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Is anyone still unironically in support of (((bcore)))?

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not me, waiting like everyone else for it to go away

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inb4 corecucks spamming the same tired old propaganda straight from 1 meg greg

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Wall St is. Wheres the bcash futures and index funds at?

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me and everyone else who trades on BTC pairs, unironically

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Anyone geting 'HDDVD vs Blueray war while streaming rapes them in the ass' vibe???

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More like Trump Vs Hillary vibes

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Pajeet make 100,000,000,000 coins. Pajeet sell 1 coin for $1 to hes brother Pansun Now we have $100,000,000,000 capitalisation. WOW!!!

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Everyone, except Roger, Jihan, and the anons waiting on them for their next two satoshis

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also got em

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All the pajeet shitcoins don’t even add up to a couple billion. You’re massively overstating their contribution to total market cap. The main contributors to cores crash in market share are the big alts like Ethereum. But keep posting the same old crap friend, core is going the way of the Dodo bird. :>)

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No one but demented autists gives a fuck. Sane people just want a positive return on their investments.

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top kek

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Dont bother trying to explain what a marketcap is to retarded newcoiners

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That’s actually a flattering picture of the little cunt

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Calling BTC "core" is like call BTC "dollar lite"

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>says that as 30 bcash shills flood the thread with propoganda as they always do

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You're just on a board with an average IQ greater than 85. Go back to /r/bitcoin if you want to be in the company of corecucks

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What is Bcore? I only know Bitcoin.

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highest fucking chortle

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>calls literally everyone not all in bcash a corecuck...
the only place for you to get away from corecucks is redit you fucking cashcunt.

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>Is anyone still unironically in support of (((bcore)))?
>inb4 corecucks
Cashie retardation is infinite

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I'm not really in support of it, just that anything's better than bcash. Know what i'm saying?

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worst shit that ever came to /biz. was bcash shills like OP.

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I like Bitcoin

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that would be poetic justice, to be sure

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yes btc pairs are the easiest way to make so much fucking money. If I had to buy all of my alts in fiat my portfolio would probably be worth 1/5 of what it is now.

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no, i don't. care to explain?

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so do I thats why core/segwit coin makes me ill

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People who choose bcash are usually 14 year old children or somewhat handicapped (going by their arguments). I haven't seen anyone I respect voice in favour of it over btc. It really was sad and absolutely bad for the crypto movement that these fools came along and took the word of a scumbag billionaire, a chinese miner fighting for centralisation and a guy who embarrassingly falsely claimed to be Satoshi as gospel. It's such a clear cut argument that it's difficult to even comprehend what those in favour of bcash are thinking. It's really bizarre.

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So the killer app for BTC is buying alts? What a sad existence

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For such a "clear cut argument", you sure aren't very good at presenting an argument at all.

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>Thinking Bitcoin is going to go away
>Thinking you'll make it

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Come up with an argument next time hotshot

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Is anyone still unironically in support of (((their spine)))?

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35% of total market cap is as low as it's ever been
correction back to 45-50% is imminent

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Correction to 20% you mean? Bcore is garbage

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What's the word for a concern troll, but with ideas?
Like, someone who pretends to be interested in intellectual discussion but actually just wants to shill their galactically heavy bags?

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>I get paid to say this: The post

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It's going back to 90%, in the form of Bitcoin Cash

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One day corecucks will have arguments to defend their shitcoin, but this is not that day

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you first lol

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Is that why a chinaman named Jihan owns half of all core coin and never sold any yet, then core only had the majority of miners because they said they were going to increase the block size then after the fork changed their mind and abandoned segwit 2x, thats when Roger and many others switched over to support the real bitcoin.

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>Jihan owns 9 million bitcoin
Cashies really believe this

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Core supporters don't realize the great amount of BTC he was accumulated through block rewards the past 5 years.

He could literally end it all and convert everything to BCH.

So, core supporters hate a guy who is keeping their coin alive by not dumping and still giving BTC hash power.

How out of touch with reality can core supporters get?

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>Be me
>Have vast fortune in internet funny money
>Crash that funny money into the ground
sounds plausible

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>implying he didn't have massive expenses

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From John Mcafee interview who is good friends with Jihan and a BCH supporter although quitely as he has enough death threats with out adding the core cucks to the mix.

Once the interview starts they ask him about bca$h and listen for about 5 min.

He says Jihan owns half of all bitcoins


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>implying selling miners + collecting the mining fees generated enough revenue to not have to sell any BTC

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Also from John Macafee:
>"Bitcoin will be 78k in 2018"
>"I never said Bitcoin would be 78k in 2018"

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>or Jihan understanding and becoming aware of what Blockstream was doing to BTC
>have Blockstream by the balls no matter what they do by possessing all the coins and using that for BCH's benefit

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>So the killer app of money is to make more money? What a sad existence
Please tell me you don't actually want to be this poor for the rest of your life anon

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>mining fees
>not selling BTC

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that Champagne bucket is going to fall

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>Jihan surely wants to create a utopia for western neets. >Bitmain definitely isn't an extension of the Chinese government.
>The 1 party communist dictatorship surely has no interest in a multibillion dollar internet money factory.

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When McAfee says his price predictions, he is implying BCH, because he considers that Bitcoin, so he calls it Bitcoin.

In that recent interview with the Iranian guy, they were talking about BTC, so, yes, he didn't mention BTC was going to 78k on Infowars because he was talking about BCH - two different things.

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John is spending his birthday with Jihan and Roger in that pic so its not just a casual acquaintance.

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Listen dickhead, when you are on record making a prediction, and then you go on record again denying you made it, that makes you a totally unreliable fuckface.
End of story.

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he if he needs revenue he'd probably just sell his lite coin as he probably has a ton of that too

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By your reaction I think it validates my point.

His prediction has a line drawn in the sand, and people such as yourself always assume he is talking about BTC.

He didn't say BTC was going to 78k, BCH is, which he calls Bitcoin.

Reality isn't an easy thing to accept.

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No one calls bcash bitcoin. Jihan himself told you to stop.
Get over it.

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I agree with you.

I call it Bitcoin Cash, but John doesn't in his predictions.

See attached image again, it might help you understand John's prediction and his careful choice of words.

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Not the first altcoin to attack Bitcoin and won't be the last (my favorite thing to post on this board)

Reminder to sage bcash and other altcoin threads if you must reply

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Bcash werks

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If BTC can reach 20k while being an unusable pos with 1MB blocks, imagine how high BCH can go....

prepare for the ride gentlemen.

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Bcore (BTC) is fake Bitcoin. Bitcoin is Bitcoin (BCH).

Prove me wrong.

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>1 cpu = 1 vote
BTC has 10x more cpu's than BCH on the day of the fork and still to this day.
>The chain with the most work done is the real chain.
BTC has 3x more work done than BCH.

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Bitcoin (BCH) is stll Bitcoin though, you didn't prove me wrong.

>> No.9400664

You can't just claim it and make it true.
Make your case.

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niggers tongue my anus

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I'll agree with you there. But Bcore's days as being Bitcoin are limited, it will not have majority hashrate in 2 years time.

>> No.9400799

>it w-will be any year now...

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Could we be heading for another sub 7k low making the second dead cat bounce?
> I buy dips at really low amounts every month(like scratch ticket amounts because bills) to hold just in case of moon

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yeah im all in
is there something wrong with bitcoin?

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could be read either way honestly, and I really think he would say bitcoin cash.

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>low fees
>massive marketcap
>btc/<everything> trading pairs
>massive majority of hashpower
>not run by an autist with anger management issues

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not to mention Ver once doxxed a guy over $50


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is shit
>low fees
Because everyone left when fees were high
>massive marketcap
Which is declining
>Btc trading pairs
Quickly changing
>massive majority of hashpower
Miners all signal for BCH. They mine bitcoin because it's profitable, not because they like it
>not run by an autist
Roger ver does not run bitcoin cash.

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>is shit
as spoken by a shill who has never looked into it at all
>>low fees
>Because everyone left when fees were high
1. The blocks are still virtually full, but just barely
2. Outputs have gone up 15% (so who cares about transaction number if outputs are up?)
>>massive marketcap
>Which is declining
along with the crypto market... oh wait, except when it goes up
>>Btc trading pairs
>Quickly changing
I can't waot
>>massive majority of hashpower
>Miners all signal for BCH. They mine bitcoin because it's profitable, not because they like it
Many miners would mine BTC at a 'loss' compared to BCH because they disagree with it philosophically.
>>not run by an autist
>Roger ver does not run bitcoin cash.
maybe not, but it is (((run))).

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He once offered to pay $30k for my friend's dox after he hacked him. Roger even threatened to have him killed I'm pretty sure

>> No.9401591

Roger would be a better scammer if he didn't get so angry in interviews.

>> No.9401605

Thankfully he is a low IQ person, and can't mask his emotions.

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>> No.9401911

>2. Outputs have gone up 15% (so who cares about transaction number if outputs are up?)
Outputs are down
Bitcoin's activity is at early 2016's levels

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that data doesn't address what I am talking about

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2 days until the BCH update, hope someone will make something cool with the new opcodes

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> provably wrong
> "you misunderstood!"

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Nobody who is not either in on the scam or utterly retarded themselves is unironically in favor of BTC anymore.

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muh lightning

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Are you that much of a brainlet that you can't see thoses posts are shill? Or are you just trying to use a shill to shill your bitcoin ripoff?

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Isn't it just the same shit with slightly tweaked parameters? Sounds like just another scamfork.

Not that I can't see btc being replaced but if it is it's much more likely to be something completely different like dpos.

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Are you that much of a retard that you unironically can't even tell what bitcoin actually is? Hint; it's in the fucking title of the whitepaper you cock juggling thundercunt.

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It is the original thing, no parameters tweaked. There is nothing wrong with being old, reliable, having network effects and battle testing, and an ungodly amount of deployed proof of work emission pic related. Everything else is a beta project by comparison and btc will die.

>> No.9403855

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it per se. Not sure if there will ever be a true replacement for proof of work. I just don't see anything that isn't drastically different replacing it. The idea of bcash becoming bitcoin is about as realistic as garlicoin becoming litecoin or turtlecoin becoming monero.

>> No.9403891

Bcash has a lot more "political" power behind it.
Also 7 tx/s vs 200 tx/s is drastically better enough.
Killing this LN bullshit and having a good onchain Bitcoin will be good for crypto.

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And the idea of bcore becoming bitcoin is as realistic as the idea Zeus is chilling on a cloud ready to throw lightning bolts when the occasion calls for it. Which is to say a lot of stupid cunts believed it once upon a time but it had absolutely no basis in material reality.
Just because people are stupid and think crazy shit simply does not change the fact that things are real and have actual attributes and properties which define them and are not up for negotiation post hoc because it's more politically convenient if interpreted in some other way to the asshole that shouts the loudest.
Lies are lies no matter how loud you scream them, coretard.

>> No.9403938

It's just a simple tweaked parameter.
Someone can make another fork with 400 tx/s which is then better than bcash by the same idiotic logic.

>> No.9403941

It's clear the old timer BCoreans did a Charlie Lee and dumped their bags, they just don't seem to be emotionally invested nor give a fuck about it. All the money left is now new users who know jack shit about crypto.

>> No.9403950

Despite owning absolutely no btc, I am a huge btc maximalist and think that, with a few exceptions, all alts are only ways to take more btc off you. In the end only legacy btc will matter.

>> No.9403951

Tweaking that parameter was all that was required to scale bitcoin.
Yes there are limits in onchain scaling, but they are far away from 1MB blocks.
I don't see a way in hell bch flips btc though.

