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how come this idiot is still alive?

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roger i had a dream about you last night. it was cash

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what about stop killing the children?

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the children are starving

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I think he likes to touch them also...

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trUe PoS like roger always get away

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found the virgins

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core trolls are working in overdrive as their consensus week approaches and bcore is in the gutter and ca$h is poised for a new record

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holy fuck wang dong, learn english

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at this point I'm pretty sure core isn't paying for trolls anymore. We are just seeing bcash shills pretending to be core-trolls. Procore posts are so bad they have to be trying.

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So desperate they're throwing out veiled death threats.

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>be me
>go on the reddit for bitcoin
>people asking why Roger Ver hasn't been killed yet

this isn't the bitcoin I fucked with in 2013 bros.

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looks more like he's stating a fact you fucking pussy.
he's right too.
why the absolute fuck do you think satoshi dipped out the instant fuck face started talking to the cia niggers?

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must suck to always have to defend and promote something as obvious a scam as bcore, must be why they are always so negative and nasty.

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It's because they know that's the only option they have. In a free market, they're just fucked. So fear uncertainty and doubt must be pushed so intensely that it even reaches veiled death threats.
They think it's going to stop the inevitable, but they're wrong. We're here to destroy the state. That's been the plan for the beginning. That the opposite faction threatens violence has been their standard modus operandi since inception and is indeed why most of us want them destroyed. They can't discourage us by doubling down on the toxicity.
Here in the shadows it just makes us hate them more, strengthens our convictions, and hit them even harder.

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I don't understand why they're so stupid about what the block size does. If you Google block size it literally says a bigger block size let's you process more transactions. So why the fuck hasn't bitcoin upgraded the block size yet? Because autistics at core haven't said it's okay?

I don't get why miners don't just fucking fork that shit themselves. Why is anyone still mining the legacy bitcoin chain

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See just like this keyboard warrior fuck. So soaked in fear he honestly thinks we give the slightest damn about his veiled threats and criminal violent fantasies.
You have to go back you triple nigger tier turbo retard. The future has no place for you.

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Pic related is why on the blockstream /coretard front.

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Pic related is why on the deep state and traditional finance industry front.
And the miners did fork. That is literally exactly what bitcoin cash is.

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I get the feeling that they want bitcoin to be slow so they can use it like gold and then back a new currency on it. These retards don't realize bitcoin is supposed to BE the currency. Not something you back a new currency by.

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That's exactly what >>9407465 says, yeah.

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Well then it will never work. It's the same scam jews have been pulling for centuries. People aren't going to use bitcoin if banks start backing shit coins off of bitcoin.

Whoever controls the quantity of the currency produced is the absolute financial master of the world. That's why these banking kikes hate crypto. They have a set finite amount that gets printed and that can't be changed. They're like currencies that run themselves without banking middlemen fucking around with inflationary rates and other kikery

Too bad normies are retarded will fall for these scams

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Exactly right. The only way normies won't fall for it though is if there's an accessible alternative, and that's exactly what bitcoin cash is. Any manipulation the bankers then run via the typical fractional reserve manipulation methods will result in a performance deficit competing with provably fair on chain bch transactions, and they will fail. And if it forces them to compete by running a hundred percent clean game, also mission accomplished.
Basically as long as BCH is around they're completely fucked, and they have no way to get rid of it.
Best of all it can kill them outright, pic related.

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>literally steals everything to do with bitcoin
>uses bitcoin . com to mislead people into buying a different coin than bitcoin under the guise that its bitcoin..
>hurr look the coin i stole my name, branding and code and literally everything else from other than our scam difficulty adjustment algorithm is a scam
120,000 more bcash than btc and counting. they are pumping that shit out like the chinks always do with their scams and copies.
if your shitcoin could survive in a free market, it wouldn't need to co-opt the everything from coin its pretending to be.
>were here to destroy the state
good luck with that having people like vitalik roger, jihan, and craig running centralized shit from the top.
where is the code for this bch fork?
has it been peer reviewed?
has it even been tested?
which op-codes are they enabling?
do you even give a fuck?
feel free to address the main point of my post you fucking faggot.

