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You can only post in this thread if your future happiness literally are in the hands of this man and you have no other options.

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I love you based money belly

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unironically link $1000 eoy 2019

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Give me my money please Big Mac man

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Hello goys, I'm all in, I have 1.8 k links.

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my life, his hands,
gonna smell like bigmac sauce

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This is describing me, I really hope to meet Sergay one day

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unironically a boomer who just wants another good moon before I leave this earthly body

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When you gotta solve the oracle problem so you autistically sperg and spam some guy on twitter every day

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>pls respond

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Based money belly

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Future happiness I don't count on, but resentment from friends and easy sex from lambos I do expect. If this does make it Link Marines will be remembered for years to come

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Fuck it, I'm a 1k EOY moonboy. Less than 1k will be a disappointment.
Lets fucking go.

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same, once I make it I will make it my mission to go and thank Sergey and the rest of the team in person. maybe we can drop some mdma and go flex.

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You degenerate piece of shit, stay away from him.

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What a bleak post.

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You think I give a fuck? stop telling me in multiple threads and do it you pussyhead

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Filtered too

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16k linkies here, at $20 I'll sell 10% and go travel. When will be hit $20?

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Godspeed oldtimer

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reportin in. everyday I wake up and wonder if my misery is over. it's not.

but maybe tonight,

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>mfw unironically have put my family’s future in his hands
>mfw also literally in Steve’s hands as well

Not even worried, my future is secured, just a waiting game. Friendly reminder Steve is our guy.

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I just want to have a decent life

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Who is steve? Sorry Im new to link

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This guy is going to get so murdered when you autists find out he was just pulling an exit scam but it got shilled too hard and now he has no way out.

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If your happiness depends on anyone besides yourself, you aren't human

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Steve Ellis

He is the Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder of SmartContract.com which is the company that created ChainLink. So he is basically the lead dev and ChainLink is largely coming to fruition from his genius and vision

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If this doesn't pan out I will somehow find a way to murder all the larpers

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ya don't let that stuttering pothead Sergey get all the glory. Steve is the one putting in the hours to pull this shitcoin together. Him, Thomas Hodges, and Dimitri Roche are the ones who hold your future. Sergey's business dev is either in the bag by now or its not.

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Not only you are a dumb fat whore but you are also a retard
Kill yourself

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I have my AK-47

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>you aren't human
Neither are you.

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fuck off you faggot tranny.

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I have my AK-47

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Have 17k Links and will literally kms if it does not move before August.

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I disagree. What is god if not externalized happiness. We're wired to externalize. Stoicism takes work and discipline.

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Yes, go back to your make-believe bubble where everything is set for you to have the life you always wanted and the only thing you need to do is trust someone else to solve it all. There is nothing for you to do, just wait. It will all get better once you make it. Your parents will be proud of you and look up to you. Your friends will respect you and want to be on your life more often. You'll find love, be sure of it. Once you've uncovered who you really are after acquiring your wealth people will agree with you: You're the best! You’re so smart! You’re so lucky! I am so lucky to have met you, I'm always going to be by your side, and I love you. I love you. Maybe she does and maybe she won't leave. Maybe your new and old friends like you all the same and do care for you. Maybe your parents do think they did a great job raising you. Or maybe you don't have anyone at all. Even better then, because once you make it none of this will matter.

That's because everything you've dreamed of being depends on only one decision. Would you'd made it if it wasn't for this? Would you'd made it if you didn't risk being a fool for a year or two before whatever scam you're attached to succeeded? I don't think so and you don't think so either.

That's why you're still here, looking for yet another clue to lay back and be calm while you wait for the day when the rest of your life can truly begin. Keep waiting.

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Can I have your linkies before you off yourself?

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That’s a good way of putting it, these connections we are putting together are happening or not, the bulk of Sergey’s work has surely escalated in somewhat of a snowball effect at this point

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Unironically reporting in. I'm all in at this point.

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pretty pathetic that crypto offers endless opportunity but a cult of retards put all their eggs in a single basket

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Post em lad.

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ya. at this point his business dev is about keeping any potential partners/clients in the loop on progress, responding to their feedback, giving them early access to tools, and showing his face/schmoozing at industry events like IC3 and consensus to make the next set of connections.

the real variable left is what timeframe can the development team deliver the rest of the product in, particularly the reputation system. getting a node working on Ropsten is one thing. getting an autonomous network of nodes working is a whole other can of worms.

the real risk is that chainlink gets passed over for other projects if they're too slow to market and/or too shite at marketing once mainnet is live. this week seems to show that could already be happening, so its going to get a lot scarier holding LINK before it ever has a chance to get better IMO. whoever is left standing at the end if it does rocket should get iron hand trophies made for themselves. we'll have earned it.

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I want to die. When m00n?

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>bla bla bla fud


>you can be millionaire if you figure out which buttons to push at what time and thanks to capitalism you can become richer than you ever imagined because the fourth industrial revolution is fucking real all you need to do is basically buy this fucking chainlink coin and wait

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literally me
my parents already thinking on how to kick me out since I'm a 24 year old NEET that doesn't want to get a job
jokes on them I'm gonna be richer than they ever were with zero work experience

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We're gonna need a bigger thread.

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Endless opportunity which is bottlenecked by the oracle problem.

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if i dont make it off stinkies by 2021 im going to ironically sudoku and live stream it on biz, i promise.

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Reporting from LA traffic

If I was rich and had a wife I could take the HOV lane.

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nice city, nice country. i just want to make it to buy a green card

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And 5 seconds later the HOV lane has traffic cuz someone just got in a huge wreck and killed themself.

And if it wasn't for the consortium thread an hour ago I unironically would have wished it was me dying in this accident

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LA is fucking disgusting. One of the worst places I have ever been

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I am ready

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30k holder here. I believe in Sergey. FUD here is tiring.

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Who is this man? I see him posted here so often. Anybody have a Link?

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LINK 1000 sats EOY

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i believe

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Fucking sperg

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Never thought of it that way. I think Trump was looking to exit scam too.

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Who here thinks they won't get murdered if they exit scam, I mean seriously though. How many fucking nothing-to-lose neets have dumped all of their life savings into LINK at this point.

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$1000 EOY