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Who here September?

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I am you. You are me. We're all individuals that seems to be separate from us. This is subject and object, self and other. This is duality. Holy shit, I'm this insignificant 0 in this giant universe, what is my purpose, I'm super alone and afraid.

Hey ego, you have questions, we have answers. We are spirituality and religion. Do you want to grow and enlighten yourself? Through self-awareness, the ego develops questions. This is what seems to make human beings unique on earth. No other beings are pursuing a religious or spiritual practice as a result of self/ego-awareness.

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This all comes from the human quest to answer the question, "Who am I?". The ego creates separateness. These dualistic, energetic patterns. Humans are beings of energy. Energy is not limited to astral realms. Our sense organs receive energetic messages to create our respective perspectives. Forms of energy, vibrations, a sort of virtual reality, just like /biz/ filtering TheRealAstro. The RealAstro is always there, but we all hate him and choose to filter him.