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>Implying I want to sell.

>Passive revenue
>Nonlinkers NEETS FOMO
>Price of the token increases
>Passive revenue increases
>Normies FOMO
>Price of the token goes parabolic
>Passive revenue goes parabolic
>Everyone wants Link

>$1000 EOY easy.

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how bitter are you going to be when link is 20 cents eoy?

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This shit must REALLY be about to moon

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No one.
Whoever owns a single LINK will be part of the high aristocracy after the 4th industrial revolution.
We don't even need to sell them.

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I'm pretty certain that Smart Contract and co tried to basically stretch who they were connected to, without being obnoxious about it. But just like these other shitcoin companies, they don't actually have working partnerships beyond "oh sure we'll take a look at your presentation and concepts"

I would not invest in Chainlink until it has been proven that they have a chance of working with big banks and global companies

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Bitter? If this shit ever goes to 0.20 cents only my buy order would send it to $1. Accumulating Link is a hobby for me right now.

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Not too bitter

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Not at all. It means Link is not dead. And if not dead there is still a chance.
But how salt will you be if it will hit $60 ?

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>buy high
Loving it

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Is it buying high? There is no such thing as singularity. Even ANS -> NEO was gradual. When it's proven, investors will come. Until then, there's a reason this token has never eclipsed $1.50

Smart money dumped at SIBOS

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>Passive revenue
I love my linkies but look into the maths of these things to see if they make sense. The Linkpool people did and that was called FUD. All these ideas about byzantine consensus come from research that isn't really supernew.

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How bitter will you be when link is over $40 eoy?

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If LINK is even close to $40 EOY I'll write you a song, anon. Screencap this and re-post EOY if true.

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LINK is yet another closed source project that promises the world. Their whole idea cannot work. You cannot trust the community to operate oracles and expect anyone to trust those oracles with anything. We need to buy open source projects not this rubbish

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>industry just simply uses built-in oracles
>industry doesn't care about decentralized oracle that uses ERC20 token
>$0 EOY easy

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No one because ChainLink is a scam. It's copying a similar project which was created years ago that no one ever used because decentralized oracles are useless in practice: