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I'm so tired of this Chainlink shit.

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And you open a new thread. The GUD is strong these days. They want our bags. Fucking plebs.

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Cool story, bro.

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Your actions are entirely inconsistent with being tried of it.

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What's the point of being a tripfag exactly?

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Seems to wind the virgins up, not sure why.

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Well, that's like shooting fish in a barrel.

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so everyone can identify the biggest fag on the board. astro's going for the fag of the month plaque.

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Im going to prove something very surprising about tripfags one day. But now is not the right time

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you'll prove nothing except a disappointment to your parents

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Same desu. The same types are ruining every flavor of the months threads with their larping obsession. Wish i still found it funny.

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I forgot to reply to some anons post one time and they both died in their sleep, I'm pretty sure they don't care.

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>hurrr I'll start posting under different names, then everyone will start claiming they are me and there will be mass confusion
>I'll show you, /biz/

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Me too man. I used to be the biggest linkie, made dozens of pastas, memes, memories. But now I'm fucking sick of it, this board has gone to shit and it is progressively worse each month. The magic is fucking gone.

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Looks like links about to crash hard then...

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General Damu said the same thing... makes you think huh anon

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1000 eoy. cap this

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Do not reply to namefags

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pls delete this. I'll send link

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Keep your charity.

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It hasn't even started.

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this. assblaster was just the beginning

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You are really sad man. This shit is about Chainlink. The fact you need to use this to get your you's, reveals how psychologically damaged you are.

Get a mission in life and get gud.

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more like slainlink
cos the price

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Has it been confirmed that this astrofaggot is actually the same dude in the kurtastro insta pic?

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No it hasn't been confirmed because its not me, not even close. This mother fucker is a leaf

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and yet the retard starts another thread about it ..

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Link is such a mindfuck if you browse this shithole every day.

I've held 30k+ since 15 cents and i've read the whitepapers and watched nearly all the interviews and yt videos.

Some nights ive lost faith, some nights im browsing for the megayacht i'll have from it. I NEED TO KNOW IF WE'RE ACTUALLY GOING TO MAKE IT IM GOING SCHIZO

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then where are you from?

You live on the east coast and your not American. I can infer this based on the times you post and how you speak. You typed favour rather than favor in an earlier thread. Also, Nobody outside of Canada refers to Canadians as leaf's. So you all but confirmed it

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>Nobody outside of Canada refers to Canadians as leaf's
Go lurk pol you fucking newfag.

What other countries spell things in the proper english way rather than your shit bastardised american way? Fucking retards, I've already said what country I'm from before this kurt astro bullshit started.

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not going to sugar coat it, as an oldfag that was in ANS and XMR early, LINK is going to be one of the all-time scams in crypto history. the devs literally admit that they don't market it because the token is useless. buy something that will actually go up in value

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He's getting scared. We're on to him. Definitely a Canadian.

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hold on

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I dont think hes canadian. Ive never met a cunt from canada.

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I'm a fucking aussie you dumb cunt

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Bullshit unless you are actually nocturnal or have been taking adderall for days on end

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I sleep about 3 hours a day. These bags under my eyes are bigger than my Link bags

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just change the setting to id and boom youre free

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you're a fucking cunt you dumb leaf

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Kill yourself you tripcoding attention seeking faggot.

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You can't escape us

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Don't reply to him, he has a womanly need for attention. Just report every one of his posts and move on. Let the mods know we won't tolerate this shit

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Yup, he is a 4chan tard, he doxxed himself on /x/ and discord, check for yourself

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Until you see me in another thread. Fucking idiots lmao

You're more unhinged than a muslim realizing he's been given a ham sandwhich. You think mods are gonna take lightly to you abusing the report system just because someone is using a trip which is a design feature of this website? If you dont like what I say thats a you problem and you can go fuck yourself. Mods dont care about your tears.

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3 weeks of accumulation left

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STFU Dylan

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this unironically kills the astro fag

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Not when it isn't me it doesn't. I wouldn't be posting if it was possible to DOX me. The only thing that can DOX me is my tripcode but good luck figuring out what that is.

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Just remember to report him and never reply to him. Try to hit every post he makes. He's broken countless rules anyway.

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You're breaking gloabl rule 7 right now. Enjoy your 3 days away from biz. I havent broken anything ITT

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You should see him sperging in other threads, he literally said "its not fucking me" like an angry doxxed retard he is

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of course I will.

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I've seen him this past week, now he is filtered and whenever I see a filtered post I just hit the magic arrow. I don;t even open it anymore

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>LITERALLY said "its not fucking me"
I think you're going to have link that post right now otherwise everyone will know you're a lying faggot.

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Astro, your larp is cancer on Link and biz. The fact that you would larp as me just underscores what a low effort larp you actually are. If you had any sense you would know better than to larp as someone who is a literal linket, and a confessed brainlet boomer. Congratulations, you're a bigger brainlet than even me.

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Make a trip so Astro can't steal it. Make sure to report all his posts as well

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and you spend the other 21 hours larping on biz. Some life you got there, kid

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If I gave a damn I would.

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ok gramps calm down, dont want you to burst a blood vessel and die.

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Anyone got a way to lookup address by license plate? brainlet has a picture of his car online.

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Well I'm not the only one posting as astro with this trip but say whatever you want lol

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ready the 'shops guise, time to teach this cunt a lesson

make him le famoose

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Not happy this guy is getting all my credit

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someone photoshop a dick where toothbrush is. Or blacked.com meme with the hand

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Yeah you can call 911 and ask them. Go on

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HumbleMemeFarmer can suck my dick I aint scared of nothing

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Cadacus77 you wanna go as well?

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post it and i do it

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>someone calls out retard shills
>delusional bag holder cult goes on a doxx rampage
if anyone with a working brain didnt know to stay away from this pnd shitcoin, now they do

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