>> No.9403960

>Someone can make another fork with 400 tx/s which is then better than bcash by the same idiotic logic.
But that fork won't take off because you can't just increase the block past a certain point, BCH will implement optimizations first like Graphene before crossing 32MB limit. Also such a fork won't succeed because BCH isn't against increasing the block so unlike how forking away from Blockstream and its model was essential there's no reason for anyone to invest in something redundant.

>> No.9403970

I moved on to TFL, it's more promising. It'll net me some money for sure.

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>In the end only legacy btc will matter.
>I don't see a way in hell bch flips btc though.
Will you still think it's far fetched once the fees increase to $200? It's a real dillema for Core now, if it succeeds too much, it dies. The only think keeping it still in the game is the bear market.

>> No.9404046

Bitcoin is in constant development.
What u look into rootstock?
Smart contracts, thousands of tps all running on top of btc as a side chain which miners who mine btc can mine without disrupting their btc mining operation and get rewards in both.

If rootstock takes hold they have the capability to switch to PoS intead of PoW and rootstock being a third generation blockchain was designed from the ground up to host dapps smart contracts and they’re testing sharding too.

I hate btc and want eth to flip it ASAP, but btc could be relevant in the next 5 years and could be legitimately competing with eth, eos, ZIlliqa or whatever is around.

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underrated post

>> No.9404069

>Will you still think it's far fetched once the fees increase to $200?
No, users will go to ethereum first. BCH has less adoption than even LTC.
Lots of people left to ethereum already, it's starting to get congested but fees for normal transfers are only (?) few cents now, not enough to make anyone switch. Transactions are way faster, several seconds rather than 10 minutes (please don't start with the 0-conf BS...). Contrary to btc it's going to scale, so it's only a question if they do it fast enough before fees go really high.
Also let's be honest, demand for simple payments in crypto is relatively low. BCH is never going to have smart contracts which allow things like icos, pyramid schemes, weird games, or derivative-based stable coins (dai).

>> No.9404078

Comb up from the dip.

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>all these replies
People still come to bcash threads? Lmao

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This is pretty much it. At some point in the future there's going to be a stampede to buy BCH. I expect the price to quintuple overnight, similar to what happened back in ~October except there won't be a dumpening.

This will obviously be followed by a string of suicides from your average corecuck who sold their real Bitcoin (BCH) for fuck all and then of course the resulting media noise.

Will be fun, can't wait.

>> No.9404175

Shit that's good, may have to use this as copypasta.

>> No.9404216

>expect the price to quintuple overnight, similar to what happened back in ~October except there won't be a dumpening.
That was Roger Ver pumping bch with >$100M, mainly on bitfinex.
All in all I wouldn't be surprised if Ver owns >10% of the entire bch supply, with Jihan having a similar share. Before pumps there was a lot of accumulation in the ~$300 range.

>> No.9404217

>Lies are lies no matter how loud you scream them
-Screamed the liar...

>> No.9404234

>Muh $200 fees
Meanwhile I can literally send 100 transactions for $1.

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Nothing I've said is a lie or even wrong. Bitcoin is peer to peer electronic cash originating from Satoshi's genesis block and mining nodes vote with their sha256 proof of work.
Only one chain objectively fits that description, and you can " muh Chyna" "muh lightning dpos" until you are blue in the face and you will still be a clueless lying coretard sack of shit that should do the world a favor and kill yourself.

>> No.9404274

Ok, what was the price of Bitcoin on July 20th 2017?

>> No.9404291


"Roger Jihan bcash bcash Roger Jihan bcash bcash"

It's getting pretty old pajeet, can you trying making up some new pasta?

>> No.9404293

Look at the meme chart, niglet. The 2nd biggest category is "other". You know what's in that category?

>> No.9404306

358.93 USD VWAP.

>> No.9404328

Seems low... Something is fishy.
How about January 1 2016?

>> No.9404329

btc can always still do it too. The thing is though, obviously there are trade-offs with this, they're not resisting it for no reason, and it's a slippery slope. If all you care about is maximizing the throughput then there are still much better solutions than increasing the block size of pow.

