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Routing problem solved
Nice centralisation banker Segwit fucking idiots
Fucking losers

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fucking kek

anyone who still believes bcore is the real bitcoin is either a paid shill or a sub-60 iq worthless brainlet

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See the 2 nodes with lots of connections?? The banks own them. Bahahahaahahahahahah

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they can't even withdraw their coins off the lightning network, lmao

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Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that can and will achieve full global adoption. Bitcoin is peer to peer electronic cash.

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we said this would happen they said it wouldnt

oh look it happened

im shocked

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The most efficient way for money transfer will always be centralized. LN is pretty much digital banking. Banks will end up operating those nodes.

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post a link faggot.
oh wait, you cant because this is mspaint.

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>much store of value
>muh node helps the network

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biz are fucking autistic retards.that's why they are poor and im fucking rioch as fuck. ill tell you poeasants one thing, but its the msot important thing you should know. bitcoin is the only fucking crypto that matters. accumulate the fuck out of it. bitcoin + lightning network + rootstock. now go buy icos, pnd them on 10x, so you have more btc. fucking faggots. in return for this wisdom, i u should stop fucking replying to the paid shill link, req posts.

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You're talking about the wrong Bitcoin, bud.

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