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Don't forget:
>it's not a hard fork, it's a protocol update.

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You have no point. You don't know what you're talking about. You're just typical might makes right muh state and hurrrr durrrrrr bcash muh roger scam blockstream cocksucker.
Frankly, you have no idea what's going on, or what any of this is actually about, and you're going to get destroyed. And you will deserve every penny of it.

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Listen to me.

I'll try to make it simple for your tiny mind to understand.

Bcash is TRASH.

Get it? Do you understand? Or do you have Roger Ver's dick so far down your throat that you're unable to comprehend reality?

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Such a compelling argument. Literally name calling.
The absolute state of sad motherfucking coretards.

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kek another fork FUD post, this isn't the first fork Bitcoin (BCH) has experienced. It will go smoothly as usual and all eyes will be on Bitcoin (BCH) as the populus starts to realise they've been conned by a few kikes and a carrot on a stick.

Seems like you're forgetting corecucks received 1:1 ratio of bcore/Bitcoin (BCH), there's absolutely no reason for anyone to get angry at anyone else for their own moronic financial decisions - such as selling your real Bitcoin for sweet fuck all because some kikes told you to.

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If you'd invested 10,000 in BCASH 3 months ago, you'd now have about 12,000. If you'd put that money in Skycoin, you'd now be sitting on nearly 27,000.

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Get your fucking coin onto some exchanges with high volume. It's actually good and interesting and I fucking want some.

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- btrash is centralized
- it's a scam
- they stole the name bitcoin to trick gullible people
- btrash will never become bitcoin
- btrash is just another altcoin, like doge
- bitcoin will always be KING

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>points made by me -
>they are scamming you by massive inflation and misleading the late adopting normies (you)
>if your shit could survive the free market, it wouldn't need to co-opt the bitcoin brand
>satoshi left for a reason the day he heard gavin the retard was talking to cia niggers.
>that last point backs my original point that the tweet was a fact, not a threat.
>bch is hiding their code from you. why?
>the bch fork has not been peer reviewed, or tested on the testnet which is not only stupid, its fishy as fuck.
sure thing cunt
its not fud you idiot.
they are changing a shit load more than a simple block size increase, which is 1 line of code btw.
they are enabling op-codes that were disabled for a reason.
they are not saying which op-codes they are re-instating, or the reasons they were disabled in the first place.
they are hiding the code. why can't we go look at it??
ask yourself why literally nobody gives a shit about ANY of the other forks, except bch.
bch is the only toxic shit that is trying to steal everything about bitcoin, and honestly it fucks up crypto as a whole in the eyes of regular dicks.
btw cunt, i care because I still have all of my forked coins from all of the forks.
i'd rather they not go to zero.
i'd also rather bch and btc coexist, but you faggots make that pretty hard.

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> centralised
Set of miners who can mine bch and btc is literally exactly the same.
> everything else is just more namecalling.
You should've just stuck to it entirely really, if you're going to make a point and it turns out to be transparently false it just makes you look more idiotic than you if you had stuck to muh bcash alone.

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All of the other shit you said makes zero sense in light of the fact that BCH is actually bitcoin. So yeah. No co-opting going on in this side.
On *your* fucking side however, you cunts do nothing but co-opt. You demand the original name and exchange code when the product has practically nothing architecturally significant keeping with the original vision and sure as fuck isn't p2p cash. You fearmonger about our side of the fork being subversion when your side is financed by fucking axa and the bildeberg group, and forces almost all transactions through kiked third party hubs.
Everything you say is a lie and you are literally cancer and should kill yourself.
As for living together, the nature of rivalrous bidding for hash power means there can be only one. And it's not going to be the hijacked fucking kike coin. Deal with it.

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Exhibit A.