>> No.9404372

Yeah something was indeed fishy, the multiyear sabotage attack finally came to a head shortly before the date you gave by a huge campaign financed by the legacy finance industry and a pack of variably sleazy and stupid useful idiots led by blockstream to subvert the original vision in favor of some digital beanie baby bullshit that almost everyone fell for.
But like they say, in the short term the market is a voting machine and in the long term it is a weighing machine, and since the emergency fork to save the project from the hijack attempt the correct side of the fork has massively outperformed the hijacked fork.
430.84 USD VWAP.

>> No.9404373

Nice argument bro. Do you really resort to shit posting so quickly?
BCH has seen nothing but pump and dumps. No organic growth. To think it will 5x overnight is fucking insane.

>> No.9404388

Hashpower is voting. Which chain has the most hashpower?

>> No.9404413

Roger WILL pump it on 15th. It’s 100% sure. You must be mentally challenged not to buy.

>> No.9404419


You're literally stating that one person controls the entire Bitcoin (BCH) currency and you're bitching I called you out on your ludicious and infinitely repeated non-argument? Kill yourself, Apu.

With regards to Bitcoin's (BCH) growth, I think you need to take a look at the projects being built on or in conjunction with Bitcoin (BCH).

Bcore (BTC) on the other hand is not growing, because it cannot grow.

>> No.9404433


>> No.9404437

>Screams lies even louder
Ok, well If BCH is Bitcoin, it had no price on the dates I mentioned. In fact, the asset that had a price on those days, has had a continuous exchange for 9 years looking for price discovery, and anybody without disingenuous motives would concede that Bitcoin is Bitcoin is BTC.

Also the intentionally confused language you use isn't *confusing* it just makes you look retarded.
This guy gets it.

>> No.9404440

Whichever it is most profitable to mine at any given time, for example on November 12th 2017 that was the real bitcoin and consequently it had 90 percent of the hash power. The fake bitcoin presently is most profitable to mine and thus has 90 percent of the hash power.
Interestingly though, if the fake bitcoin loses hashpower fast enough, it will die permanently. The real bitcoin had this bug fixed with a patch not long after the original emergency hard fork and as a result can function just fine on its variable 10 to 25 percent of the hash power until the market as a whole finally realizes what actually happened and fixes thd situation, at which point btc will cease to function entirely and bch will continue with all of the hash power.
No attack of the type previously executed will ever work again, as everyone paying attention is now thoroughly vaccinated against social engineering attacks on the development infrastructure.

>> No.9404446

You cant even check IDs. And thats not what anon said btw.
Retarded cashie shill.

>> No.9404456 [DELETED] 

I know for a fact that roger pumped bch with >$100M on bitfinex. The rest is conjecture.

>> No.9404462

Wrong. The exact blocks in the real chain for that date are also in the fake chain, at that point in time they were the same chain.
A fanatical Greek polytheist would also probably think I just sounded crazy as I explained the true origins of lightning and associated phenomena also. He would still be just as deluded as you are. And I would still be just as correct as I am. Human opinion and perception is worth absolutely nothing. Only objective fact matters.

>> No.9404469

So what was the price of BCH on July 20th 2017?

>> No.9404477

>Only objective fact matters
This is obviously wrong on it's face, but even if it wasn't, what you have been saying is 2/3 opinion and 1/3 actual lies.

>> No.9404478

>Human opinion and perception is worth absolutely nothing. Only objective fact matters.
Exactly, so your feels about "muh satoshis vision" and whatever else are worthless, and the only thing that matters is Bitcoin being BTC (because it is an objective fact, regardless of your feelings or the feelings of anyone else).

>> No.9404489

Asking the same question you asked using different labels to refer to the same product doesn't change the answer, as much as you wish it would, coretard.

