actual reality, and you can demonstrate it by observing that relativity holds no matter from where you make the observations in the case of his nonsensical geocentric stuff, or because if the miners go away there is no more blockchain in the case of their philosophy of Bitcoin. But that doesn't matter, because they've got this idiotic philosophy and as a result, they have to stick to it, no matter what rationalisations and contortions need to be made in order to make it work. You just need to grab as much internally consistent skin as you can, and whatever invalidates your theory is flatly ignored or called lies.
It really is a cult.

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