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none of us do bud

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26 mins and im at work again, maybe ill throw myself infornt of a train instead topkek

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Goy you have to impress your boss tomorrow! You have to submit documents at 6am and you will earn a good employee sticker!

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I just came home after a 72 hour week for my days off

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Yeah but you didn't tell everyone how much you make per hour.

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8.5 pounds

Im an unskilled immigrant in the north east uk

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14 buckaroos

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You make me sick

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fuckinggggggg kill me i dont wanna work tomorrow

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me neither

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I just fuck hookers, im not going to be a bitches plowhorse
Enjoy your week wagecucks

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Yes, I will have fries with that. Just to give you a heads up for tomorrow, champ.

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i know my neets out there party rockn with me tonight

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>tfw only work 5 hours tomorrow after working a 10 hour shift today

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>tfw 2 more weeks of wagecucking then going back to being a neet

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comfy as a UK national living in sydney, making $1500 a week for doing a job where i sit on my arse playing mobile games and browsing /biz, occasionally fixing someones Outlook.

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> Haven't had a real job since 18 yo.
>Stable income as a video director.
>Trade crypto with gains.

God I love my life

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I'm gonna have to ask you to stay a couple of hours overtime this week too wojack. Big project coming up and you've been slacking as of late. Here are your flight coupons. I'll be on vacation with Stacy this week, let me know if theres any snags.

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oh also
>mfw when i reserve 1/4 of my income for thailand sex tourism

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sounds max comfy desu

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I don hava yab

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lol work

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The sun is already sinikg and its gonna be 26 Degrees celsius and im gonna be stuck in a cuckcicle all day. Just fuck my shit up senpai