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Oh stop it you're going to go in tomorrow wide eyed and bushy tailed ready to contribute to the bottom line.

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I am guaranteed to make it in 900 days or so from crypto but that feels so far away.

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>be NEET
>do the same everyday
>go to sleep at 6 a.m
>become insane
haha dumb wagies

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just think anon, maybe one day you will get lucky and not have to work and you will think back to all those days you were working and be able to truly appreciate not working.

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>be neet
>be in debt

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Strap yourself down with too many commitments? HAD to have that car? HAD to have nice clothes? HAD to have kids?

nice going wagie, and just so you get a leg up on tomorrow's agenda, I'm gonna need fries with my shake.

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You and me both brother 24 in July I'm over the hill and done for

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mommy enjoyed lunch and her flowers. pretty comfy day. stocked up on ice cream as well.

tomorrow i have nothing planned. what should i do, fellow neets?

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some of us are smart enough to support themselves without Mr. Noseberg. and nice things arent a necessity, neither are children. make sure you clock in 5 minutes early tomorrow, goy.

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You’re such a fucking mindless drone lmfao

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I don't even know what to do on the weekends. It's so jarring not having to work.

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It's not it's all it's cracked up to be Anon.
Last July I officially became a crypto richfag NEET.
Said goodbye to my wagecuck job that I was literally worshipped as a god at.
Worked on the house a bit
Set up a home office
Was going to start a company
Became a really rich cryptofag and started trading 24/7 Nov / Dec
Got so stressed from it I was literally almost dead by Christmas
Cashed out enough to live on for a couple years in case crypto winter and HODL the rest for decamillions.
Went to island destination to restore health
Came home
Started working 1 or 2 days a week at old wagecuck job because nothing better to do; no one to talk to.
Vowed to get back on track building company.
Go to work every day.
Happy again. WTF?

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wow you're a fucking loser. I wish I could just magic into wealth and fuck off my shitty job.

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'Life' is what happens when you're busy making plans~

Can I get a (you) up in here?

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I see no mention of women in this post.

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>tfw wage slave just so I can become a functioning alcoholic with a luxury apartment downtown and blow $100 a day on alcohol

If only I didn't have to live downtown and drink away my paychecks I could escape this hell.

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is it possible to make money in this day and age without opening a formal business or working for someone?

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I wasn't magic when I was grinding my dick off 65 hours a week wagecucking and side hustling.
I wasn't magic when I lived below my means for all those years and made sure I had no debt.
It wasn't magic when I decided to pour thousands of dollars that I bled and sweat for into mining equipment and spend hundreds of hours researching crypto and tinkering with miners.
It wasn't magic when I made and lost 6 figures a few years ago trading penny stocks that one year learning how to trade like a boss.
It wasn't magic when I exercised discipline and let investments grow instead of spending it like a nigger when it first started to happen.
You're never going to make it with that attitude Anon.
Start here:

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>get lucky
>hurrrr luck isn't real

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Already had beautiful tradwife and healthy white children. Wifey gets to stay home full time now. It's her reward for trusting in my leadership, never complaining, and working so hard all those years. She truly deserves to be taken care of. 1 in a million.
She's hot AF too.

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"Luck" is when preparation meets opportunity. You create your own luck by being prepared to take opportunities when they present themselves. You'll never make it mired in debt, owned by the Jew, and wagecucking just enough to survive. You're food for the elite (like me) now. I will leverage people like you until I wring you out like a rag and throw you away when you've outlived your usefulness. I am the new Jew.

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nice larp

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You're right sweetie, it's a larp. Do you feel better about yourself now? Come back off the ledge, you have to go work tomorrow Anon.

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>youre right sweeite

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>slide from passio lecture
>link to mfceo
What did he mean by this