>> No.9404498

Ok then let's try this

Price of BTC on July 20 2017:
Price of BCH on July 20 2017:

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You're flatly wrong. The architecture and design of the hijacked fork is no longer peer to peer cash, no matter how loudly you scream and insist it is. Kikes banking hubs were forced into the architecture in order to compromise the original vision and advance the business interests of blockstream and the traditional financial status quo. This is a fact. End of story.

>> No.9404517

>Kikes banking hubs were forced into the architecture
Did you forget to triple-layer your tinfoil hat?

>> No.9404529

The price of what all exchanges were trading as BTC on that date was 2583.40 USD VWAP. This was the hijacked side of the fork.
I already answered the other question.

>> No.9404549

>is no longer peer to peer cash
Really? What reasoning is behind such a claim? Surely its not just a strange political belief supported by nothing but opinion...

LN is a secondary layer by the way. Theres no "forcing it into the architecture". Lmao.

I can send any $$$ worth of BTC, from dimes to millions, to anyone in the world at the click of a button, to have it arrive within minutes. Peer to peer cash. Prove me wrong with objective fact and no rambling about banks and kikes and whatever else.

>> No.9404568

>That feeling when the cognative dissonance allows you to say shit like this.

>> No.9404574

I would ask if you forgot to pay attention to objective material reality over all, but since you've made it abundantly clear that's how you operate generally there's no forgetting about it. You're just another halfwit who thinks consensus of human opinion defines objective reality, and in keeping with that pattern you think disparaging objective reality makes it less true.
You would also say that the lavon affair is and the attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli military and operation Northwoods and dozens of other documented objective historical facts require "correctly calibrating one's tin foil hat" and think that it marked as you clever, while it actually marks you as an easily deceived clueless halfwit doomed forever to be manipulated by those who understand the difference between perception and reality.
But you deserve it, so that's fine.

>> No.9404579

Thank you, fucking just it's like talking to a brick wall, but worse because he is paid not to stop, and to be antagonistic and drag down the level of discourse.

>> No.9404591

>Wall of hostile text.
Let's be real I hate Jews as much as the next guy, but I was talking about your specific and easily debunked theory.

>> No.9404602

Because forcing all transactions in what used to be a global peer to peer network through instead a routed staked hub and spoke network makes it not peer to peer anymore, by definition. So yes, absolutely my opinion has nothing to do with it. It's just a fact.
And if you believe LN is optional I invite you to adopt a rule that says you can breathe as normal but only 1ml of oxygen per year and for the rest you must ask my permission. I will then ensure the problem of your idiotic rambling is extremely quickly solved by not granting said permission.
You can use it now only because very few others are, which puts a hard ceiling on the practical uptake of the instrument as currency, which was the entire point of the sabotage.

>> No.9404621
File: 2.87 MB, 320x240, 1524362465314.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> your theory is so easily debunked! I just point out that I and everyone else of my level of gullibility disagree with you.
It's funny how stupid you are. Honestly.

>> No.9404629
File: 47 KB, 320x569, dJAiQEEwudjFClaNgKfhdFF-_LMVbDxSD_nJbSIcLQA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9404640

How about the *fact* that 70% of transactions in BTC currently do not utilize segwit?

How about the *fact* that if you post an address I will send you $1, with no bank intermediary

How about the *fact* that I have used the lightning network, and I didn't route through a bank?

>> No.9404650

Metaphor, he obviously doesn't have a full time team.

>> No.9404659

>forcing all transactions
Thats never been the purpose of LN. Just muh cups of coffee.
Find another argument.

>You can use it now only because very few others are
If only very few people are using BTC, then literally no one must be using BCH.

>> No.9404672
File: 1.96 MB, 423x264, 1524368246316.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> even in the hijacked fork, segwit is a failure.
Yes, I'm aware. Lightning too. This is good, it means the market will resolve the situation more quickly than if it were otherwise.
> but I can use on chain transactions right now since the hijack drove massive abandonment of the chain.
That's exactly my point.
> lightning is so beta and useless it is not yet being used by the very banks it was actually built for.
Once again, thanks.

