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Ok so saw this name pop up in the Chainlink Pivot Tracker. Works for a company called Tyler technologies. Still researching but apparently it’s the largest software company in the nation focused on providing integrated software and technology to the public sector .

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Yup. This guy is the real deal. The next steve jobs. The next----OH GOD I CANT DO IT ANYMORE. LiNK IS KILL. lINK is DONE SeLllllll

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After work project

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Omg looks like a total fucking doucherag. Looks wound up tite as a ball.

The new marketing director from a month or two back I was excited about because he looked so nice and like his cum tasted so good.

This guy looks like an asshole bitch

Edit.... my phone is being slow so I started typing once if got to the bottom of his face. Now the whole picture shows up.


An inbred Muslim???

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You guys want some new fud about chainlink...something that really concerns me.

When the news broke Chainlink hired their Global Director of Business Development, Daniel Kochis, I looked at his linkedin profile and he had 420 connections. Months later he now only has 440. He has made only 20 new connections in months and doesn't even have 500 connections and he is supposed to be the fucking Global Director of Business Development. KEK

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Why does anyone bother making up new LINK fud?
The devs have 50 million LINK tokens each and we have no idea what they'll do with them. It's never addressed. You think your 200k stack is big? How does 50 fucking million sound, anon?

It fuds itself tbqhalam

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nice trips...if you want some fud for that take a look at one of those 50 million stacks..they moved 15 million of it....so technically circulating supply is now 365,000,000....

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LMAO 15 million. Probably more than the entire biz holding put together.
This isn't pageet fud btw anons, these are uncontroversial facts.

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Whats even scarier they tried to cover it up with 50million of shadowforked link...wow

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why you gotta be silly

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So this is the state of biz now. Instead of seeing the immense use cases of Tyler Tech and Socrata (owned by Tyler Tech) a company focusing on government data .. , we are just gonna revert to October link fud points about the dev tokens

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Sell them obviously. They know they can’t move them until there’s massive massive demand - if they moved them to an exchange wallet it would crash the price. Nowhere near enough vol to cash out since they don’t market and the product isn’t finished.

So if the project dies those stacks die worthless. If it succeeds massively, well they cash out into huge demand. Pretty binary.

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I never would’ve guessed that guy was Arab by seeing his face. He’s fucking whiter than I am

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this is the defense department use case the riddler from batman was alluding to you reckon? i didn't capture the screen but you live here so i'm sure you recall the thread i'm referring to from long ago.

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clearly he's of russian decent on his fathers side. probably from afghanistan and imported after the war by charlie wilson.

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I recall something about it but can’t remember specifics

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It's eternal fud because the tokenomics are garbage until proven otherwise
Anon we only care about concrete shit now. Fucking tom gonser retweeted fat sergey memes and we're still dumping into the low $0.40

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I remember too. Some guy was saying that the DoD was gonna use chainlink for a project. I think he was just larping tho.

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On a more positive note either Steve died or he has been working in a private repo for the last week. His commits have basically fallen off.

Also, the team used to say there was no private repo and everything is public...now they ignore this because they don't lie...

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was he though? was he? pretty sure ackmad is clue he wanted you to find.

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Ice cream with some FUD please

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I'm drunk and eating fish on the Pacific Ocean with my fishhead girlfriend who's not interested in talking to me.

I cant tell if this thread is bullish or bearish.

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It’s “or”

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So this is bullish right?

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eating a can of tuna with some mute gook huh? i'd be drunk too. almost am. hell of a friday.

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this is the kind of connection that has absolutely nothing to do with hyping a project and everything to do with establishing a dominant network effect for oracle services
this is how a real team with a real strategy strangles the competition before they even start product development
yes anon, this is bullish

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Sergey is a fucking killer

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Thank you for quelling my fears. After singularity I'll post a thread asking for you.... so we can meet up and I can kiss the tip of your cock and swallow your cum for you

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4chan ladies and gents

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>linkedin connections mean everything.
you dumbass. I worked for an I-bank and my MD had like 100 connections total. doesnt mean shit

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last faggotry from me tonight:
whats the first thing that happens when a successful tech project launches in the private sector?
a shitty copycat with exclusive govt contracts that happens to be related to some politicians child
so what do you do if youre about to launch the google of smartcontracts?
you find one highly functional public sector focused company and get them in on the ground level, even if you dont need them
better to water your own weed than have to pick a field of someone elses
watching chainlink compete against the current wave of blockchain startups is going to be like watching an NFL team play d3 high school ball
cant fucking wait

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What if that particular team is the Cleveland Browns though

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So honestly, is the progress they're making in Pivotal noteworthy? It's May and nothing assblaster said came to pass.

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the only way you fuckers would believe assblaster would be if the price was 3$. nothing else matters to you so why bother

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Stop crying you loose butthole. The primary nets haven't even been deployed.

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The absolute worst pro sportsball team would beat the absolute best highschool, college and women's team 100/100 times.

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PivotTracker is showing constant action . You have devs connected to Microsoft , Salesforce, and now Tyler Technologies making commits.

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I meant the absolute worst male pro team. We already know women are terrible at sports.

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Not to mention the impending Coinbase listing.

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I would bet that at least 2 of this past seasons college football playoff teams would beat the Browns

Any women's team getting beaten by a male team is to be expected anon

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who here lasted and didnt sell their LINK???

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Dubs and mxOON. Better listen to this faggot.

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Yeah and they'll be "proven otherwise" when people are buying in at $50 a pop, lol.

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Been hodling, and I bought at .59 USD!

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Couldn’t sell if I wanted to. 40k in a mew and my keystore is on a usb stick in my safe deposit box

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Buy gold with your Link riches before the dollar collapses

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fuck you.

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have to agree with >>9509316
fuck you

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We.. we.. are the Linkmarines..
Kill me now !

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This is a fucking Chad. He doesn't care about your money or success. He makes you buy it and you're buying without a question

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Fuck your mother

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Why would Coinbase list a token that’s not top 75?

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Chads only buy gold and silver

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