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> opcode lies
there] are also several Bitcoin script operation codes (op codes) being added or reactivated. These include OP_CAT, OP_AND, OP_OR, OP_XOR, OP_DIV, OP_MOD, OP_SPLIT, OP_NUM2BIN, and OP_BIN2NUM. Finally, the OP_RETURN data carrier size increases to 220 bytes
Cope harder you utter brainlet.

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Good enough for Gavin good enough for me

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The truth about who is behind Blockstream and Segwit. As the saying goes follow the money.


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I notice this guy is old school just like everyone else who is onto blockstream's subversion.
I have a challenge for any coretards reading this. Find *one* person that after having done this research and coming to these conclusions then changed their mind.
It is very easy to find people who have done the opposite, been staunch supporters of core for years and then when removed from the censored echo chamber from which they got their information, rapidly discovered they had been duped and changed their position.
The opposite basically does not exist. This is a red pill you don't unswallow.

Think about it.

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Corecucks here to correct the record

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Why do Bitcoin Cash supporters even argue with Core supporters anymore? Core lost the minute they implemented Segwit.

Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

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Please don't ever try to make a meme again.

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Nice boomer meme you fucking boomer
I'm curious as to what Roger, Jihan and Craig would have to do to make you stop believing their lies? They are fucking clothed in red flags and obviously you don't care. How much does someone have to lie to your face before you say "wow maybe this guy isn't so reliable?"

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What do I believe from any of them that leads me to my present position? My position is based purely on the fact that BCH matches Satoshi's vision as laid out in the original white paper. I have reservations about bitmain in the sense that presently they're in a very dominant position in the proof of work space, and there's a nash equilibrium which is currently active causing them to have only dedicated a small part of that proof of work pool to what I believe to be the real bitcoin because it is more profitable for them to exploit the gullibility of naive folks like you that have pushed the btc price so high, even though by any rational examination bch is bitcoin and btc is doomed to die completely eventually, and that event won't be without fallout when it is understood that miners were at least somewhat complicit in this scam by pumping the sabotage attempt for all it was worth rather than simply honestly hard forking and refusing to mine the sabotaged chain period.
The fact is though it's out of the individual miner's hands and out of bitmain's hands also to ensure that all the hashpower goes towards the real bitcoin. Such is the nature of distributed proof of work. Therefore though I have misgivings I see it as by far superior to actively supporting the sabotaged chain.
Roger I have zero problems with and as an anarchocapitalist just like him, agree with him on basically everything I've heard him offer an opinion on.
The focus on people and personalities really just proves you don't understand the nature of what is being built here as a trustless free market ecosystem. Even if they really were the absolute scum of the earth like Luke-jr and Greg maxwell I still would not have changed sides, because none of this is about people. It's about the product and the nature of the technology and the properties which result. I am in it for global peer to peer electronic cash, not staked and routed hub networks forced through related intermediaries.

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And Craig is of zero consequence and I have no opinion on. If he starts trying to pull a maxwell then I'll object, until then he's just another player who can potentially contribute useful input to the ecosystem.

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Only one of these visions destroys the state, and that is the only reason I am here. Getting rich along the way is a pleasant side effect.

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Is this a BCH or BTC shill? I honestly can't tell anymore, there's so much baseless FUD coming from either direction.

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I'm was just pointing out that Blockstream are paying pajeets to spread misinformation/propaganda about Bitcoin Cash.

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he doesn't actually believe "going for the underdog" is a universal constant does he?

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I don't think that has anything to do with what he's saying. His observation is basically equal to "if people need to threaten you rather than compensate you in order to call you to action, you are better off going with the compensating party rather than the threatening party."
Or a wordy vitalik-esque way of both pointing out that this cunt is very much like the statist swine crypto was designed to annihilate, and thus the same criticisms that apply to coercive states with nothing to offer except threats apply just as well to him and his ilk.

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Still better than lifting on a brand name and trying to confuse gullible newfags into buying your coin I guess.

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