>> No.9404680


If I ever encounter Roger in the street I'm gonna batter the cunt silly.

>> No.9404692

It's not obvious at all. For months on end low quality asshats like yourself have been coming in here simply attempting to define reality by perception and declaring themselves correct. I would at least like to think that you are being paid to degrade yourself in this fashion, but if you are not it just makes you a useful idiot rather than an cynical rational actor spewing what he knows to be nonsense because his salary depends on it.

>> No.9404695

>An unholy alliance of a moving van, and goalposts
Done. I'm going to keep posting but basically I'm just going to drag down discourse like you have been you ultra turbo double fat nigger faggot. I hope you burn to death in real life.

>> No.9404702

BTC has the most use of any single crypto. And no, erc20 shitcoins and ponzi scam games on eth blockchain dont count.

>> No.9404708

It's so strange how you can type that without the irony crushing your flimsy sun-starved bones.

>> No.9404722

>For months on end low quality asshats like yourself have been coming in here simply attempting to define reality by perception and declaring themselves correct
This is what youre doing.

>its my opinion that bitcoin has been hijacked by kike bankers and this centralized chink fork is the true bitcoin! any other opinion is wrong because my feelings are always right!
Literally you.

>an cynical rational actor spewing what he knows to be nonsense because his salary depends on it
Again, yourself.

>> No.9404727

There isn't enough in chain capacity on the hijacked side of the fork to even maintain lightning channels for millions of people, letalone having extra capacity for other activity. It's all being forced through the kiked lightning network and it doesn't matter whether you understand it or not, that's simply the truth.
And very few people are using the real bitcoin in the wake of the attack. That's true. However transaction volumes are massively up since the initial fork and basically all of what used to be bitcoin adoption minus a few has transferred to the correct side of the fork. And the upgrade path is now very clear that artifical restriction of on chain throughput will not be allowed to stand, period.

>> No.9404743

>simply the truth
Aren't you late for your five minutes of hate at the minitrue?

>> No.9404745
File: 858 KB, 200x267, 1526149534901.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The absolute state of coretards. I rest my case.

>> No.9404764

>Pidgeon knocks over chess pieces and struts like it won while pooping on the board
It's too bad people like you are a dime a dozen, or I would make a screenshot of your choice retardation.

>> No.9404766

More rambling. Find an actual argument kthnx

>However transaction volumes are massively up since the initial fork
Not really, lmao. Even doge has twice the daily transactions and its only used for transferring funds between exchanges. Increase the blocksize all you want, they will never be near full LMAO!

>> No.9404797


w/e a corecuck is a corecuck no matter what his ID is

>> No.9404807

> but look at my precious opinions and the opinions of all those as dumb as me! I win!
> pigeon shitting on the chessboard and claiming victory.
Projection indeed. One day you'll learn just how unimportant human opinion is.

>> No.9404811

>LN is a secondary layer by the way. Theres no "forcing it into the architecture". Lmao.

1mb blocks Lmao. The kikes are laughing at you while you defend their shitcoin

>> No.9404828

I hope Rodger the doxer is paying you well.

>> No.9404846

roger fatfingered your mom pajeet

>> No.9404863

So funny, nigger. I see you are doing extra hours. I hope they are paying you in Bitcoins.

>> No.9405392

I don't understand the tech so either one is fine by me I've used both and they both work fine. My bitcoin tx went through in like 20 seconds. Possibly off-chain with segwit or something but it worked fine. I hold 100xmr though because I'm not sure which bitcoin is better.

>> No.9405527

max zozzle

>> No.9406488


>> No.9406605
File: 115 KB, 960x720, 15229207540109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9406624

feels great being an early adopter, while late adopters spend all their time crying about bcash, knowing i own every fork, and that i can't ever lose.

>> No.9406670

Bitcoin is a shitcoin. BTC, BCH, XRP all of them are outdated and will get flipped this year. Ethereum will be the new king by the end of the year, and remain there for a few years before something else comes and becomes the new no1.

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